Page 4, 22nd May 1953

22nd May 1953
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Page 4, 22nd May 1953 — Daily Mass Guide

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Locations: Rome, Bradford, Frome


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Daily Mass Guide

SUN., MAY 24. Whit-Sunday or Pentecost. with priv. oct. of 1 ord. Creed. Pref., etc., of Pentecost. (R

May 24-30

EASTER and Pentecost, 50 days ,after (hence the Greek name), are the two greatest feasts of the year, liturgically equal to one another. The parallelism between them and the Jewish Passover and Jewish Pentecost—the Holy Spirit descended during the Jewish Pentecost—should not be overlooked. The drama of the Incarnation, with its period of preparation, realisation fin the Resurrection and the descent of the Holy Ghost to found the Church), and consummation yet to come on the Last Day should be seen as a whole. The red vestments symbolise the tongues of fire, Another symbol of the Holy Spirit is the dove, in which form He appeared at the baptism of Christ.

MON., MAY 25. Whit-Monday. Creed. (Red) THOUGH his feast is not cornmemorated this year because of Whit-week, this is St. Aldhelm's Day. St. Aldhelm was Bishop of Sherborne in 705. He was educated at Malmesbury, where most of his life was lived. He was a scholar of great renown and founded monasteries at Frome and Bradford-onAvon. A great English saint, too often forgotten, a chapel dedicated to him stands on St. Aldhelrn's Head, near Swanage. Visitors to that holiday resort can refresh mind and body by going to see it.

TUES., MAY 26. Whit-Tuesday. dIel. Creed. Pref., etc., of Pentecost. (R TUES., MAY 26. Whit-Tuesday. dIel. Creed. Pref., etc., of Pentecost. (R CT. PHILIP NERI'S Day. St. Philip is one of the dearest saints of the calendar. He is known as the second Apostle of Rome because he and the Oratory which he founded became the spiritual centre of Rome's life in mid-16th century. A man of great courtesy, dignity and insight, he had an extraordinary influence on those he met. His apostolate was very personal and very spiritual, and he relied comparatively little on external things and controversy. His was a late vocation. for he was 36 when he was ordained, having already founded the Oratory. Only the grace of God, he used to say. stood between himself and notorious sinners.

WED., MAY 27. Whlt-Wednesday. 5d. Comm. of St. Bede and St. John Pope. Creed. Pref., etc., of Pentecost. (Red) CIT. BEDE THE VENERABLE is 1.3 the only English Doctor of the Church. He was born at Wearmouth in 673. The name "venerable" is due to his position, then unusual, of being ordained while an ordinary monk. "Venerable" then corresponded to our "reverend." Of him it was said that he was always writing, always praying, always reading, always teaching, and the best-known fruit of his labours is his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, which has earned him the name of the Father of English History.

THURS., MAY 28. Whit-Tiday. ed. Comm. of B. Margaret Pole, Creed. Pref., etc., of Pentecost. (Red) ANOTHER great English saint. Margaret Plantagenet was the niece of Edward IV and Richard Ill. She married Sir Reginald Pole and was created Countess of Salisbury, One of her sons was Cardinal Pole. Because her son opposed Henry challenging of the Pope, she was imprisoned and beheaded on Tower Hill at the age of 70. B. Margaret's children married into the closely knit British aristocracy and gentry, and therefore very many people today must be descended from this royal English martyr. In Coronation year, a prayer to her is specially fitting.

FRI., MAY 29. Whit-Friday. sd. Comm. of St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi. Creed. Pref., etc., of Pentecost. (Red) SAT., MAY 30. Whit-Saturday. ad. Comm. of St. Eleutherius and of St. Felix. Creed. Pref., etc., of Pentecost. (Red)

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