Page 2, 23rd February 1945

23rd February 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 23rd February 1945 — PRIESTS' HOUSEKEEPERS

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Page 2 from 23rd March 1945


SIR,---1 read the letter on priests' housekeepers by "Nous Verrons " in your issue of February 9 with curious interest. And having read it, the words sprang to my lips: How easy it is to criticise!

As a priest, who for 30 years now has been under the care of various priests' housekeepers, may I offer a few observations in my maturer years?

After all that time I am lost in wondering admiration at these saintly and self-denying women.

Think of the multiple qualities needed to make a good housekeeper for a priest. She must be a good Catholic, good above the average; and this I have always found them. She must be clean and spruce; a good cook ; patient and sympathetic with the priest; ungrudging in service throughout abnormally long hours, With the people, she muse be friendly but not too familiar. Answering the door-a most difficult and essential part of hcr peculiar work-she must display the utmost patience, discretion and judgment, dealing as she does with a wide variety of callers, front the " superior " lady to the most cunning beggar. One mistake in reception and the greatest spiritual harm may result.

And as if this were not enough, the priest is often dependent on-the housekeeper for the efficient maintenance of the church; altar decoration; clean linen; church supplies and a hundred kindred needs.

In a religious house these duties are shared by many, but with a single priest the one woman does them all.

So-I take my hat off to the priests' housekeeper. When the Last Day comes may my chance of Heaven be as good as hers!



Si,-Apropos Fr. O'Briert's ilium. mating letter concerning Bishop Fellinger's death in 1940, may I enquire if it is a fact that Sir Charles Naunton Paston Cooper. and Archbishop Caruana. of Malta. are really still alive, as stated in the 1945 Catholic Director'', on pages 63 and 69?

Wroow o Mai.

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