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22nd June 2007
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Page 14, 22nd June 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Augustine's School, Missionary Institute, Assisi School, Lunch and Prize Giving Kilgrastun School, Archbishop's Council, Sion Manning School, Allerton Hospital, St Patrick's School, Bishop's Council, St Anustines Primary School, New Halt St Joseph's Church, Salvation Army, Selina 7prnThc Vino St Jospeh's School, St Weblike 's Church, National Project Steertng Committee, St Margare's Primary School, Curial Office, Archbiehop's Council, Middle School, Bishop Rawsiborne Moir St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission, Mays.* Institute, Liverpool Archiliocesiin Centre for Evangelisation, SS Peter and Paul RC Primary School, An.ithishop's Council, Arehhishop's Council, Confinnationsitalon Mission, Bishop Hedley High School, Formation Sub Committee, St Augustine's Primary School, Pathernent Office, Diocesan Schools' Committee, St Wiry Magdalene Fernery School, St Margaret's Academy, Cathedral Church of St Barnabos, Ministry of Lector, Whew College, St Mary% Printery School, Cathedral Discovety Centre, Church of St Barnabos, All Hallows Catholic School, Board of Adminithation, Assembly Management Committee, Loonies Pilgrimage Committee, Bounenical Summer School, Gillis Centre, St Peter's Church, Solihull Welcome Centre, Holy Family School, St Joseph's School, Oxford University Chaplaincy Committee, Lisle College


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June 24 to June 29

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun, Celebrates Anniversuy of Dedication of Chunch Mass. St Margaret of Scotland. Twickenham. Midden... 10.30am. Mon Sat Canfinal attends series of meetings m Rome Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun: Visitation Mass. St Mary. Wootton, 9am: Visitation Mato. St Mary, Wooltoo, I lam. Celehridion Mn with Chil. then, Floral Hall. Southport, 2pm. Tee: Mass with Older People. St Maly. Lowe House, St Helens. 2pm: Attends Lecture given by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Metropolitan Cathedral daunt the King, Liverpool, 5.30prn. Thu: Visits Marie Curie Cemre, Woohon. Liverpool. 230pm, Anmuil Mass of Thaaksgiving for Schools, Liverpool Archiliocesiin Centre for Evangelisation. 730pm. Fri: Ordination hi the Priesthood of Rev fames Preston. StMon' and St lohn.Newtoo4e-Willows.5.30pro Sat Visitation Mass, Si Gregory, Netherley. 5pm Archbishnp McDonald (Snuthwark) Sun: Ble.fisea Sacrament Procession. Lesneso Abbey. 3pm. Mon Archbishop's Council, Worth Abbey. 4pm. The; Arehhishop's Council, Worth Abbey, until 4pm Wed Meetings, Archbishop's House. pm_ Thu Penineial meeting. Portsmouth, 4pm. Fri: Pruvircial meeting. Portsmouth, until ooro.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Confinnstions.Kingawinfoed.1030ara Toe: Sdver Inhere Mass for Bishop Malcolm McMahon. St Barnahai Cathedral, Nottingham, i2pnei visits St (jabriel's School, Tamworth. 245pm: Confirmations. Thmworth, 7pm. Wed: Maas. St Weblike 's Church, Wolstraton, 2pm: Catecheen for Teachcrs, St Gregory's, Langton. 7pm _ Thu: Confirmations. Ss Peter aad Paul. Wolveltammon. 7.30pm. Fri: Mass mid Blessing New Buildings. St Francis tit' Assisi School. Aldndste. 1 lam; CFS Jest News Comeetition. 3.30pm.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun -Sat ?moss SUOMI= &Alga *Walt, LISA.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun: Pastoral NiSII to the !loose of HE Arehhishop Faust= Some Munoz, Apostolic Nuncio. Toe: Board of Adminithation meeting, Gerald Road. Pendleton. 2pm; dinnet for the Retired Clergy. Yi'ardley, Hull, 4.30pm. Thu: Nta. for Salford Schools Year 6 pupils. Salford Cathedral, 10311arn; CWS Meeting. Gerald Road. Pendleton, 2pm.Pre Private appointments. Waolley Hall. Sat Ordination to the Priesthood ot Simon Stamp. Salford Cathedral. (2pm

