Page 12, 22nd October 1971

22nd October 1971
Page 12
Page 12, 22nd October 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster--Friday: Clergy Review Board, Archbishop's House, 4. Saturday: Prizegiving, SL Edmund's Canoga, 5, Sunday: Preaches at all Masses, attends Parish Council meeting. and confirmation at Watford. Wednesday: Adminft, Ireton meeting, Archbishop's House, 11. Chairs ExpO '71 meeting at Harpenden, B. Friday: Preaches at Martyrs' Mass. Allan Hall, 11 30. Social Morality conference. Challoner Club. 4 Bishop Guazaelll. Auxiliary of Westminster Friday to Sunday: Attends First Leeds Cursillo, Huddersfield. Wednesday: Meeting of Council of Adminis• Station, Archbishop's House. 11.30,

Bishop Mahon. Auxiliary or Westminster Saturday: Mass at St. Glide's Convent. Sunday: Confirmation at St. Thomas More. Eastrate, 4 Tuesday: Confirmation, Ss. Peter & Paul Northfields, 7.30. Wesdneday: Council of Administration 11. Confirmation at St. Joseph's, Highgate, 6.30. Thursday:

rizegi t Martyrs' School, E. Friday: Confirmation, Holy Trinity, Brook Green, 6.

Archbishop Dwyer, of BirminghamSunday: Confirmation at Emallsh Martyrs, Rugby, 3. Monday; Solemn vows at Yardley Carmelite House, 6. Tuesday: Opening school buildings, St. Francis Parish, Aldridge, 2.30: opens St. Ann's School, Streetly. 7. Wednesday: Visits Our Lady's. Abbey Hutton, 11: Solemn vows at Wolverhampton Carmelite House. Thursday: Consular reception, Birmingham, 7. Friday: Meet• ing of Cotton College Governors. Cathedral House, 3 B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday; Mass and confirmation. St. Gregory's Bearwood. Wariee, 3. Monday: Meeting of Catholic Association. London. Tuesday! Visitation Of sick. St. Joseph's. Caniey. Coventry. 11. Wednesday: Speaks to Union of Catholic Mothers, Wolverhampton, 2.15.

B ishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday: Mass and confirmation. Our Lady's, Weston•in-Arden, Monday: Visitation of schools and sick, Our Lady's. Cavereham, 11. Tuesday: Bishops' EducatiOn Commission, Liverpool. Friday' Meeting of National Board of Catholic Women, London.

Bishop Gray. Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Mass and sermon at St. Beners, Netherton. 11. Presides at Mass and Drachm 12. Confirmation and benedic. lion. 3. Mass and sermon at St. Raymond's, Netherton. Monday: Council of Administration at Curial Offices, 11. Tuesday: Meeting of Joint Committee of Churches, County Hall. Preston, 11. Wednesday. Attends parish function and presents Papal detoration, Twelve Apostles. Leigh, 7.30. Thursday: Reccetion and dinner at Villiers Hotel. Douglas, I.o.M. for C.W.L. Ball. 7.30. Friday. Visits parishes Of Isle of Man.

Bishop Cowderoy of Southwark Friday and Saturday! Ordinations et Weinersh. Sunday: Mass, visitation and confirmation at Welling. Tuesday: Mass, visitation and confirmation at Pollards Hill. Thursday: Mass, visitation arid coo hrmation at Sldcup.

Bishop Warlock of Portsmouth Friday: Visits St. Anne's School, Southampton. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Hawley. Monday: Visits All Hallows School, Aldershot. Tuesday: Mass and meeting of the Cathedral chapter, Bishop's House, 11.30, Wednesday: Addresses Northampton Council of Priests, Cambridge.

Bishop Grant of Northampton-Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, St. Francis Calarini. Bedford. Tuesday: Confirmation at WentlOner, 7.30. Wednesday: .Diocesan Council of Priests, Cambridge. Thursday: Visit to Catholic students at University of East Anglia.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton-Attending meeting of the Council of Episcopal Conferences of Europe. in Rome, from Friday to Thursday.

Bishop Ellis Of Nottingham-Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Wondseats. Monday to Friday: Visits Irish colleges.

