Page 12, 23rd December 1938

23rd December 1938
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Page 12, 23rd December 1938 — OBITUARY

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People: E. Lambert, J. P. Chesney Colonel Alexander Chesney, Alice Johnson, Alice Neville Vowe Johnson, Joan Saxon-Milis, C. Chad, Lawrence Soloman, M. Ryan, Maurice Healy, J. Bally Gibson, R. Oswald, Edred Corner, Oliver Chesterton, M. Ware, John Cosgrove, Eastman, Oswald Widgeon, Maurice Chesterton, Hansard Watt, Hugh Clerk, Graham, Douglas Woodruff, M. E. Langton, Cecil Roscoe, V. G. Bakewell, J. C. Dalton, P. Franklin, E. J. Macdonald, Hilaire Belloc, Malcolm Smith, John Joseph Gerrard, R. K. Beatable, P. J. Flood, Edward VII, R. Townsen, Patey Burke, Gerald Ryan, James Cornelius Dalton, Gregor Macdonald, Mies Garry , SR, Westminster, Charles Johnson, Gordon Phillips, M. Harvey, K. Fasken, G. Macdonald, Charles Preston, Hugh King, Patrick Braybrooke, Bernard Gerrard, Bennett, S. S. Macdonald, Mario John Peter Chesney, J. L. Garvin, Cecil Chesterton, G. K. Chesterton, Dorothy Collins, R. Reeves, John Gatti, Eric Gill, J. J. Gerrard, Vincent McNabb


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Bro. John Cosgrove, M.S.F.S.

The Rev. Bro, John Cosgrove, of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, died at Birmingham on Monday morning, aged twenty-two, only four months after his religious profession.

Bro. Cosgrove was admitted to the novitiate of this congregation at Hampton Hill in August, 1937, having previously completed his philosophical studies at Oscott College, Birmingham. He was professed on August 15 of this year, and in September received the Tonsure and First. Two Minor Orders.

His is the first death in the English Region of the Fransallans since definite recruiting in England and Ireland was commenced by them ten years ago, and an English novitiate and seholasticate was erected.

M. J. P. Chesney

Colonel Alexander Chesney and his wife will have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends, both in this country and in Malta. in their bereavement by the death of their younger son. Mario John Peter Chesney, formerly of the Royal Garrison Artillery, died in London of heart failure, on December 11, and was buried last Monday in St. Mary's Cemetery at Mensal Green.

Dr. Alice Johnson

A long career of valuable professional service has closed by the death of Dr Alice Neville Vowe Johnson, which occurred on December 14 at Wimbledon England, France and Germany together gave Alice Johnson her educe Lion before she made her medical studies at the London School of Medicine for Women. and at Vienna and the M.D. degree (Brussels) was taken with grande distinction in .t.900. Dr. Johnson was qualified also as F.II.C.S.I„ L.R.C.S. and P. (Edinburgh). L.S.A., and D.P.H. (Cambridge).

For a number of years Dr Johnson w assistant medical officer to Binning ham City Asylum; she had worked also at the Joint Counties Asylum al Carmarthen. She filled posts under the L.C.C. Education Department, and twenty years ago became medical officer of the " Bird in Bush " Mothers and Infants' Welfare Centre in the Old Ken(

• aoad, S.E. To that institution she gave w:wle-hearted and enthusiastic eervice unt.1 the end, Dr. Johnson was a con tributor of many notes, etc., to the medical Press.

Mr. J. C. Dalton

Mr James Cornelius Dalton who in 1935 was Mayor of Westminster, died last Sunday in Westminster Hospital, aged seventy-four. Added pathos Is lent to the event by the circumstance that Mrs Dalton, at the time of her husband's death, was lying seriously ill and could not be told of her loss.

For a long time Mr Dalton had suffered from enfeebled health, which caused him to abandon his I ublic duties Previously his career had been an active one in which he put in much good public service. During the Great War he held Captain's rank. In 1923 he was made a Justice of the Peace, and six years later a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of London. On the London County Council he represented the Abbey Ward of Westminster for upwards of ten years, as a Municipal Reformer, and on the Westminster City Council he had already done valued work as an Alderman before reaching the mayoralty.

Mr Dalton was the third Catholic to be chosen as Mayor of Westminster since the reign of Edward VII, his predecessors in that respect being the late Sir John Gatti, who was Mayor in 1911, and the Duke of Norfolk.

Major-General J. J. Gerrard

Major-General John Joseph Gerrard C.B., C.M.G., late of the Royal Army Medical Corps, died at 32, Mihser-street, S.W., on Wednesday last week as the result of an accident. He was in his seventy-second year.