Bishop Burns (NM Forces) Sun Sat. Apostleship of the Sea Intematoraal Ctogress. Gydnia. Poland

Bishop Canny (Arundel & Brightoo ) Sun Fiesta for People with Special Needs. St Joseph's School. Cr-entrees Mon. St Augustine's Primary School , Fronley, 10th Anniversary Appointments. Tao: Silver Jubilee of Bishop Malcolm McMahon: Talk, Godalming Parish Wed: Bless and Open new ICI Suite. Holy Family School. Addlestone Thu. Real Anniverrany and Opening of new Offices, St Mary% Printery School. Bognor. Provincial Bishops' meeting. Fri: Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate of Charles Pucker Si Joseph' s. Guildford Sal: Carj AGM Meeting.Loodon.

Binhop Doyle (Northampton) Sum Ordination of Paul Wym to the Permanent Diaconate. Holy Ghost. Gem II 30ami Mass, Lytord Grange.4prn. Tue:, for Bishop MeMahon's Silver Jubilee of Priesthood. Nottingham Cathedrad. 14en. M.185 for Fr Frank Calnan's Golden Jubilee of Priesthood. Sacred Heart. Northampton 7.30pm. Wed: Liturgy COMIT1i3SiOn Day. Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes. 1030am: Bishop's Anniversary Mass. Cathedral. 7.30prn Thu: Canned of Priest's. Bishop's House, 10 u)atte Confirmation. Our Lady of Wahingharn.

Corby. 7.30prn. In it to St Wiry Magdalene Fernery School, Milton Keynes. am: Confirmation. St Augustine's, Dasentry. 7.30pm. Sat Linen Drallerf Pilgsimage, St Alban's Cathedral, (tam: Mass with Kerthan Community, St Gregory 's. Northempton. 6pm.

Bishop Dunn fHexham and Newcastle Thu: MASI, St Patrick's School. Conseil, 10am. Fro Diocesan Secondary Schools Summer Festival Mass, Whew College, 1 lam MU,. St Mare's Cathedral Feast of Ss Peter and Paul. 5.30pm Bishop Evans (East Sun: Hobble with the Bishop (Youth Sponsor Walk), Thetford. Mon Thu: Diocesan Retest. Hmsley Hall, Leeds. Fri: Mass. Si Thomas More Middle School. Norwich, learn: Confirmations. St Laurenees Parish, Cambridge, 7.30pm. Sat Ipswich Deanery Fun Day, Sr Mary's. Ipswich. 2pm; Confirmations, St Maides Parish. Ipewich. 630pm.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxilinov in Southwark) Sun: Confirmatiom, Wimbledon. 3pm Mon: Arett bishop's Council. Worth.4ren. Tue. Confirmations. Rotherhate. 7pm. Wed, Deaf Chaplaincy COMM1ttee, Tooting. 5_30pm. Thu: Provincial meeting, Portsmouth, 4pm. Fri: Provinctul . meeting. Pottsmoulh. Sat Mass. Sutton Greets, Opm Bbbop Hine (Mei buy Bishop of Sosnireark) Sure Participates in delivery of Manage Emote:nen' Weekend, Moo Overnight meeting of Archbiehop's Council, Worth. The: Meeting of Archbishop's CounitiLlVortla. Wed: Attends East Kent Area Christian Unity meeting, West Melling, 730pcn. Thu: Meeting of Southwark Province Bishops.. Portsmouth, -0pni. Fri: Meeting of Southwark Province Bishops. Portsmouth. until mid-day. Sae Visitation Deal.

