Page 10, 22nd March 1974

22nd March 1974
Page 10
Page 10, 22nd March 1974 — Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Anglicao/Roman.Carhalle International Sob-Commission on

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Organisations: Legion of Mary Acies, Council of Laity, Diocesan Education Council, Irish Centre, Mercy Grammar School, Lenten Service, Legion of Maly Acies, Bishop's Education Commission, Sacred Heart Church, Youth Commission, Liverpool Architectural Society, Loseto College, Westmineter Ecumenical Commission, CAFOD Committee, Vlses Golden Hours Club, Council of Admioistration, St Einniface's College, Council of Administration, Catholic Meres Society, Painsley School, Ecurnertical Service, Newman College, Heart Church, Bishops' Educafion Commission, Anglican/Roman Catholic Commission, Cathedral House, Ecumenical Service, Diocesan Council of Prieett, Christian Unity Commission, Christ's College, Finance Board, Loreto College, Herts Committee, Plater College, Vlsits Salesian School, Neyvrean College, Upholland College, New County Authority, Bishops' Education Commission, National Catholic Fund


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0= Ordination, M= Mass, V= Visitation. C Confirmation.

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Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Anglicao/Roman.Carhalle International Sob-Commission on

Authority, St Stephan's House, Oxford, 11.30. Saturday. Leetures an Ecumenical Conference, Chelmsford. Sunday:. Parochial Visitation, Sheehan. Tuesday: Herts Committee for Christian Unity, All Saints. London Colney, 7.30. Wednesday: Administration meeting, Archbishop's House. 11: Westmineter Ecumenical Commission meetina. Arehhishcip s House, 3. Thursday-Friday: Anglican/Roman Catholic Commission meeting.

Bishop Guazzelli, Auxiliary of Westminster FrIriay! Iflsit tn Mile End Hospital. 5. Sunday-Mcedey: Vieitation. Mile End: Confirmation, Copenhagen Street. 7.30. Tuesday; Limchouse Talk: OU! Blessed Lady and the Chetah; 8 Weenesday: Council of .Adminietratiuri

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster -Friday-Saturday: Justice and Peact COrtuinSaiOn. TtleSday! Upper Thames Deanery. Station Mese. Hampton Hill: Confirmation. Hayes. Wednesday: Council of Admioistration, 11 Thursday Confismation. Greenford.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Annual general meeting of Catholic Meres Society, Cathedral House, 3.30. Moe day: Legion of Mary Acies, St Chad's Cathedral. 8. Tuesday: Visitation. Wardon Estate, Worcester, 10.30. Wednesday: Governors' meeting, Besford Coen.

Bishop Cleary, Auxillory of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St Joseph's. Chasetown. 3. Monday: Station Mass for Our Lady of Mercy Grammar School. VVolverhampton, 9.30, Wednesday: Presides at meeting of Ladies of Charity. Dudley, 3; Concelebrates Station Mass, Our Lady, Evesham. S. Thursday: Concelebrates Mass, Painsley School, Cheadle, 2.30; Concelebrates Mass. St, Mary's, Uttoxeter, 7.30,

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunder?: Service in Worcester Cathedral for New County Authority. Monday. Meeting of Bishops' Education Commission, Newman College, 11,30; Golden Jubilee celebrations, Sacred Heart, Coventry, 7.30, Tueseey: Meeting of Plater College

Governors, 6,30. Wednesday: Lenten Steep,' Mass, Si Marie, Rugby. B. Thursday: Lenten Station Mass, St Anthony, Uxiord, 7.30.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Friday; Celebrates Holy Mass, The Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament, Clayton Square, 12.10; Meeting of Central Co-ordinating Committee. Christ's College, Wootton Road.

