Page 10, 22nd November 1985

22nd November 1985
Page 10
Page 10, 22nd November 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Lancaster University, Cathedral Chapter, W. St Edmunds School, Archbishop Council, Archbishop's Council, AGM Liverpool School, Venerable College, Bieseed William Howard School, Priv:retying Cl McAuley School, Bede College, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Hospilafile Council, Dinner Of Magdalena Social Club, Greeter Manchester Cuunly Ecumenical Council, Park College, NC Primary School, Thuradey Liturgy CoMmission, Catholic Association, !lam Bradford Area Pastoral Council, Cathedral Plymouth TuesdayM With Cathedral Chapter, National Missionary Council Steering Committee, Goudhurst parish_ Parish council, All Saints College, Council of Belly Oak Colleges, London WednesdaySchool Committee, Gifford Primary School, Senate of Priests, Educatinn Committee, Eng College, VEC, C. Sr Joseph'e Church, Ilene° Society, Keele University, Saints Pastoral Centre, Fader NS St Joseph's House, Derrick Club London, Wearable Enalish College


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Ops Engagements

Page 10 from 7th December 1984


0 •Ordinellon. M = Mass, C = Conlirmetion, V = Visitation.

duchbishop Bowan ot Southwark Monday: V, Eng College and Bede College. Rome until Suoday Archbishop Couve da M Birmingham Sunday: Cnitc M St Cherre Catherirm, UI 3oern m, Keele University Chapel. 7.30pm. Tuesday: M & attends meeting ol SeCOnclary SellOOla Headmasters ASsocietrori, Bieseed William Howard School. Staffs, 11 arn Wednesday. Blesses new building of Gifford Primary School, Wolverhampton. 9.15arn. M. St Dominic'e Comprehenelve Schots!. Stone. Suers. llarn Friday: BlesseS new Cheplaircy or Coventry Polytechnic eine eeleOrates M. SIM. Seturday V, Greyfriars, Oxford

Archbishop Ward of Cardilf Sunday-Smurdey Engagements outside Archdioueee.

Arehblahop Warlock of Liverpool Sunday: M. Christ the King Metropotitan Cathedral, 1 tarn Vespers al Metropolean Cathedral, 3pm Monday Drugs Forum, Cathedral Chaplaincy, 5pm. Tuesday Michaelmas Group J N Centre, flarn. Leyland Deanera Cle'gy mauling, A tchbishop's House. 12 30pm LIHF meeting, Catherine's, 430m. Wednesday: M and Consecration ol BleSSed Sacrament Shrine. Liverpool, apm Thursday: Archbishop Council meeting, Curial Offices. iflem Tablet Trustees, Derrick Club London. 730m. Farley: BBC Studios, London, am AGM Liverpool School ot lropical Medicine. am, Bishop Alexander ot Clifton Sunday .V, Christ Mu King, Horace] Broarlway Preaches M all M Allministers the Saerarnent of C. 1Dam Tuesday: C et Prior Park College. Bate 7.30pm Wednesder Meeting, Clifton Catholic Diocesan TrusteeS registered at St Ambrose. Leigh Woods, 10.30am Catholic Teachers' Astociation M arid AGM. Clifton Cathedral, 7 30pm Threw:lay: Concelebrates M with tne Association Of the Venerable College ol St Thomas de Urbe at Tyburn Abbey. 1pm Saturday: V, SI Alphege Bath.

eishop Iheww, bishop of Lancaster Sunday: Annual Rally at the Handicapped. Lancaster University. Rpm Mondry: Meeting al the Wearable Enalish College, Rome Returns Saturday.

Blare* Emery of Portsmouth Sunday Si John's Cathedral, Ponemoule, Diocesan Youth M for Feast of Cheat the King. 3pm Tuesday; Biehop's House. Portsmouth, Meeting 01 the Cathedral Chapter. 11am Wednesday-Friday; V lo Schools and Convents On IOW Bishop Celery, Auxithey for Birmingham Monday: Meetino of Council, Fr Hudson's Reines, Birmingham, 5.30pm. Thureday: Annual Dinner, Lourdes Hospitable Fridey: W. St Edmunds School, Wolverhampton, 1 lam. Id for Little &Stele at JeStra, Aston, Birmingham lent.

BUMP anly of Shrewsbury Sundey. V reel C, All Saints, Ashton-on-Mersey. tiondsy. C. SI We r bu rge's. Chester, 7.30pm. Tuesday Council ol Priests meeting. WIeleston Hall, Item Wednesdey C. 131 Neslon. 7 acorn Thursdey: M, St Vincent's Almneham tor dedication ol re-ordered church Friday: C. St Thames Becket, Tarporley, 7.30pm

Bishop Guazzelll, Auxiliary tor Weemenster %relay: Youth meeting, Pope John House, 8terl Tueaday: Highgate pastoral team meeting, 9.30ain Guy, 5pm Wadnesdey: CUA. 'Diem Nen• cerechunnenate SerViCe Mile End 7 Wren Thursday Plenary learn meeting. London Colney. 4pm Friday; Plenary learn meeting. London Convey. St AloysiutE Convent. Opm Seturday: CiletretreCe. Wrellell le the Church. 10-dyer M, an Christi, 6pm.

