Page 5, 23rd April 1982

23rd April 1982
Page 5
Page 5, 23rd April 1982 — Vintage Popemobile place

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Organisations: Order
Locations: Buenos Aires, Rome


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Vintage Popemobile place

THE "POPE...MOBILE" being specially constructed by British Leyland for the Papal visit will become a vintage vehicle overnight. In fact a museum piece.

What will happen to it when the visit is over? Trust Mr Norman St. John Stevas to have the best suggestion. Surely, he points out, it would be an ideal acquisition for the Motor Museum so successfully run by Lord Montague of Beaulieu.

A good idea. But isn't it rather surprising that a new Popemobile has to be built every time the Pope goes to a different country? What has happened to previous models? Perhaps they are finding their way into the Vatican's own version of a vehicular museum which, so far, houses only carriages used by previous Pontiffs during their promenades abroad.

Picking a fight in BA

CONGRATULATIONS to the producers of The Langue of England, the official newsletter of the British Knights of Malta. It is edited and brought out by

young members of the Order with much boyish and girlish zeal.

There is hustle and bustle in all directions with articles urgently commissioned for delivery yesterday.

Some get lost in the rush but appear in due course having been hastily rewritten from memory by one of the editors.

There is, in the latest number, a very good and moving article about the annual pilgrimage to

Lourdes on which there is much as fun as well as hard work. The next one goes off in about a month's time if you're interested in applying to join. Most people are welcome.

Newsletter of note

AN ITALIAN religious, normally working in Buenos Aires, was visiting Rome last week. He told friends that many Catholics in Argentina were getting increasingly angry about the Pope's coming visit to Britain.

If the Pope does actually come, he says, some of them are threatening to stage a "token schism," whatever that may mean.

When he pointed out to them that the two countries were not actually fighting each other, they replied that in their eyes a state of war already exists. Repatriated British marines were considered "prisoners of war".

The priest, however, said that certain elements had been trying to pick a fight with the Vatican for some time and that there was nothing much to worry about.

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