Page 2, 22nd November 1957

22nd November 1957
Page 2
Page 2, 22nd November 1957 — In Mental Hospitals

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Locations: Chester, Leeds


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In Mental Hospitals

IR ,-The letter headed "Life in Mental Hospitals" may leave readers wishing they already knew Nurse Riggall's findings for her M.P.s. So they may like to know of a very comforting description of the vastly improved treatment of mental patients, given in a well-written article in the November number of the A postle an illustrated "family magazine" for Catholics. The article shows that aims, methods, special treatment, equipment. spirit, various types of trained staff (everything, in fact, except lack of space and shortage of nursest makes for the patients having "fresh hope of recovery. physical comfort. and a new desire to live and become individuals": while "from the nurses' point of siew, specialisation gives new scope and interest." The need of nurses and auxiliary nurses is stressed. Nursing these most-trying-of-all patients seems to offer a vocation for Catholics drawn to real selfsacrif ice, but who don't feel called to the three vows. and want independence when off duty; (personally, I can't imagine a more self-sacrificing 1011; I'd rather nurse leprosy and catch it); and surely such work demands the fully supernatural motive, and the Catholic conception of the soul. its value, and its id/Smote deliverance and joy. Catholic nurses could give the one bit of consolation available to such patients-an assurance that Our Lord does care, and Our Lady will help; and some day all will be well. This article could he obtained tis sending 8d. to The Apostle. Chris tleton Hall, Chester. The magazine. which has a variety of good features in good print, is a unique sk-pennyworth. So if this issue is exhausted, the . would be well spent in seeing the December number

'The Song of Bernadette'

SIR' -Those who wrote in to you some weeks ago asking whether a reprint of " The Song of Bernadette " in the paper-back edition might be made available fm the centenary year will be pleased to hear that Fontana Books are bringing it out in February at 3s. 6d.

Terence Muddiman The Carmel Bookshop,

33, Cookridge Street, Leeds, 2.

Vera Barclay.

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