Page 6, 22nd November 1946

22nd November 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 22nd November 1946 — Catholie Information Front Abroad

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Catholie Information Front Abroad

VATICAN CITY PRIVATE AUDIENCES. During the last fortnight, the Holy Father has received in private audiences practically the whole of the Sacred College resident in Italy. Recent audiences granted include those to Cardinals Lavitrano; Jorio; Pizzardo; Marchetti Selvaggiani; Ascalesi, Archbishop of Naples; Della Costa, Archbishop of Florence. Bishop de Mardis ; Bishop Capasso ; Archbishop Costantini, Secretary of the Congregation of Propaganda Fide; Bishop Giesler; Bishop Charue ; the Auxiliary Bishop of Bologna ; Bishop Del Benc; the Abbot General of the Olivetan Benedictines; the Superior General of the Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception; Brigadier Maurice S. Lush, C.B.E., ME., and his wife; Brigadier General Thomas B. L. Churchill and his wife; Mr. Pat O'Brien, the film star, and his wife; Sir John Boyd Orr, director of the Food and Agricultural Organisation.

RECENT APPOINTMENTS. The Pope has appointed Mgr. J. G. Donnelly, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis, to he the Bishop of Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S.A.

THE POPE addressed representatives of the International Philosophical Congress, now meeting in Rome, when he received them on Tuesday last.

VATICAN CIRCLES on Sunday last issued a denial, reports Reuter, of the Radio Moscow's broadcast announcing that the Pope would hold a special Consistory before Christmas, at which Mgr. Stepinac would be raised to the Cardinalate. The spokesman pointed out that for a Consistory to be held just before Christmas, the invitations must have already been given out.

IT IS REGRETTED that the name of the new Chinese Minister to the Holy See was incorrectly given in our issue of November 15 (page 1). The name of the new Minister is Dr. Wu Ching Hsiang. The new Minister to the Holy See is 47 and is a lawyer by

profession. He studied in America, Paris and Berlin and was converted in 1939. He was advisor to the Chinese delegation at the United Nations Assembly in 1945.

CARDINAL SIBILIA read the Papal Absolution o n Friday last at the

so lemn funeral ceremonies f o r the late Cardinal eamillo Caccia Dominione. held in the Basilica of San Carlo at

Corso. Fifteen Cardinals and the whole of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See were present. Requiem Mass was sung by Mgr. Joseph Migone, Titular Archbishop of Nicomedia, Secretary of the Pope and Assistant to the Throne.

The CIVIL and ECCLESIASTICAL AUTHORITIES of Cape Coast, British West Africa, have recently granted scholarships for higher studies in Europe to two Nigerian Sisters—Sister Mary Magdalen, of Holy Child College (1Ifule), and Sister Mary Gertrude, of Holy Child Jesus Convent (Edem, Ek pa t).

MGR. SPELLER, Vicar Apostolic of Napo, Ecuador, reports Fides, will escort 20 young priests to the mission field in Ecuador this month. The missionaries arc members of the Pious Society of Turin of St. Joseph. The 20 priests who will accompany Mgr. Spitler will join 11 priests now working in the Vicariate. Five Sisters will be leaving about the same time for the Vicariate of Napo; they will join 17 Sisters, Daughters of the Sacred Heart, from Vicenza. Italy.

MGR. GIOVANNI PANICO, Apostolic delegate for Australia, has told the Vatican he has received assurances from the Australian Government that all the 12,000 Italian P.O.W.s and 1,500 German P.O.W.s will be repatriated from Australia by next January.

The body of ARCHBISHOP

VAUGHAN. O.S.B., second Archbishop of Sydney, was reinterrcd in the crypt of St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, on October 16. All the Archbishops of Sydney who have died, as well as the pioneer priests of the See, have now been translated to this crypt.

MGR. JOSEPH BERAN, recently appointed Archbishop of Prague, who was an outstanding resister to Nazism and who was for more than three years in Dachau, has been awarded the Czech War Cross, 1939, and the Czech Medal of Merit, by Dr. Benes.

A NEW ATTACK from Prague radio and Press has been made this week on the Czech Catholic journalist, Dr. Bohdan Chudoba who, at the beginning of this year, was placed under arrest by the Czech authorities. This time his former editor on Obzory (Czech Catholic journal), Mr. Duchacek, is included in the criticisms which. according to Prague Radio quoting Rudo Provo. are that they slandered Czechoslovakia's foreign policy which aims at friendship with the Soviet Union and other Slav


THE CHURCH OF ST. ODILE DE CHAMPERRET, which has taken 11 years to build and has a tower 243 ft. high (Notre Dame twin towers are 227 ft. high). was consecrated on Sunday last by Cardinal Suhard, Archbishop of Paris, assisted by Mgr. Weber, Archbishop of Strasbourg. This new church in Paris is extremely modern, and has central heating, modern lighting, an electric organ, a lift to the mortuary chapel and a vacuum cleaner system.

M. MARC SANGLIER, the founder of the Sillon, a pioneer of Catholic Social Action, was recently invested with the ribbon of the Legion of Honour by M. Francois Maui lac.

CARDINAL FAULHABER has issued a categorical denial that he sent his own or the Bavarian Bishops' congratulations to Hitler when the latter escaped from an attempt on his life in July, 1944. it is also officially denied that the Te Deum 1E7 thanksgiving was sung in Munich Cathedral after the attempt. Communist-controlled Neue Presse recently carried a story in which these statements were made, quoting "Munich diocesan magazine," which at the time was banned.

THE COMMUNIST JUDGE of the village of Kevermes, who was recently responsible for the arrest of the local priest and the closing of the church, has now invited a sect of Polish origin known as the Mariavites to occupy the church. They have supplied five " priests " and a " bishop." This news is contained in a pastoral letter of Mgr. Hamvas, Bishop of Csanad, warning the people against the intruders.

THE DEATH is reported from Rome of Mgr. Antonio Lega, Archbishop of Ravenna. Mgr. Legs, who was horn in 1863 and was ordained in 1886, was consecrated Bishop of Privento in 1914. and was coadjutor Archbishop of Ravenna before succeeding to the See in 1921.

SIX HUNDRED ITALIAN children who are due to leave shortly to join their families in Libya were received by the Pope on Sunday last.

THE BRITISH DAY on the Catholic Broadcasting Company will be December 22. It will be devoted to Catholic life and thought in Great Britain and will be opened by an introductory talk by Cardinal Griffin. High Mass will be broadcast from Westminster Cathedral.

LEADING FILM STARS are to appear in a projected series o,f radio dramatisations designed to further family prayer which is being organised by Fr. Peyton, promoter of the Family Rosary campaign in the United States.

THE CAPUCHIN MONKS at Capodistria have denied, according to Reuter, that they have been ordered to put half their monastery at Ljubljana at the disposal of the Communists, as was reported recently in some papers,

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