The son of Mr Bernard Gerrard, of Dublin, John Joseph Gerrard was educated at the Catholic University school, at St. Augustine's, Ramsgate. and at Trinity College, Dublin. He joined the R.A.M.C. and served successively on the Indian North-West Frontier, where he was mentioned in despatches and promoted Surgeon-Major, and in the South African War.

For hie war-time services during the Great War of 1914-1918, when again he had mention in despatches, Gerrard received in 1917 the C,B., and in the following year was promoted MajorGeneral. In 1919 the further honour of the • C.M.G. was bestowed on him and he was appointed an honorary physician to the King. Later he was in Ireland, as P.M.O. for that country, during the Sinn Fein rising. In 1922 he retired. The requiem Mass preceding the burial was celebrated on Saturday last at the Brompton Oratory.

Funeral of Mrs G. K. Chesterton

The funeral of Mra G. K. Chesterton took place at Beaconsfield on Friday. The Requiem Mass was sung by Mgr. C. W. Smith, parish priest of St. Tree's

Church, assisted by Fr. Vincent

McNabb, A mong those C3.PoSe present were: Mr and Sirs Lachlan Didersbaw (brother-in-law• and sister), Mrs Cecil Chesterton (, Mr Oliver Chesterton. Mr Charles Johnson, Mr and Mrs Maurice Chesterton, Commander and tire Smith (nephew ace niece), Miss R. K. Beatable. Mr chariot Bastable, Miss Dorothy Collins (secretary), and Mr C. Chad (staff).

Dr. V. G. Bakewell, Mass Phyllb. Brendan, Mrs Bedding, Miss Patey Burke, air and Mrs Patrick Braybrooke, Dr. 14. K. Braybrocke. Lady Bennett. Mr Hilaire Belloc, Mr E. C. I3entley, Rev. Fr. A, Brennan, Miss Bucklann, Count and Countess Michael de is Bedoyere, Mrs Howley, Mr and Mrs Hugh Clerk, Mrs G N. ChUrii, Salsa M. Church, Mrs Edred Corner, Mme. De Monter:or, Mr and Mrs De Ayala (representing Sir and Mrs P. Franklin), Mrs R. Reeves, Mr iiugehe Dutton, Mr Eastman, Major K. Fasken, Dr. P. J. Flood, Captain and Mrs Fairholm, Mr and Mrs J. Bally Gibson, MI B. C. Guineas, Mr arid Mrs Eric Gill, Mrs B. .1. Grey.

Mrs J. L. Garvin, Miss Graham, Mies Garry, SR'S S. T. Greenwooe, Mrs E. N.. Henderson. Lady Heal, Mra M. ilalford, Mrs F, M. Harvey. Mr and Mrs Harvey, Mr Maurice Healy, K.C., Miss Hickey, Mr and Mrs. R, Jebb, Mrs Hugh King, Nir J. V. A. Kelley, Miss E. Lambert, Mr and Mrs R. Oswald Widgeon, Mrs De Lazy, Miss M. E. Langton, Fr. Lockyer, Miss 14cD000ell, .Wr. F. G, Murphy. Miss K. Ideates, Mr G. Macdonald, Mr S. S. Macdonald, Mist M. Malony, Mrs 5'. Mackeell, Fr. Maunse/1, MrS sason-meis, Miss Joan Saxon-Milis, (Miss Grace Saxon Mills, Mr Gregor Macdonald, Mr E. J. Macdonald (representing Westminster Catholic inquiry Burenui, Mrs Nicholl, Miss Lt. Nicholi, am Ftichiltd O'Sullivan, K.C.

Mrs Gordon Phillips (North Provincial Cross,. derrard's Cross), Mr and Mrs a S. Paynter, Mrs Charles Preston, Mrs Pepyat-Evans, Mrs M. Ryan, Mr Gerald Ryan, Mrs Cecil Roscoe (representing Writer' Club Poetry Circle), Mrs and Miss Rushton, the Rey. J Right,, the Rev W 1. Rite, hire Malcolm Smith, sisters from St. ioseph's Nursink Home, Mr and Mrs Shoe, Mt F. U. Salter. Mr Lawrence Soloman, Miss G., Shaw. the Rev Ely. ThOMpsnn (hon. sec., Fellow. ship of the Philosophical Society of England). Miss R. Townsen (representing Miss Corm. Sir 1. Walsh, Miss L. Watte, Miss M. Ware, Mr and Mrs Hansard Watt, and Mr and the Ilan. Mrs Douglas Woodruff.

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