Page 5, 22nd October 1971

22nd October 1971
Page 5
Page 5, 22nd October 1971 — Faceless ones may fear 'odious comparisons'

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Faceless ones may fear 'odious comparisons'

WHY does Fr, John Symon feel the need to overstate his case in his answer on the licitness of Latin'? Is it indeed true that "all" the well-known texts are to be found in the new Missal'!

What of the feasts eliminated in the new calendar, such as the Circumcision? What of the sequences, of which only those of Easter and Pentecost are now migatory, and that for the day alone. not the Octave?

It is a very long time since I heard the Dies tare at t Requiem {apart from those sponsored by the Latin Mass Society). Have not many of the responsories in the Graduate been changed'? Furthermore of course, for what is set down in the Missal for introit, Gradual and Coin/ motion, may now be substituted some quite different caritas congruu.v.

So even what has survived is not necessarily swing to be heard. It is true that many polyphonic settings may still he used, but it is in a ritual for which they were not designed. and in the interests of which they are freely truncated. flow much now survives of the most beautiful and 1.110V ing music composed for Holy Week?

The question to which no answer is ever given is why. in an age of liturgical pluralism, when further experiment in a so-called forward sense is postulated, only the old Roman Rite must on no account be allowed to continue. (Can it be that the faceless "theyFear odious comparisons?)

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