Page 6, 22nd May 1959

22nd May 1959
Page 6
Page 6, 22nd May 1959 — Unworthy Slice of History

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Organisations: Fairfield University, Army
People: Eugene Kinkead


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Keywords: Monty Are I, Monty

A▪ T Fairfield University. Connecticut 1 was presented with two hooks. Both Were inscribed with affectionate roesSages and both were recommended for immediate reading ; both incidentally were highly critical of the United States. "In Every War But One " by Eugene Kinkead is an elaborate analysis of the reasons why so many American prisoners of war in Korea turned Communist, abandoned all discipline, killed each other and made such a sorry show before the world. The author had the assistance of the Army authorities in his exposure of a scandalous situation. Field Marshal would be interviewed, I did all in my power to divert attention and even introduced "the troubles" to torn my host's mind to other and more harmless fields. Not a bit of it. Monty was switched on and left on for forty minutes while my host grew more and more heated and eventually burst into flames. When Monty was through, we were given a half hour of isolationism with America and Canada sitting back in comfort and security while Communism ran the rest of the world. Monty was. of course. provocative and outspoken and he said many things which were calculated to annoy. The majority of those who heard him were prepared to admit that there was some truth in his sallies and some even admired his impudence'. Not so my host who was choking with fury but not prepared to miss a word.

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