Page 3, 23rd February 1935

23rd February 1935
Page 3
Page 3, 23rd February 1935 — GERMAN CONCORDAT BROKEN A Week of Tension

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Locations: Berlin, Munich


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TI1E past week has ‘\ anessed a number of incidents in Germany which go to show that a new outburst of anti-Catholicism is likely to break Out unless Herr Hiller can control his followers more successfully than he has done so far.

The mass demonstration in the Sportpalast in Berlin (reported elsewhere in this issue) took place without incident; but the words of Mgr. Bares, Bishop of Berlin, cannot fail to anger the anti-Catholic leaders, seeing that he practically equated the " imperialism" of Germany with a hidden Bolshevism.

In Munich -the chief centre of the religious light—the recent conflict over the Catholic schools which. it will be remembered, are not suppressed but which, it is hoped, will-be deserted through Nazi propaganda for state schools, seems to have aroused a great deal of anger.

Crave Outlook

.7eritral event of the week nab been Card lila I Fa ti it-label-6 protest to Berlin and to the Holy Sep in regard to a breach of article twenlythree of me concordat, wheli guarantees tne maintenance of Ino (hutch scnocee a.nd the right to open new rates.

Wilful and ahiiit this protest a number of ineiceeile have taken place which indicate the likelihood of graver troubles ahead.

Cardinal's Secretary Detained On Wednesday while Cardinal Feelhabor's secretary was making ins way from the episeopal palace in Munich with a portfclio of documenes, he was, it is stated, followed by a group of men who flung • insults at

When he turned and told them to behave themselves they whistled, and two uniformed S.S. guards rushed un and dragged him to polioe headquarters, where he was kept for two hours before being released. He refused to allow them to take his portfolio from him.

A telegram ot proteet has been sent to Chantellor Hitler personally, roquestiiag him to Lake steps to stop such things taking place in Munich. No reply has yet been received.

Confiscation and Threats On Tbursday all the copies of the Catholic paper The Religious Week, which c.ontainee the full text oi Cardinal Faulhaber's recent discourse against neo-pagan attaces, were &wee by the police.

In the evening of Friday an anteCatholic MIMS meeting took place in the Burgerbraukeller, Munich, Journalists present were taken to the pollee statiott and their notes colitis eeted.

Attacks were made on the Cardinal, who was eceused of trying to revive the Centre Party, and the audience responded with cities of Hang the Cardinal." Herr Bauer, the director et' schools. is reported to have said:

"We do not know why such speakers Ins the Cardinal l should not be turned

over to the secret police. The Catholics are opening a gu:f between the Church and State."

Other Inoldents

It Le not easy to obtain clear

accounte of other incidents. Fr. Rupert Mayer, a well-known Munich Jesuit, has been arrested, and released, for having been present at the above

meeting. School-learners who were engage71 in distributing Catholic sehools propaganda have been arrested and the windows of their homes broken. About fifty Nazis, some of theni in uniform, gathered rounq a Catholic: girls' school and demonstrated against the teachers, shouting: "Down with Catholicel Put them into concentration camps." The melee were obliged to interfere.

According to the Katholisches Kirclienblatt, the Green Neeek Exhibition in Berlin, for agricultural propaganda, is being used as a rueene or anti-Cadvelie propaganda.

Agricultural Pioneers Ignored

The exhibition hue not, only odiumoia Led Christianity in so far as It has ignored the pioneer work of monks and monasteries for agriculture and the land, but has mere directly attacked the Church and good morality. l-liory has been destorted. Fur example, the people are being told that offerings for the repose of souks have caused the loes of economic independence of many German land-Workers and their fall into the clutches of usury. The Gerliean peasants' kalendar is part and parcel of the same propaganda.

What the "Osservators" Says

The incidents in Mu1iti and the increased neo-paga.n propaganda in Germany have caused the OSserVatore &MUM° to comment at length: "Cardinal Faulliabers discouree.." it writes, "on the occasion of the annilersary of the Pope's Coronation, has given rise ie opposed comments. Some speak of ii as anathema, and others as a warning. It is certain that It constitutes a new phase in the defence of Christianity in Germany against the new heathenism with which books, propaganda, speeches, kalendars, universities, and schools are full.

" ()net\ again the great 1,_lileshop it in the front rank. The alarm n sounded at the beginning of the second term of the school year finds him at his post He has once again proclaimed the inviolability of religious liberties : the liberty to practise religion, to preach it, to defend it, the liberty to educate youth in its principles."

Blasphemies, Not Discussions The Osse.rvatore then draws attention to the heathen organ Reichswart iii which an article on the Christian priesthood appears wherein the education given to seminarists is stated not to be based on scientific principles : it eseerts that out of seven hundred Catholic priests known to the writee SO per cent. are entirely unhappy.

The Osserinttore goes on to give examples of German propaganda against the church schools, and sums up the nature of all these attacks : "It would appear that the Nibelung clouds are obscuring the

horizon and hiding that clear tight

of Christianity which is so wonderfully reflected in the clean-cut

Words of the Archbishep of Munich, These are not discussiens, they are blasphemies. . . . Systematic blasphemy, daily insult, the threat of ostracism -these are not methods of discussion, they are violations of public law."

Protest From the Holy sea

It is reported that the Holy See has male representations to Am Retell government concerning the dreentnen of Cardinal Faulhabez's secretary.

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