Bishop Bab (l'ortmlICKIth) Sun. Orthnetions to the Permanent Diaconate, St. Sohn% Cadialml, 2.30pm Mon: Oxford University Chaplaincy Committee meeting. Oxford • 5pm. Tu. Mass,All Hallows Catholic School, Farnham, I lain: Conlin maxion for Thames 1,lA Pastoral Area. English Martyrs. Din:m.7pm. Wed: Meeting with Schools NQT's, Cathedral Discovety Centre, Portsmouth. am:, Coal-10=ton for Bournemouth PastoralArea. Corpus Christi, Boscombe, 7pm. Thu: Province meeting, Bishop's House. Portsmouth, 5pm. Fri: Province meeting, Bishop's House, Portsmouth, am. Sat Mass :Mill Hill. Maidenhead. Ilam.

Bishop Hopes (Westininstert Sun: Pico Holy Communion, Vietnamese Pastoral Cente, Poplar. 1.0.30am, Mon: Engagements. Archbishop's Heerse.

The Attends Siker Jubilee celehratinas shop Thomas McMahon, Nottingham Cathedral. 12pm. Wet Anench start of Parish Support Team meeting. Vaughan Honor. 10.30ant attends Formation Sub Committee meeting, Eccleston Square. 11 am 4prn.Tliii: Engagements. Archbishop's House: COnfirrilatIORS. St Thomas More, Easscote. 7pm. Pre Celebrates Mass for the Feast of SS Peter and Paul. Sion Manning School 9.15am: An.ithishop's Council meeting: engagements.Archbishop's House: concelehrates at Papal Anniversary Mass, Westtwister Csithedral. 5.30pm. Sat Confirmations. St Edmund of Canterbury, Whitton. L lam: Conform. tions , St Vincent de Paul, Otterley. (pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sua: Confirmations. All Souls. C'oventry. II .1 5am. Muni-Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission. Shirley, I lam: Confirmations, Strartord-upon-Ason. 7pm. Tut: School mo. Atherytone .2pm; Cradinirations. A cherstone . 7pm. Wed: School visit, Bedworth. 2pm: Confirmations, Bed onh, 7pm. Thu: School visit. St Anne. Nuneaton, 2pm; Confrmations, St Anne. Nuneaton. 7pm. Mass and Blessing New School Building. Alcester. Muni school snit. St Osburg, Coventiy.2pnii Confirmations. St Osburg. CovenOY• 6Pm.

Bight, Lang (Clifton) Sun VoitsGlastonhurn Festival. 4m. Mon: Wiltshire Chun% Leairrs meeting. Devizes,1 lam. Toe: Schools committee meeting, Bristol, 10.30tun: Confirmation , St Mary's., Swindon , 7_30poo. Wed: South West Church Leaders meeting. Taunton. 10 30tun. Thu: Confirma. tion. Our Lady 's. Churchdown. 7.30pm Sat: Celebrews Mass for 50th Annisenary of Seered Hearn, Cheltenham. 530pm.

Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Confirmation for the Portuguese Community. Si Mary of Angels, Bayswater. I .30prn_ Tue. Thanks y Om Mass for the Silver Jubilee of Priesthooi of Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP.Nottiogleun Cathedral. 12pm: Hillingdon Branch netting of dr Come a of Christians and Jews in Northwood. Spot Wed, East London Church Leaders' meeting in the Lotto Bow. 10 three_ WeitITIILIILT Cathedral Choir Comminee.Clergy House. 7pm The: Meets with the Prumary Heads ot the Mary lehorr and Westminster Deaneries. Archbishop's Herne, 10.30am; visit and Mass. Wilmington Hospital Chaplaincy, Archway. 1pm Fri: Celebrates Moss, SS Peter and Paul RC Primary School. Clerkenwell. 10em. Celebrates Confirmation for Adults, Our Lady rnd St Joseph, Krigsland.Spm Sae Celebrates Continnation.The Blessed Secratnent.Clipenthigen Street 6 34.1pui Bbhop Lynch (Auxthary in Southwark) Sun: Confinnationsitalon Mission. Britton Road, 12pm. Mon T.Archbishop's Council, Worth Abbey. Thu Fre Meeting of the Southern Province. Portsmouth FT ' Mass ILI celehrair the servioe af Ms. Y Trott to St Margaret Clitherow Sehool, Thamesmead. 7pm. Sat: Ordination to the Penneneat Diaconate of Robert Higgs, St Edmund's. Beckenham. 3pm Bishop MeGough Ildirmingharni Mon Visits St Francis Xavier Primary Seitool, Oldhurs. 2pm: Confirmanims.Ohlbery.7pm.Tue: Visits St Anustines Primary School, Men, 2pm: Confirmations, Mein 7prn. Wed: Lectures, Mays.* Institute, Birmingham. 9_30am. Thu: Celebrates Vigil Mass for Si Peter and Paul. Cheadle. 7pm Fre Mass of Ss Peter and Paul and Reception lot Retiring Headteacher. Stombridge. 7.30pm Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Tue Fri: Clergy Appointments Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) The Silver Jubilee Mass. St Bamahaa Cathedral. 12pm. Wed: ('(AL Meeting.NIanstield Salvation Army Citadel. (Dam: Canal:natal. St Augettines, Nottingham, 7pm. Thu: Celebrates Mass teethe Canenary of St Peter's Primary S.chool. Hinckley. I lam; 'Mansgiving Kass to monitor retirement of Frank Fay. On Lisle College, Leicestershire, 730pm Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Son. Confirmation, Our Lady of the Assumption. Gateacre. Liverpool. 3pm. Mon: Confirmation, St Anthony of Egypt. Liverpool. 7.30prn. Tue: Mass of Thanksgiving for the Silver Jubilee of RI Rev Malcolm McMahon OP, Bishop of Nottingham. Cathedral Church of St Barnabos, Nottingham. 12pm. Thu: Conformation. St Bernadette, Shevington. 730prn. Sat: Aneeds Fust Mass of Rev James Preston , Si MdrY and St John.Newton-le-Willows. I l am.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Son. Quisean Life Confereniv. Swantsiok. The: Interview morning Curiel Thrives. mu; Eucharist to mark Krth Anniversary of the Opening of Seered Heart Moreton. 7pen. Wed Confirmation. St Joseph's. Stocloport. with St Philip's. °Berton, 7pm. Sat Day for Relipious. Ha wkstone Hall; Pastoral Visitation, Ow Lody's, Palleetields, Runcom. 5.30pm_ Bishop O'Donoghue (Lantaner) SUE Visitation. St Bede. Carlisle. Mon: Visitation, St Bede. Carlisle: Confirmation. Our Lady and St Nihilist', Workington. eiamm. Tue: Bishop McMahon's Silver lebilee.Cathedral.Nottinglere Wed: Confirmation, Alston Lane. 7pm. Thu: Bishop's Council meeting. 10.45om. Fri. Mass, Corpus liftisd High School, Preston, I lam. Sat Confirmation, St Columha, Barrow. 530pm. Bishop Pargeter iBirmingham) Sun, Collarreattons. Upsoneon-Sevem, 10.30am. The: Visits school. Pershore. 2pm; Confirmations. Pershore, 7pm. Wet Visits The Solihull Welcome Centre, 12pm; visits St Augustine's School, Solihull. 21stre Confitmations. Selina 7prnThc Vino St Jospeh's School. Wonseere. 2pria: . St Joseph's, Worcester. 7pm.

Bishop Rawsiborne Moir St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Chesterfield, (lam: ConfirmateoiSt TIMM More. Sheffield,7.30pos. rue: Episcopal Silver Jubilee, Nottingham,12pee Confirmation. St Joseph's. Stayeley. 7pm. Wed: Confirmation, St Joseph 's. Dinnington. 7pm. Thu: Assembly Management Committee meeting, Bishop's House, 2pm: Education Mass. St Charles, Sheffickl.6pra. Sat Mass Day for Life,Mother df God and St Wilfrid, Sheffield. (2pm: Jubilatian Armiversary, St Michael and All Angels, Wombwell. 5 ishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Mass,Silver Jubilee of Mgr Philip Mager, St Cuthbert's and First Martyrs. Bradford, 10.30am Tue: Confirmation. Holy Name. Leeds. 7pm. Wed: Northern Launch of Caring fur Catholic Porents, Chapel Allem] Hospital. Leeds . 12.30pm; Confirmetion. St Aostin's, Wakefield,630pro; Confirmation The Sassed Heao. Hernsworth, Spm. The: Confirmation. Si John's, Normenton.7pm Fri: Mass, 50th Anniversary of St Paul's Catholic Primary Sthool,Alwoodley.93(ane Confirmatioo. St Mary's, Selby. 730prn. Sat Mons, Golden Jubilee of Rev Gerard Hanlon. Leeds Cathedral, 12pm: Mass, Golden Jubilee of Rev Antony Pearmn. Sacred Heeirt.likley, 6pm.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Tue: Attends Silver Jubilee of Bishop McMahon. Nottingham. 12pm; Confirmation, SS Mary and Joseph. Heme1.171 stead, 7prn. Fri F-east Day Mass. St Paul's

