Page 9, 22nd June 2001

22nd June 2001
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Page 9, 22nd June 2001 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' Engagements

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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

June 23 to 29

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): San M, celebrating the 70th anniversary to the Priesthood of Fr Reginald Fuller. 5.30pm. Sat 0. Wet ley Park. 2pni.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham): Sun: C, Dudley, 1 huh. Songs of Praise E S, Dudley Castle. 7.30pm.11.te: Cathedral (lose Breakfast Club Mig, 7.3m. C. St Thomas More, Sheldon, 7.30pm. Wed: Year I I Leavers' M.131 Fxlward Uldeombe Sch, Worcester. am. C, Holy Redeemer, Pershore, 7pm. Tho M, St May's. Wedoesbury, 7pm. Sat Open Day and Prim Giving, St Mary's Sch. Ascot, 12.45pro.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: V M. St Oswald & St Edmund Anawesmith, Ashlon4nMakerfield. 10.30am. E Procession. A.shtoniiinMakerfiehl, 1.45pm. Tee: CA FOD Trustees M. London. Wed Chorley Deanery Review Mtg, 10.30am. Liverpool Hope Goers' Mtg. 3prn Thu: Meets with Merseyside Chun+ lairs, Bps Lodge, Liverpool. 8.45a11. Meets with Jesuit Community. Loyola Hall, Rainhill. 1230pm. Merseyside & Region Church Leaders' Mtg, L'isaul Aid:Wince Centre fur Evangelisation, fiprn. Fri RI of Recollection with retired priests. Ince Blundell Hall. M of Thanksgiving for Parish Golden Jubilee, St John Fisher. Widnes, 7pm. Sat: Walk of Witness: Charley, 1.30pm Arelibisktop M Bowen (Southwark), Thu: SE London Schs Mtg, 10.15ant Area Bps' Mtg.

Archbp's lime, 5.311prn. Sal: Spanish Chaplaincy, Stockwell. 3pm.

Bishop Kieran Conry (Arundel & Brighton):

Toe: Mtgs. Stonington, lm. Wed: Mtgs. ringtofl.piii Training, Rome

Bishop P Prowler (Wham auxin: Sum V. Sch, Aleester, 2pm. C, Alcester, 7.30pm Tue. V. St Joseph's Sch. Neehellss 2pm C, Nechells, 7.30pm Wed: V. St Chad's Sell. Newtown, I lam. M fur Ladies of Charity AGM, Cathedral. 12.15pm. C, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Thu: V. St Elizabeth's Sch. Tamworth, lOwn V. SlGabriel's Sch.Tamwoelh, 2pm. C, St Juseph's, Tamworth, 7.30pm. Fri: Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Ashley. 7.30pm. Sat C, Sacred Heart, Trunwooh, 10.30am. Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood" Sun: Preaches. All Saints. Stock, I0.15am. Memorial S. Regimental Chapel, Warley, 2.45pm.. Toe: Clemy appointments, lip's (so. Wed, V by ECRU The Prince of wales to the Cathedral. pin Thu/Fsi, Clergy Appoinunents, Bp's Hse Sat: M& Blessing of St Patrick's Sch. Walthamstove Bishop D Lang (Clifton): Sun: M, Si Patrick's, Redfield. Bristol. Man Morr.M.,40th ┬░anniversary. Cathedral. Bristol. 7pm. Tue: Mtg with members of St James Privy Project, Bristol, Noon. C. St Bernadette's, Whitchurchs Bristol, 7 30pm. Wed: Diaconate 0, Downside Abbey. I hun. Thu: Gives talk. Day fur Clergy of Archditrese of Cardiff, II am. To Some for Colloquium for new Bishops

