Page 6, 22nd November 1957

22nd November 1957
Page 6
Page 6, 22nd November 1957 — CHILDREN'S C RNER •

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People: Prince, CLARE SIMON
Locations: Alexandria


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A Bride of Our Lord

; ON November 25 there is an

extremely exciting Saint, St. Catherine of Alexandria. Actually we know nothing definite about her, although there is a very beautiful legend.

When she was 17 she seas very attractive and extremely clever. In feet she knew everything there was to know (if there had been quiz programmes then, I expect she'd have done very well). Anyhow she refused to marry anyone who wasn't as clever and beautiful as herself.

Eventually a hermit told her that he had found her the right bridegroom. That night she had a vision of Jesus. who said that He did not want her because she was too ugly.

The next day the hermit explained to her that Jesus had found she was too proud for Him. He instructed her in Christianity and then baptised her. Jesus appeared to her again. and said that now she was beautiful enough.

Our Lady who was standing nearby then placed a golden wedding ring on her finger. Ever afterwards this has been called the mystical marriage of St. Catherine.

Later on, after doing many wonderful things, she was finally martyred in a particularly cruel machine invented specially for the purpose by the Emperor Maximinus.

I have come across a very sweet story about a cat. It is written by Fr. Prince, who is blind. It is called "Godolphin." This is the name of

the cat uho one day starts talking to his owner about his past experiences. Have you ever known a cat do that ? If you look at one very carefully, you'll see that even if he doesn't choose to talk, he certainly could if he tried.

Do you know anything about the origin of surnames? Talking about Fr. Prince has reminded me that

surnames like " King" and " Bishop" have a very interesting beginning.

In the Middle Ages they used to put on Miracle Plays. These were performed in the church porches and were always religious stories. Now the same people would always play the same part year after year. and before long they were called by the name of the part they played. So if you know anyone whose surname is "Bishop " or "King " then it is probable that a long time ago their ancestors played those parts in the Miracle Plays.

Goodbye for now.


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