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22nd March 1946
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Organisations: Recent Scholarghip and R.N. College, Ministry of Education Good Orounds, Aoply Sleet Superior ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE DD LIMFRIES Boarding School, BINGDON Beres Boarding and Day School, Royal Air Force, Striall party, DREPARAWRY School, Catholic Preparatory School, °ARON° and Day Secondets School, St. Mary's R.C. Voluntary Primary Boys' School, Travel Bureau, Board School for Boys Ls, ProparatorY School, Cotton College, Army, Civil Service, Ministry of Education Owo Farm, Education Office, Appointment Bureau, Mixed Secondary School, NTATIONAL Council for the Blind of Ire, Day School, Southern Training College, Preparatory Boarding and Day School, United Nations, PRIOR PARK COLLEGE, Art Society, R.C. Voluntary Primary Boys' School, Principal SALESIAN COLLEGE, PREPARATORY SCHOOL, LITTLEIIAMPTON SUSSEet Boardtpg and Day School, VONVENT High School Bury, Oxford University, ST. GEORGE'S COLLEGE, Het-ti Modern Boarding and Das School for Girls Preparetory Schots, Ministry of Education, Centre for Oxford and Cambridge Locale Further


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SALESIAN COLLEGE VIARNHOROUGH, Hants Boardint and Day School Conducted by the Saleaiaa Feelers of St Jobn Bosco and enact the SpeCial patronage of the Behar es/ Ponsmouth The College is with', easy reach of Landon. only forty minutes by train rTOIT1

Waterloo Seaton. and wtuated saneness the renowned Hampshire health-giono pines. The Youniter boys are under the commie carc ol the Matron and Nurses and Vic Medical Attendtun keeps a watchful eye on all delicate students The food is excellent and plentiful and the cooking Is under the direction ur Nuns The students sr s Prepared by a highlY qualified Staff rot the London UniversitS Matriculation and the Oxford University Examinations and or the Civil Service the

the Army. the Royal Air Force. and for Ruaincas Careerg.-Fcs Prospectus apply to the Rector Very Re. A Sutherland. LL.D R A (Diploma of Education) RIM ST. ANTONY.

rrSpada: Boarding School tot Owls. idIngton Hiu overlooking Oxford Examination *Weems training towards useful weeps In resourcefulness responeibility the enjoyable uge of leisure. eractical handicraft, kitchen gardening, preserving. etc.; tranquil surroundings' bracing air -Address Princleals (Tel. 6802)


wEYBRIDOE. Surrey Conducted by the Josechite Fathers Recognised by the Ministry of Education Owo Farm. Bakery, Vegetable Gardens Orchards -Po prosrechie apply to the Father Presider


J3XMOUTH. S. Deson. Patron: H.E. The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. ProparatorY School (or boys (4 In 14 years) in fine Georgian House. streneenst in Ks own erm)nds. Boarders and Da-boys. Recent Scholarghip and R.N. College successes. P. Teeodore Wi)helm. M.A. Oxon. Headmaster. Phone Formnuth 747(1.


TRING, Het-ti Modern Boarding and Das School for Girls Preparetory Schots for little bon Public examinations Entire charge taken whet nuir.ri — Apple Rev Mother.


BOARDING and Day Secondary COIlege Students prepered for the nettel UnlversitY Examinations For prospectus eerily to Very Rev Fr Rector, C.


ST Joerpha. Burwash, Sussex Conducted hs Soon of St Mho Bosco iere Pr. penes apply to The Principal SALESIAN COLLEGE, HIGHFILEI.D." CHERISEY, SURREY in °ARON° and Day Secondets School " Conducted by the Sales-an Fathers of St John Bosco Boys teem ten years re s moderate Apply NOW for September 1941 to the Rector Very Res Monists F Nene SC

BELMONI ABBEY SCHOOL T.g ER EFOR D Board School for Boys Ls from 9 to le Conducted by the English Benedictine Fathers of the Abbey of Si Michael Situated in heantlt ii surrnundings (within short distance of Assumption Convent Belmont House) Centre for Oxford and Cambridge Locale Further accommodatem now available -Fot pospectus apply to the Headmaster Phone Belmont 211 PRIOR PARK COLLEGE