Bishop Hannigan of thrneria Suede,: V and C. Buckley Bishop Harris al Middiesbroegh Tuesday Meets with Diocesan Liturgy Coy-mission, Amplatorth. 11.30am. C. Sr Joseph'e Church, Mideleshrrerge ltre, Wednesday: Mettle youth and unemployed. Thursday: Meets with Pastoral Council North. Bishop's House, MiddlesOlough, Saturday: Educatinn Committee meeting. York, 1 lam, Slob* Harvey, Auxiliary tor Westminster Sunday: C, St Matthias. Edgware iiiiroadirelds). Them Tuesday CDA. Spat WednesdayCCM. 10am C. SI Mary's, East Finchley, 7 30pm Fricley. Alton Hall, 6.30pre B ishop Henderson. Auxiliary Per Southwark Sunday-Mendey: V, Eitham Well Hall. induction of a Parish Priest. Eitham Well Hail 5i-6 30ern Friday: V. St Fidalls NC Primary School. Lrith, 9 30-1130pm Saturday. Luncheon at Sr Lawrence's. Sirreup. 12.451M. Diocesan Ecumenical Cormniselon :subcommittee mooting, Blackheath. 3 30pm.

Bishop tritetien. Auxiliary tor Liverpool Sunday: C. St Gabes's, Hither Surds. Monday: M with Handicapped. St Joeeph's. Leigh. Tuesday: V. SI Gabrials School. Hither Soles, are V. St Ambrose, Barlow, Ostia): pet Wedneadey; Education meeting, County Hall. Preston, 10 30aM Thursday: Archbishop's Council meeting, Curial Offices. 10am Folder M with renewal of Marriage Vows, St Joseph's. 11.30are Saturday: Memorial M for Mr Brenhauriewe, Farm Street, London. 12 noon B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary tor Southwark Sunday: V to Goudhurst parish_ Parish council meeting at Severroake, 730pm. Monday: 0, Chariton Folkestone paean, 7.30prn. Tuesday: hi at St John's, Grwasend, POT Sisters Of Marcy, Bpm, Wednesday: Chairs World uf Work meeting at Wes1 Mailing, Ham. C at Tonbridge parish, 7.30pm. Threadey:C at Park Wood. Maidetone, 7.30pm, FrIday-Saturday V la Edenbridge parish.

Bishop Kelly of Belford Sunday; T.C.W. Celebration. UMIST 2 30pm. al with R C atudani ol Marienester Univerelly & commissioning al Eucharistic Ministers, 7pm. Greeter Manchester Cuunly Ecumenical Council meeting. 12 IlUtel. Interviews. 4-6.30pm Wednesday: Meeting with Deans of Diocese at Wardley Hall. 11 am, V of St Marks U CM Pandlebury to Wardlny Hall, 7.30pm Thwarter Junior Clergy meeting. Cenecie Convent Manchester. 10.30am Diocesan Schools CoMMIeelon meeting. 2pm Friday: HeDwOod Hall °warners' meeting. liens B ishop Konident of Leeds Sunder. Academic M, I reds Chaplaincy 6 30pm Mondry CH. Reception, Celdordate, 7prn Tuesday Senate of Priests, !lam Bradford Area Pastoral Council, 7pm Wednesday. Deanery proponents, lliday, 1 lam Thwsday Lecture. Dinner. Trinity and All Saints College, 6 30pm Friday Secondary Heads mereires Elfolts, 5pm. Briturdey: Diocesan Pastoral Council, Trinity K All Saints College. 9 Ularn Bishop Lindsay oi Heatern a liesereaatle Sunday: M, St James. elebburn 10am Tuesday t rendes Hospilafile Council, Our Lady's, Washington, 7.30pm Wednesday: Diocesan ;Ilene° Society. AGM. SI Teresa's Hall. Newcastle. 7pm Thursday: Diocesan Consultors electing, Bishop's House, Newcastle, 10 30arn

B ishop McCall., &winery tor Birmingham Sunday: el & G, SI Ambrose Barlow. Hall Green, I lam. Monday: Meeting of Trustees ol Father Hudson's Society, 5.30Pn, WednesdayMeeting of Council of Belly Oak Colleges, I lam. Thursday: Lourdes Hospitallte Dinner. Birmingham, apm Fader NS St Joseph's House. Birmingham. 0.30pm

