Page 11, 22nd September 1939

22nd September 1939
Page 11
Page 11, 22nd September 1939 — CHAPLAINS

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The following priests of the archdiocese of Birmingham, have, with permission of Mgr. T. L. Williams, Archbishop of Birmingham, accepted or volunteered for commissions as chaplains for service at home or abroad.

In alphabetical order they are:—The Rev. Cyril Bennett, Bloxwich; the Rev. Humphrey Bright, Trent Vale; the Rev. F. H. Carlese (who joined the Army some time ago and latterly has been stationed at Singapore); the Rev. W. Connick, Weston-in-Arden; the Rev. Gerard B. Flint, Wolverhampton; the Rev. David Ford, WarIey; the Rev. Samuel Gosling, Alton: the Rev. Joseph Griffin, St. Anne's, Birmingham; the Rev. Bernard Naden, Dudley Road, Birmingham (joined early in the summer); and the Rev. Brian Withers, Aston, Birmingham.

Of these, the senior ie Fr. Gosling, known widely as editor of The Rower. At the age of 56 he wears khaki again, for he is a veteran of the last war. He then joined In 1915 and had much service in France end in the East.

Mgr. Williams was himself a chaplain In the Great War and was on active service in France.


So far the following secular prieste from Westminster have been given permission to offer their services as Chap

EWS lains to His Majesty's Forces for the

duration of the war, and some of them have already taken up their appointments: duration of the war, and some of them have already taken up their appointments: The Revv. George Eldridge, Robert Toliemache. Hubert Welchman, Edward Hinsley, James Stevenson, Sidney Dommersen, Philip Deyer, Bernard McKenna, Bernard Goode, Joseph Gardner, Maurice Beckett, Vincent Driscoll, John Wright, George Barringer, Charles McMenemy, Stanislaus Savage, Peter Venables.


The following Fathers of the Society of Jesus have already been called out as Chaplains to the Forces, some of whom are actually with the troops in France: Frs. George Burns, Harold Burrows, Lewis Clifford, Patrick CuIlina.n, Bernard Farrell, Basil FitzGibbon, Lester Guilly, Clifford Howell, James Kingdon, Bernard McKenna, Henry Macklin, Richard Worseley.



The following appointments in the Archdiocese of Westminster are officially announced from Archbishop's House:

Rev. Hugh Melly from NUI1wan to Nazareth House, Hammersmith. as Chaplain.

Rev. William Dillon Doyle from Baldoek Wembley Park as Rector.

Rev. R.. Crofton Sleigh from Pt. Edmund's College to Baldork as Rector.

Rev. William Rulunan to adelwall as• charge while retaining the Port of London 5s• men'g Chaplaincy.

Rev, John Sheeran from Clerkenwell to Wembley as Rector.

Rev. Percy Graves from 'Wembley to Clerkenwell as Rector.

Rev. Charles Connor to Miliwall am Assistant. Rev. John Low, recently ordained, to Somers Town.

Rev. Bernard Bussey to Brentford es Assistant. Rev. Joseph Davey troni Brentford to Warwick St. as Assistant.

Rev. Albert Davey from Hillingdon to Uxbridge as Assistant.

Rev, Robert Bradlee, recently or southal1, to Hillingdon as Assistant.

Rev. /On Carberry to Shepherds Biota as Assistant.


The following Appointments in the Leeds Diocese are officially announced:

Very Rev. Canon T. S. Bentley, V.F., Administrator of St. Anne's Cathedral, to be parish priest m the church of Our Lady and St. Robert, Harrogate, and Rural Dean of St. Wilfrid's Deanery.

Very Rev. J. Dim, D.D., Rector of St. Joseph's demlnary, Leeds, to be Admintstrator of the Cathedral end Rural Dean of et, Anne's Deanery.

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