RATH Seniors. St Paul' College Juniors. -11-P St Peter's Cortese Deected and tauten by the Christian Rolthers -Frs. prospectus etc.. eerily The Preedem THE THOMAS MORE' SCHOOL. FRENsnAM Farnham Surrey (Under

the patrons al Mt Archthshop-HishOP of Southwark Thi School rptbntIaei in boys of norma, intelegence who are educationally backware or who find average school

Me too ti-ca' strain mar them CONVENT OF THE NATIVITY. ('LARKS COURT Maidenhead Eel 1419 s-d Boarding and Day School rot Girls

London Matrle Oxford Loca, and Renal Academy Music Examinations —For particulars apply to the Res Mother Superior DAUGHTERS OF TI1E CROSS. VONVENT High School Bury, Lanes Lam • and Boarding Approved by Ministry of Education Good Orounds -Aoply Sleet Superior ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE

DDLIMFRIES Boarding School undet the Maris Brothers For Prestrurctug apply BrMher Superior


ABINGDON Beres Boarding and Day School lot Guls and Preparatory Boarding and Day School rot Boys Pupils prepared for varioua Public Examinations Commercial Class fee Seam Gins Games Swimming Terms mnderate -Apply Superita wr MARY'S CCM LEGE FOR Rom Broadhembury. Nr Hnniton. Devoe Preparw-ol tor School Certificate and Common Entrance Apply Head

master Donald e Langdon

SAINT MARTINS SCHOOL CLANTHORPE Hall, York. irhis fa `La ncw Catholic Preparatory School for

bon between the ages of 7 and 14. For Prospectus and further particulars, apply.— The Headmaster, St. Martin's. Oswaldkirk, York.

SCHOOL OF ST. EDWARD THE CONFESSOR. DREPARAWRY School cooducted by the Xaverian Brothers The School evacuated from Foxhunt Manor Waldren. has reopened a. The Manor, Dewing St James. Peterborough For Prospectus avow The Headmaster CONVENT OF THE, HOLY FAMILY. A UCKLANDS. LITTLEIIAMPTON


Boardtpg and Day School few girls, 6 -1g years. Retognised ay efficient by the Ministry of Education -Apply The Reverend Mother Telephone. Littlehanetton 230


Send amount estimated (approx. 6 words to a line) plus 6d. if u.sing BOX Number (Adjustments made AFTER insertion). MINIMUM 2 lilies.

Hotele and Trade .. 119 per tine Birth, Deaths, Marriages. Personal, Property. Houses. Flats. Holiday Accommodation, Accommodation Vacant and Wanted. Situations Vacant and Wanted, Educational, Vocatems. Miscellaneous Sales anti Wants 1/3 per Line

Domestic Situations-Vacant sad Wanted Itper line THANKSGIVING NOTICES ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED Send instructions and address all BOX NUMBERS to1—CATHOLIC HERALD, 67, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.



GRIMES.-March gth, 1946. to Sibyl Mee Rocky). and WiCno, S. M. T. Orimea. of Lower Bagber. Dorm, a son. Philip John Thornton.

IN MEMORIAM MULLARKEY.—Of your charity Pray for the re-pose of the soul of Elsie Enzaheth Mu/turkey. who died March 23rd, 1942. R.I.P.


ARGUERITe. All our hoe and ben e*-1 wanes for your twenty-first birthday, and happiness and sueeen in the future. Niuntmie Daddy. Betty, Shells.


A ansr-crafisman ureently requires to rent, untusnished accommodation with work shop. Married, one child of 16 re hoarding school. S.W. enamel district Preferred, bin

not essential. Must be near Church. Any soggestions gratetuly leerier:se-Box 582.