Bishop McClean of MiddlesbroughSaturday: Concelebrates Mass at All Saints. Rise, Hull, for Silver Jubilee of St. Phliomena's Convent. Presents prizes. Sunday: Preaches at annual service for women. Holy Trinity. Hull, 3. Wednesday: All night vigil of Reparation tnr Abortion and Euthanasia, St. Wilfred's. York.

Bishop Holland of Salford-Sunday: Visitation, St. Peter's. Greengate, 11.15. Monday, Holy Name Centenary Hail, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, B. Tuesday: Concelebrated Mass In honour of St. Ambrose Barlow and Companions, Holy Name, Manchester. 8. Wednesday: Governors meeting. Sedgley Park, 3. Thursday: Schools Commission. 10.30. Diocesan Social Welfare Commission, Cathedral House, 7.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of SalfordSaturday: Opens Christmas Fair, Little Sisters of the Poor, Plymouth Grove. 2.30. Sunday: Visitation, 11, confirmation 3. at St. Columba. Tonge Moor. Mass, St. Brendan's, Harwood. 6.30. Monday:, Concelebrates Mass and preaches at St, Aiban's, Blackburn, in honour of St. John Southwurth and Companions. Tuesday: Bishops' Education Commission, Archbishop's House, LiverPool. 11. Wednesday: Institute for Christian Education, Tooting Bet Road, London, 11 45. Thursday: Bishops' Religious Commission, Ennismore Gardens, London, 10.30. Diocesan Social Werlire Commission. Cathedral House, Salford. 7.30, Friday: Completes visitation, St. Columba's and St. Brendan's, Bolton, 12.

B ishop Restieaus of plymouth-Frlday: Priests' meeting at Vescourt. 3.30. Sunday: Mass and visitation, 11 and confirmation 3, at Holy Cross, Plymouth. Tuesday: Priests' Meeting at St. Marychurch, 3.30.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood-Saturday: Mass and confirmation for handicapped children, at St. Thomas of Canterbury, Woodford Green, 4. Sunday: Mass and conermation, Holy Name. Chelmsford, 4. Tuesday: Visitation and confirmation. St. Thomas of Canterbury. Woodford Green. Thursday: Visitation and confirmation, St. Patrick's, Waithamstow.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. corpus Christi, Leeds, 4. Tuesday: Prize giving. Notre Dame School. Town Hall. Leeds. 7. Thursday: Consecration of altar, St. Clare's, Bradford. Presides at concelebrated Mass, Friday: Curial Offices.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster-Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St. Wultan's, Fleetwood. Thursday; Finance meeting, a.m. Holy Hour at the Shrine, Blackpool. with clergy.

Bishop Grasar of Shrewsbury-Visitation and confirmation. Christ the King. Bromborough. Monday: Visitation. Bromborotigh, Tuesday; Chapter meeting, Cathedral, Shrewsbury. Thursday: Visitation and confirmation, St. Mary's. Shrine/.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrews bury-Saturday! Opens Poynton Autumn Fair. Sunday: Mass In honour of 40 Martyrs, Waisingham.

Bishop Cunningham of Hesham and Newcastle-Sunday: Visit and confirmation. Sacred Heart, Boldon Colliery, 3.30.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Heehaw' and Newcastle-Sunday: Mass, visit and confirmation. st. Edmund's. f3ackworth, 3.30. Tuesday: Confirmation, St. Joseph's, North Shields, 7. Wednesday: Prizegiving. St. Joseph's Secondary School, Killingworth, 7.45. Thursday: Mass and confirmation, St. Cuthbert's, North Shields, 7. Saturday: Ordination to the Priesthood of Hey. J. Dunne, St. Aldan's, Willington Quay, 11.


Fr. Edgar George Hardwick, parish priest since 1949 of Coldham Cottage. Lawshall, Suffolk, aged 62. He was born at Newmarket. educated at the English College, Valladolid. Spain, and ordained in 1935. He served at Newmarket in 1935; Woodbridge 1935-36; and Norwich 1936-39.

He was Vice-Rector of the English College. Valladolid, from 1939 to 1942. when he returned to England and served at Luton. Shefford and Huntingdon before going to Coldham Cottage. He became Dean of Deanery. Bury St. Edmunds. in 1949.

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