Page 8, 22nd June 1973

22nd June 1973
Page 8
Page 8, 22nd June 1973 — The Spanish situation

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The Spanish situation

How gratifying to read your reasonable and informative articles of May I 1 and 18 on the current situation 'in Spain.

General Franco may well have "cause to be grateful to Opus Del in assisting him with the running of the country" but how much more so should Opus Dei be grateful to him?

In my humble opinion Franco is one of the leaders of our time who has greatly affected the course of modern history. He is the only one who has led his country against the forces of Communism and has been successful. and the Left-wing element of the world has never forgiven him. After all, a Red Spain would have been the gateway to Europe.

At the end of the Civil War the defeated factor was not banished from the country, and it is to Franco's credit that he has managed to maintain control against such terrific odds.

As he was helped by both German and Italian forces during the Civil War he would have been fully justified if he had allowed free passage of troops through Spain from these two countries, during the ensuing Second World War. If this had in fact happened one wonders what course the war would have taken.

Your description of "nonSpanish journalists" is so apt and it is a disturbing thought that only criticism of Spain is seen in newspapers of all nolitica1 shades and, sad to say, also in the Catholic press.

M. O'Brien (Miss) 24 Fitzwarrep Gardens, London, NO.

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