Biahop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Visitation, St Patrick's, Liverpool. Monday. Preaches at Ecurnertical Service in St Luke's. St Helens. Tuesday: Concelebrates Deanery Mass, Southport. Wednesday: Dinner of Liverpool Architectural Society. Thursday: Administers Confirmation. St Robert Bellarmine, Bootle.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Presides and preaches at Mass, St Catherine's, Faengton, 10; Celebrates Mass. end preaches. St Catheriee's, 3, Monday: Meeting of Council of Administration. Curial Offices, 10.30. Tuesday: Meeting of National Lituroical CorrunieSien. Our Lady's Convent, The Bolions, London. 11. Wednesday: Confers Confirmation, St John Fisher, Knowsley. 7.30. Thursday: In-Service course for clergy. Loyola Hall: confers Confirmation, St Lewis', Croft, 7.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Suilday. Mass. Visitaticat and Confirmation, West Croydcre 3. Tuesday: Mass, Visa:mon and Confirmation, Beckenham, 7,30. Thursday: Lenten Station Mass, CU:Imre/Ole, 7.30,

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Paul's Cray, 3. Monday: Diocese. FMance meeting, 11. Tee:melee: Lenten Station Mass, St, Pea% Dover, B.

Wed 1 esday Lenten St n ass, West

nar,1svortBT,urzy t.t.naid

Confirmation. Farnborough, 7,3011.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Friday: Holy Year Station Mass, St Joseph's, Aldershot. 8. Saturday: National Catholic Fund fleeting, Archbishup's House, Westminster, 10.e0. Sunday-Monday: Visitation and Confirmation. Si Mary's, Ryde 3: Holy Year Station Mass for Isle of Wight, I. Tuesday: Diocesan Education Council meeting. atshog's House. 5. yyeeeeeeee: Holy Year Station Mass for North-West Berkshire English Martyrs. Didcot. 8.

Bishop Grant of Northampton Friday: CAFOD Committee meeting. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Thrapston. Monday: Celebrates Stetine Mass. Our Lady's. Corby. Tuesday: Meeting of recently ordained priests, Clapham Park, Thursday: Celebrates Mass in Cathedral in connection with parish retreat.

B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St James. Ipswich. Monday: Deanery Station Mass, King's Lynn. Tueedey: Commissioning of De Is Salle Brothers and lay teachers for tha distribution of Holy Communion, St-Joseph's, Birkfield, 12; Deanery Station Mass, St Pancras, Ipswich. 7.30. Wednesday; Station Mass, Costessy. Exposition, 7,30; Mass, B. Thursday-Friday: AnglicareRontan catholic National Cornmission, overnight meeting, St Katherine's. Rotherhithe,

B ishop Ellis of Nottingham Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Holy Spirit. Droefield, Wednesday: Preaches at Ecumenical Service, Market Harboraugh. Thursday: Lenten Station Mass. Holy Cross, Hueknull.

Bishop. McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham Friday: Visits Wonersh Seminary. Sunday: Visitation and Confrimarion, Sr Mary's. Wigston. Monday: Meeting of Bishop's Education Commission, Neyvrean College, Birmingham; Concelebrates Mass for UCM Celebration, Blessed Sacrament, Leicester, 7.30. Tuesday: Visits Upholland College. Wednesday: Vlses Golden Hours Club, Nottingham, 2.30. Lenten Station Mass, Oadby, Leicester', 8. Thursday. Visits Evil-lawn Hall Grammar and Private Schools, Mass; Lenten Station Mass, St Mary's. Loughhorouph, 8.

Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough Friday; Catenlan Dinner, Hull. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Sr. Mary's, Markel Weinhton Tireaday: Concelebrates Mass for Walsingham Rally. Sacred Heart Church. Hull, 7,30. Wednesday: Deanery Mass. St Mary's. Hey, Thursday; Deanery Mass, St Hilda's, Whitby.

B ishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady of Lourdes, Bristol; Confirmation, 12. Wednesday. Confirmation, Wootton Hewett, 7.

B ishop Wheeler of Lerida Friday: Christian Unity Commission meeting. Headiegtay. 7,30. Saturday: Council of Laity meeting, Headingley, 2, Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Batley Carr. Monday: Liturgy meeting, Leeds. Tuesday-Wedneisday Liturgy meetings, London. Thursday: Concelebrates and preaches for Station Mass, St Patrick's, Huddersfield, 7.30.

