Page 11, 23rd December 1938

23rd December 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 23rd December 1938 — 1,000,000. England plants her trees with pathetic slowness. It is

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1,000,000. England plants her trees with pathetic slowness. It is

still necessary to buy /50,000,000 worth of timber from abroad each year. In the last two decades the utilities of wood have been increased more than 1,000 per cent. The founder of the Men of the Trees estimates that easily 20,000 men could have work in England on national re-afforestation schemes.

RECLAMATION AND DRAINAGE OF LAND By nationally conceived plans of land reclamation and drainage Holland has added 250,000 acres of rich sc:1 to Its territory. Belgium has gained similarly 500,000 acres, Italy 1,750,000 acres. England alone in Europe has done nothing, and more than a million of her acres urgently need draining.


Neville Chamberlain in 1920 and 1922 advocated large-scale improvement in the canal system. Of course nothing has been done. It is dangerous, however, to neglect such an efficient and cheap form of transport. In France and in Germany vast canal schemes are planned. In time of war a mode of heavy goods transport which did not use up valuable stores Of oil or petrol would be appreciated.


Germany moved the imagination of Europe by building roads for motor use only: she also absorbed in work great numbers of her unemployed, heightened her prestige, and increased immeasurably the efficiency of her transport. Big road improvements in England would cumulatively cost no more than the price of transport delay. Part of the cost of new roads might be defrayed by a tax on those who profit by increased land values that new roads inevitably bring.


Planned garden cities in which people could develop a sense of community responsibility would be one Of the best alternatives to the miles of slum that still exist. Another advantage of the garden city is its tendency to check wasteful ribbon development

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