Bishop P Sndth (East Anglia): Sun: V. Wisbech, Cambs, Tue Mtg of St Etede's Trust Wed: Mtg C'entrul Religious Advisory Council, London Fri: Professional Development Day for Norwich Catholic Teachers. Stu: 0, Bury St Eds, Noon. ('elebrrns at Notre Dune Soh, Norwich, 730pin. Bishop Jr Rawsthorne (Hallam): Sun: Synod iroup, Pastoral Centre. 3pm. Mon: St Catherine's, Sheffield, 7pm. Tue: CAFOD Mtg, London, Idam. Wed2 July Diocn Pilgrimage tolourdes_ Bishop A Griffiths fflexham & Newcastle): Sun: Canton Party. Bp's fise. 3-5pm. M for Youth Mission Tenn Myth, 6.30pm Wed: Presentation of the Vision. Cathedral. Newcusde 7poi. Thu: M & blessing of New NUrSery. St Andrew's Sch. Myth, 1.45pm. Fri: C. Durham, St Cuthbert, 7.30pm. Sat: CW1_ AGM. Bishop V Malone (1.:pool auxilk Sun' V. Holy Family. Platt linage. Mon: Education Conf,L'poul Archdiocn Cenue or Evangelisation 10am.C, St Joseph. Leigh, 7.30pm. Tue C. St Edmund of Canterbury. 1A'aterloo, 7.30pm. Wed V Holy Family Sch. Platt Bridge, V HM Prison, Hindley. 9 illarn. Tjvcrtrol Hope GIWCITIOIN' nug 3pm. C. OL uf Good Help, Wavenree, 7.30pm. Thu: Mtg with Deans, Upool Arckatiocn Centre for Evangelisation 2.3111n1. Merseyside & Region Chunit IAN' Mut, Upool Archdioen Centre foe Evangelisation, 6pm. Fri: C. SS Peter & St Michael. Woolstun, 7.30pm. Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: C, Si Joseph's. Stokesley, 6pm. Toe: Mtg of Diocesan 'imams am/pm. Preaches at Novena SUNiCe. Sacred Heart. Middlesbrough, 7pm. Wed Mtg with recently onlained priests, Bps Hse, 4pm. Thu. Clan In Service Day. Ampleforth am/pm. C, OL & St Edward. thiffield, 7pm. Sat M for centenary of St Joseph's Sch, Piekering.

Bishop K McDoradd (Northampton): Sun: M for Centenary of Si Thomas Aquinas. Bletehley, Thornton College, 11.30am. Mon: Deans' Mtg. Bps' Ilse 1 lam Liturgical Commission. Bo's Hsc, 115put C. Oi., Bmigiuse. 730pm. Tue: C, St Edward, Kettering. 73(Ipm. Wed 6th July: Rome.

Bishop hi McMahon (Nottingham): Sum E Child Protection Group. Strelley Hall, Noon. City Dinner. Leicester. 7pm, Tue: Animal Bps Day for all Diocesan Schs, Diocesan Cemre, Mackworth. Derby. 9am. Thm ( iolden Jubilee. Ealing Abbey leindon 12.30pin. Fri 6July: Mtg of newly appointed Bps' Rome.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: M, St Edmund Campion Pilgrimage, Lyfurd Grange, 4pm. Mon: Oxford Catholic Chaplaincy rnee Mtg, pm. Tue: Child Protection Study Day. Winchester. Bp's Council Mtg., St John's Convent, Kiln Green. am. C. Kennet Valley Deanery. 730pin. The East HenchasiCherities 10ani, (., St Throw More, Twyfon.I.7ptu. Fri: 0, Aylesford Priory, 5pm. Sat Aka:swim Pastoral Council Mtg, St John's Convent Kiln Green. Reading. am.

Bishop T Brain {Salford): Sun: Mtg of Diocesan Tneaties, 2pm. M the membets of Opus Jae', Cialsairal, 7.30pm. Wed: V. St Cecilia 's High Soh, Longridge. 10.3Dam. Thu: V. St !!Aazy s, Primary Sch, Osboldston. 10.30run v sick and housebound of St Mary's Parish. Obsaldeston. 1.30pm. Mission Review Op Mtg. Ribehester, 7.30pm. Fri: Private Appointments. Wadley Hall.Sar M for Soh Govemixs, St John's Cathedral. Blam.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun: V. OD, Ellesmere Port. Toe: Priestly Juhilarian's M. St Michael & All Angels, Woodchurch. 1 lam Wed: C. St Patrick's. Wellington with St John's, Bridgforth & St Mary's, Muddy. 7.30prit Thu: C. Moor Park Soh, Ludlow, Ham. Sat: Final Reflection of 'The Threshold", St Nicholas High Sch. Htufford. 1030am.

