Page 6, 22nd November 1946

22nd November 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 22nd November 1946 — Continued fr - onn page one

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Continued fr - onn page one

Fr. Heenan Attacks British Communists

test was the impromptu enthusiasm with which 3,000 Catholics rose to sing the Credo with an intensity that was inspiring and appropriate to the subject of the meeting.

" I do not exaggerate when I say that the Church of God is facing the prospect of the greatest persecution of modern times. The battle is already joined between Communism and the Catholic Church," said Fr. Heenan, developing the general theme that it was " the plain and hard truth " that in the Soviet and Soviet-controlled countries the four freedoms no longer existed.

" The present war," continued Fr. Heenan, "is partly a battle of ideologies but mainly a battle for the possession of the souls of men. When, therefore, I attack, as I propose to attack, the Communist party I am not making a political speech. The enemies of the Church always attempt to stifle criticism from the Church by the cry of ' political Catholicism. "

Turning later to attack the Communist Party in Great Britain, Dr. Heenan said

" Its numbers may not be large, but its influence is great and growing. By infiltration it is capturing the leading positions in the trade unions. It has so perverted the use of words that it calls progressive any movement which leads to further restriction of individual liberty.

THE CY. ANTI-BRITISH " It is essentially undemocratic and anti-British. That is, of course. in addition to being radically anti-religious. It is anti-democratic because it demands blind obedience to a Party Line. It is anti-British because it lakes its orders directly from foreigners who hate the British Commonwealth of Nations only a little less than they hate the Church

at God."

" Then—and let this never be forgotten in our land—began the Communist sabotage of the British war effort. Shop stewards in munition factories gave the watchword ' go slow.' I have no hesitation in saying that if the Communists had had their way our boys would have had no equipment at all. The blood of our young men is upon the hands of the Communist Party of Great Britain!

" It is absolutely essential to expose the perfidy of the Communist Party so that its power may be curtailed. It is little use in these irreligious days to call public attention directly to religious persecution. Religion is no longer news."

Press Comment—Page 5.

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