AGREAT saving. suits, overcoats, costumes. turned CCRIal to new from 75s. New lists tree. Good clethes need higheet grade super tailoring. save coueons.-Walker's Scientific fuming and 'Tailorine Weeks Ltd.. Dept. 89. 46. !nerd Lame, Ilford. Latex 1321).

MATEUR Dramatics. The Liberty APlayers, Twickenham, invite eenlicatinne

Ice membes-ship. Keen playen lit, district -Please write Harry Wallace. 29e, South Read, Twickenham. DISCARDED clothine and household soft trorstda con he sold by nominee Pm it to the Central Sale Rooms, 10/12, Station Rsrad, Hettbuttoon-Tyne.

VC/REIGN STAMPS, Catholic hooks. news... papers periodicals, Christmas Cards. WANTED FOR THE MISSIONS-Seed direct to Rev. Fr. Henry Wegtropp. See St Xavier's Fraser Road Patna. India

HAVE you seen •• Duckett Retristee" the 1-1monthly devoted to Catholic books? Send 44. for a specimen COPY Or 4l. for an annual sebscription to Duckett's. 140. Strand, London, WC.?. TRELAND calling eAli-in " tours Induct

• ins excellent hotels, catering (full and plenty), excursinos, etc.: also independent

holidays arranged. leternational Travel Bureau. Commercial Bldge. Dame St.. Dublin. lAgISS Grant (late of Droinvich Spa). gives • L. treatmerw for rheumatism. Viols. Primrese 5626. IVOSES, humped or minimise remodell‘d 41 to nill Me face. witheut dutection. Out

wending cars permanently set beck Red veins, moles, lines round the eyes, or prematurely aged faces treated. Experience of oser 25 years of treetments Write for an appointment for free consultation. Box '' C.11", c/o Steers Service Ltd.. 69. Fleet Street London EC.4

Nnn DRAINS! But Sanitation like Town. EL SAN Chemical Closets. GUARANTEED odourlees, getneftee. safe. Needs NO DRAINS, NO WATER-FLUSH. EASY to fix anywhere Indoors or outdoors. Scores ot thousands hi me in Country and Seaside Houires. Bungalows, lneoltutes, Canteens. de. -Write for FREE ILLUSTRATED BOOK. LEI and prices let ELSAN CO. (Dept. 304). 51, Clapham Road, London, S.W.9. PSORIASIS-ECZFMA ended while you sleep.-Write Riddex. Chemists. Ltd.. (Dept t6). 242. Lytham Road. Bleckner!! SCOTCH nursery governese, wishing to

travel, free June 1st. Good references. 15 years' experience.-Write Mrs. Howe, Stocks Mill. Wittersham. Kent.

SPLENDID opportunity for married couple as cook-housekeeper and home-parlourMan. or two women to run modern house In Bucks. A life }Oh fs offered the right couple at a salary of re a week, with furnished or unfurnished accommodation Near village, gimps and cinensas.-Box B. ROL Home, Rereefrial Avenue, Wembley. Ita 1 ANTHONY'S BReAD Donors eraser] • tor daily -Convent of the Good Shen herd Seleesh Cornwall SWITZERLAND. Wanted. oantrianfOrt or Striall party month's walking tour, August. -Tine 577.



-as Professional Houselteceer. Dietitian. Caterer. Certified Bookkeeper Hotel Receptionist. Rapid successful post-personal courses. Appointment Bureau. Reoluires 3d -Seeman. Southern Training College. Withdean, Brighton EDUCATIONAL



A young man and a Youne woman certificated teacher are required immediately for the above school. Mnsliellnla Mug be prepared to build up P.T and games activities In the school Ability to play the Plano a valuable recommendation flurnham scale plus London allowance Ample scope for energetic Personality -Application forms may be Me tained by sending a tramped addressed foolscap envelope to die undersigned. Wins. Commander W. S. Dailey, Headmasier. St ethelhurea's &vend:ay School Barking _TUMOR shorthand typist required. Pubas tethers, S.W.1. Previous experience not essential. Must be a Catholic.-Box 576. NTATIONAL Council for the Blind of Ire 11 land, Molesworth Street, Dublin. Vacancy for lady with gecondary education, not under n, to train as home visitor Salary during tralaIrty, and prospects when qualified. Interest In snrial work essential. anti knowledge of handicrafts desirable.-Apply, with copies of recent testimoniuls, to Secretary. laTORTILANEPTON COunty Borough Educe

▪ tion Committee.