B ishop WOW aaaaa Nottingham Sunder V/C. SI Joseph's, Ripley, Derbys, 3pm Tuesday: Pri el St Peter's. Leicester or SOlh Anniversary at U C 7pm Werinescley EMCL. Rearsby Convent, 2 30pm Thursday: M and Blessing at Altar, SI John's, Mellon Mowbray, 7pm. Friday; V, Si Elizabeth's Coneenl, Delper, 6pm Saturday: M, Fr Dewar'. Golden Jubilee. Si Edward the Cellfilerter Aylestone, If , 1 lam B ishop McMahon of Brentwood -.Sunday V and C, Our Lady of La Selene, Rennham. Tuesday: Concelebrates M to mark 20th anniversary of Vatican It, Cathedral, 7 30tors Wednesday-Thursday: Centere Ministrlef, $t John's) Seminary. Wonersh Feder NI and luncheon tor Silver Jubilarians, Bishop's House. 12 noon Dedication ot Church ef the Most Holy Redeemer. Billericay, tprn Saturday: Requiem IV, Farm Street, 12 noon. Preaches for Patronal Feast. SI Andrews. Hempstead, 6prn

B ishop Mahon, Auxiliary tor Westminster Sunday C, Isieworth, 12 noon. Hosts eller-Faith oneeting, Hounelaw. 7 anpm Monday. Meets learn at Siva Workers. 113em Tuesday: Bishops' CDA, 5pm Wednescley CDA. Archhiehop's House. 10am. Thursday: National Missionary Council Steering Committee. 12.30prh Visits Allan Hall Seminary, 71.Im, Friday: Jubilee Er Peace meeting. Whitehall Gardens, Elprn SalueSey: Pesloral Welt. Hanwell Parish.

Bishop Uorwley ol Hallam Sunday: V and C al High Green. 11.20am. Monday: Priv:retying Cl McAuley School, DOeCerlere, e 15prn Tower* Clergy OS? ol recollection al the Mount Reception Mr new. Bishop of Wakefield al Barnsley Town Hall, 8.30pm Wednesday Requiem loi Sheffield CTF at High Green, 7pm. Thursday, V of Saint Patrick's Sehool, Sheffield, 10 30am Friday: County Council Cealrman'a dinner dance, 7,30prn Saturday: Requiem for Karl Branintintayer at Farm Street. noon. Illshop Mullin& Arm Bishop In Swansea Sunday: Mozart 11, Si David's Calle:rd.', Credal, tie,,, Mondayelleturdey: V, VEC and Bede College, Rome, 0,,1111:11; p Murphy O'Connor ol Arundel it Brighloe Sunday-Thurselay: Leeds Westminster Diocesan Clergy Retreat. All Saints Pastoral Centre, London

B ishop O'Brien, Auxillsry Inc Westminster -Sunday V al St Anthony's, Radial!. Monday-Thursday: Dipeesan Relonal at All Saints Pastoral Centre, Thursday: Ministry to Priests tease at All Saints Pastoral Centre, dpin Friday: C at SI Joseph's, Pishop's Stortrord, 7.30pm.

Bishop K O'Brien, Auxiliary lor Middlesbrough Sunday Speak at Readers Day at St Stephen's. Hull, Monday: Church Leaders meeting at Archbishop's House, York Tuesday: City Centre Fraternal meeting In Hurt Wednesday: Meeting with Humberside County Cramer! leaders In Beverley, liars Thursday: Gateman Dinner at York, WIT Friday: C at St Bernadotte's, Middlesbrough, 7pm

Bishop Rawathente, Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday: N & C. St Bennetts 8. St Raymond Netherton. 12 news and dinn. Monday: Meeting Church Hierarchy Ccimmillee. Vpholland Tuescley: BBC meeting. London WednesdaySchool Committee meeting. 10l5arn Thursday: Archbishop's Council meethig. Cell& Delete. team Saturday: V. St Dominics, Hylon, 6.:10pm Bishop Ramie.. of Plymouth Sunder M to mark the end or International Youth Year, Cathedral Plymouth TuesdayM With Cathedral Chapter. Cathedral, Plymouth, I lam. Friday: Id in honour 01St Cuthbett Mayne, Our Lady and SI Denis, St Marychurch. Torquay. llam Bishop Swindlehurel, Auxiliary lot Flextime A Newcastle Sunday: C tre St John Vlerney's, ~moon!, Dom Thursday: Diocesan Consultors meeting. Bishop's House. Newcastle upon Tyne 10_30am. C ke St Cecilia. Sunderland. 7.30em Bishop Tripp. Auxiliary for Soutleverk Sunday. C at Upper Norwood, I lam Preaches at Glum Server in St Katherine's. Sliwoed Estate, 6E16. 6prn Monday: AGM of the Catholic Association, ferm. WedneeoeY1 M at Clapham Common and preseniabon of Papal Award to Mr I. Segilas, Bpm. Thuradey Liturgy CoMmission, 6.30pm. Friday; Dinner Of Magdalena Social Club at Wanasworth Last. apm. Salurcley C at North Cheam, 1Iam B ishop Welmslay, HM Forces Sunday Celebrates M, RAF SI rerun. South Glamorgan, 10 30am 'Monday: V. RAF Broody. Dyfed. ern, M, St Devil's. Haverlurdwest. Dyfed pm. Wednesday: Vicariate Trustees' meeting, London. Slam Frither-Saturdey Vicariate Pastoral Council Begshot, Surrey, 7prn.

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