B ishop Holland of Salford Friday: Mass and presentation of religious certificates, htnpwOOd Hall. Middleton, 11, Sunday: Visitation 11, Confirmation 3. Holy Family, Limeside. Monday: Bless lied open now extensions, Loreto College. Manchester. 2.30. Wednesday: Finance Board, 10.30; Lenten Statnn, St John's. Rochdale, 8. Thursday: Lenten Station. St Gregory's. Farnworth, B.

Bishop Burks, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: Visits school and sick. St Anne's. Ashton-under-Lyne. 2.15 Sunday: Visite11011 11, Confirmation 3, at Anne's, Ashtonunder-Lyne. Monday: Bishops' Education Correnlseinn, Newman College, Birmingham. 11.30; Mass, Loseto College. Manchester. p.m. Wednesday: Finance Board, 10,30. Youth Commission. 3.30: Lenten Station. SS Aldan and Oswald. Roymn. B Thursday: Lenten Station, St Mary, Burnley. 8.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham end Newcastle Sunday: Mass, Visit and Confirmation, Blackhill, 3.30. Tuesday: Mass. Visit and Confirmation, Our Lady's, Shotiey Bridge, 7. Friday, Mass. Visit arid Curlermation, St Plus. Consort.

B ishop Retrtiseux of Plymouth Friday: School Play, St Einniface's College. Plymouth, 7.30. Saturday: Mass for centenary Of church, Our Lady and St Ignatius, Chideock. Sunday: Mass and Visitation, Christ the King, Simon. 11; Confirmation, Christ the King, .3. Tuesday: Wednesday: ,TLeear,ctfei cor sStation' rn et meeting, Phi:icis.1 et ,rvil 0a Mary's. Poole, 7.30. Thursday: Day ol Recollection to WCaethstolicMoIrrsTeresnteLenagSuteatioSnt AMnathsos,"S'si Joseph's. Weymolah, 7,30 Bishop Casey of Brentwood Friday; Holy Year Deanery Mass, SS Peter and Paul, 111nrce B Saturday: Ecamerical Conference, Christchurch URC, Chelmsford Sunday: Vleitatiun ad Confirmntion, Christ the Eternal H/99 Rtiest, Uidea Park. Monday: Holy Year Deanery Mass, St Mary's. Hornchurch.,dia.y1 VRiasiitaithiTmandwCendniluirmadtiaoyn, Cencelebretes Mass, Irish Centre, London, 7, Therrelay: Visitation and Conermatiun. Holy Pearson, rson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Saturday-Sunday: Visitation of pansh of Si Joseph's, Seascale and Confirmation at Mass. 9.30. Tuesday: Meeting of CSC. Darimeton, 11.30. Wednesday: Concelebrates Station Mass. Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Michael, Workington, 7.30. Thursday: Finance meeting, Bishop's House, Lancaster, 10.30.

Bishop Graser of Shrewsbury Friday: Civic Reception, Sterehall, Shrewsbury. Suroley. Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady arid St Joseph. Seacornbe Mondey: Visitatien Continued. Our Lady and St Joseph. Seacombe: legume of Mary meeting. Little Sisters, 6 irkerheed. Wednesday: Diocesan . Council of Station M e. et inP. Joseph's,

Thursday. ' Sale, 8 B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Suoday: Legion of Maly Acies. Sacred Heart, Bageley, Monday-Tuesday Coeirnisson foi Priestly Formation, London. Wednesday: Diocesan Council of Prieett, Crewe. Lenten Station Mass. Cathedral, B.

B ishop Bowen of Arundel end Brighton Friday: Addresses Lenten Service, Holy reeky Church, Guildford. Saturday: Concletrates Lenten Station Mann. Si Borgess Hill, Monday: Meeting of Bishops' Educafion Commission, Newman Colleee. Birmiegham. Wednesday: Vlsits Salesian School, Highfield Road, Chertsey,

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