Applications me invited for the following eppointments at St. Mary's R.C. Voluntary Primary Boys' School:

A qualified head teacher (man) from commencement of Autumn Teem.

A rime-fled milsumt teacher (man or woman). Duties to commence as soon as possible.

Number on reelects, 150. Salaries In accordance with Burnham Scale. Applkations forms to be obteined from and relented to the undersigned by not later than the 13411 April. 1446. -H. C. Perrin. Chief education Officer, Education Office. " Springfield," Cliftonsille, Northampton,

Rst Antony (secular) School, Pullen's Lane. Oxford (54 boarders, 9-17). desires as from April 27th. competent. practical. lady as housemistress-matron. to work in with Principals. S.R.N Shaer. and house-mlnreet Charge or girls' clothes, mending classes. house-linen, etc.; supervise housework etc. Good needlework and personal interview essentials. Salary £120 p.a or by capacity.Apply, Miss Rendall Senior Principal Tel Oxford 6802. QECRETARY to S,aored Art Society re" quirmt. Full time. Typing essential. Write 25, Usury Street. S.W.1.

S.W 14. Wanted Immedialehe infant teacher (music desimble). London Tate Of pay-Apply The Very Rev. Canon Gibney. St. Mary Magdalen's. North Worple Way

S W 14

WARDEN and assistant matron. Working iT Boys' Hostel. Birmingham. All dunes. Good prospects. Slate BRO4. experience. qualifications. references to Superintendent, 106, Moseley Road. Birmineham. 12.

DOM ESTIC RELIABLE. experienced persrm as

mothern help, minted to look after one child. Good references required. Preferable to kw In.-'Phone Mg, 7899 or wiite 27. Asheornbe Gardens, Edirware. Middleave laOMESTIC help required be young • couple couple for small modern house. catpried through-mot no conking or washing whatever required: good wages and outings. First baby expected in July.Write. stating age and Wages required. to Mrs. Graham, 31. Michleham Down, Woodside Park. London, N.12.

XfAliT) wanted for won modern house. ▪ Good wittree liberal maims. 2 adults In family, fare read. Mrs. Brewn. 40, Norwood Avenue, Kemal. Manchester. 7,

%FARMED couple Middle-aged). wife as -4.1.-A domestic help 53 days: huxhand as allround handyman. motor driver, commercial, in advantage (Bradford district). Modernised furnished cottage provided State full particulars and refs.-Box 566. RELTABLE woman required roe stnall country house, 18 miles north of London. Good train service. Own bedroom and bathroom. Good references essential. Cheerful home to suitable Person. Write oaring wage required-Mrs. Davies, Old Clack Farm, near Uxbridge. TWO molds wanted for bees' school. E100 -1 per year (each), live in. Refs.--Box 573. Irrwo Stiffen. or two friends. willing to share a room, urgently warbled for domestic cleaning. washing up. or seeing. State age and swam required to Bursar. Cotton College, North Staffordshire.

WANTED. working housekeeper, wages f2

YY cooking. no cooki. modern house, libend outings. help given. Refs. required,-115 Bury old Road. PrOILWICII. Manchester YOUNCS domestic, aged 15/17. warmed for modern home in the Wembin Park district. Only 3 in family. Good waget paid. Flare paid from out of Mayo.-Apply to Guest. 34, Bevenley Gardens, Wembley Park, Middlesex. or asbene Rodney 3440.

Vi)('A 111()NS

BROTHERS OF OUR LADY! UN MERV] ATM./TM and men aged 16 to 25 years 1possessing the necessary qualifications RA to character health and education wishing to devote their lives to the service of God In the education of youth Should apply to:The Rev Br. Provinclel. Si Aloyslus College. London, N.6

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