Bishop C Henderson (S'warkr. Tue. V Monien College Founders Day Celebralion.3pm. Thu: South London Fx.1 rare Mtg. Archbps Han. SE110.15ant Diocesan Bps' Mtg, 5.30mn. M & C. St Michael's Pollanis Hill, Rpm. Sat: M&C. Holy Cross Church. Plumstead Common. 6.30pm.

Bishop .1 Hine tS'wark Awill): Star C, Beneden Sch, Cranbrook, 10.45am. timeline College for Thane! Deanery celebration. 3pm. Tao: Private Mtg. 11.15am. Thu: Mtg with London Schs' Commission, Anithp's Hse. 10.15am. Mtg with Dies of Sells' Commission and Christian Ed Centre, Archbp's Hse, 2glis Fri-Sun:Conferoleo for New Bps, Rome.

Bishop H Tripp (S'wark AuxilX Sun: C, Chessington, 10010. C.Wimbledon, 3pm. Wed: Blessing and Opening ante Holy Cows Preparatory Sch Infants Wing, 1 larn. Thu: South London Ed C'ttee Mtg. Arrhbp's Else. I0.15am. Sae Deaconate 0, Wonersh, I lain.

Bishop,' O'Brien IW'mininer. Ecumenical and Inter-faith relations); Sun: V. St Martin de Fnms, Cuffley. Tile: Watford Deanery Mtg. I I am. Fri: C, St Hugh of Lincoln, Letchworth, 7.30pm. Bishop A Recite (Wminster, Pastoral Affairs): SureThu: Rome :Gives Pie-Ordination Retreat at the VEC Rome till Thursday, 28 June, Fri: Colloquium for New Bps in Rome until Fri, 6 July. Bishop F Walmsley (Forces): Sun: C, Royal Naval Base Clyde, Faslane, 10.30am. Mon: Episcopal Council !elm, Bp's Han. Farnborough. 4pm. Tue: Armed Forces Trustees Mtg, Aldershot, 10itin

WAI.ES DishoP D %AIM (Emeritus of Menem): Tue: 'St Mary's Carmarthen Noon. Golden Jubilee M followed by reception in Falcon Hotel Carmarthen.

Bishop M Jahale (Coadjutor. Menevia): Sun: St Benedict's, Sketty. First Holy Communion and blessing of the pulpit Mon: Radyr Golf Club Cardiff KSC Dinner & Presentation. Tue: Trustees Mtg its Diocesan Office II um. Wed Sat: Bishops Symposium in Rome.

Bisirop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: Wrexham Diocesan Annual Pilgrimage to St Winefride's Well, Holywell. Mon: C. Maesglas, Cardiff. 7.30pm. Tao: Chapter Mtg. Cardiff. C Maesteg & Aberkc-nfig 7.30pm. Wed: Post-16 Ed Consultation, St David's 6th Form C:ollege, Cardiff. 1 lam. C, Ulnas Fowls, 7.30pm Thu: Cardiff Clergy AGM 10.30-3pm. Vocations Mtg. Pastoral Centre, Cardiff, 6.30pm. Fri: M, Cattledr,il, Wrexhant, Noon. Sat Morons Hall Sch, Wrexham, V Mold, 11.15am.

Key: M-Mass. C-Conflnuation. V-VIsitation, 0-Ordination. Mm-Meeting. Sch-Sehma. ES. Ecumenical Sri-vice.

We meet Ina we cannot guitouttee the intiosioit of Bishops' engagements received later than midday on tlw Monday prior to publican,.

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