College. Sunbury. (lain; Closing Ceremony of the Missionary Institute, London. NW7. Spin. Sat: Confirmation. Sacred Heart. Berkharnetead. tom

Bishop Williams (Li vepool) Mon: Confirmation, St Mare. Chorley,7pm.Tue: Celebrates Mass for City Group. Union Coon, Liverpool, (pm: Confirmation, St Benedict. Warrington,7pm. Wed Northern Launch of 'Keeping Faith', (impel Allerton Hospital, London. Aim. Thu: Catholics in Ffeattheere Third Annual Sennnur, Guy's' and Si Tomas Hospitill, London, 1030am. Fri: Ordination to the Priesthood of Rey James Preston, St Maly and St John. Newton-le-Willow,. 5.30pm.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Mass, Si Pries Church. Cardfff. l030am. The: New Entrants Mass, Bishop Hedley High School. MerthyrlYdfil. 7pm. Wed_ Cenfirmation, St Peter's Church, Routh, Cimliff, ?pre. Sat MassOpening of New Halt St Joseph's Church. Cardiff. 9.15am: Opening Ceremony of Welsh Youth Athletics Charnpiouships, Coiliff, 11.30arn.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Visitation. St Anne's. Wrexham; Annual DiOCCSall Pilgrimage to Holywell. 2pm Mon: Vtsaation. St Anne's Ptimary Sato& Wrexham The: Diocesan Schools' Committee. Buckley, 10 Oben: Ministry of Lector. Denbigh, 7pm. Wed: Diocesan Consuhors' aretag. Bishop's House Thu: Meeting with CES officers , Curial Office, Wrexham. 113(am. Fri National Project Steertng Committee, London.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Feast Day Mass.& Jolm the Baptist. Edirilough and Presentation of Archdiocesan Medal Co Mr Jimmy Sands, 10.45am. Mon: Masses and Presentation of Certificates, Buie Han,Glasgow,930am. 2.30pm; meeting of Consultancy Phoning Team, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh. 6pm. Toe: Reception fee Slovenia National Day.European Pathernent Office. The Thn, Edinburgh. Opm. Wed: Mass and visit to presets building of St Margare's Primary School.fzid , 10.30am. Thu: Ordination to Priesthood of Revetend Kevin Douglas. St Mary's Cathedral, Echabuigh, 7pm. (Si: Feast Day Mots, St Margaret's Academy.Livirmstoo,9341ons: Silva Jubilee Mass of St PtteessLivingston, 7pm. Sat Holyrood Park ceremony marking Seesion 3 of Scottish Pathsteem, 103thim; Dinner and seminar, Bounenical Summer School. Dunblane. 730pm_ Bishop Logan (DunkeldDuritec ) Stu Moss. St Serfs, HiOvalleyfield. retrial af Mrs Isobel Holton, 12pm. Thu, Diocesan Youth Officer Interviews, 11_30am: Loonies Pilgrimage Committee meeting. lowside Convent. Dundee. 7pm. Fri: Lunch and Prize Giving Kilgrastun School. Bridge of Earn. 12pm.

77ris lining was compiled by Gabriel CenruntuniraFlans Lid and also appears in the Universe and Catholic Tunes

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