Page 2, 23rd February 1945

23rd February 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 23rd February 1945 — Some Comments on Crimea

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Organisations: C.I.D.
Locations: Moscow


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Some Comments on Crimea

Sie,-A conference of the Big Three designed to further the cause of Perpetual World Peace which recently took place in the vicinity of the Nile Delta, has. by some mishap. failed to receive the acclaim and attention of the press and radio which is its due. Among the agenda was one tabled by the Prime Minister of Great Britain which proposed the annexation by the United Kingdom of Britanny and Normandy, which territories he designated for the sake of convenience-and for no other reason-as the " Lenin Littoral."

Mr. Churchill urged that the linguistic afhnitics common to the inhabitants of Western Britain and of Britanny and also the title by succession to the lands of William of Normandy fully justified the claim he made on behalf of Great Britain. Indeed, in anticipation of the enthusiastic agreement on this point of Marshal Stalin and the President of the U,S,A., he had already arranged for the despatch of a large number of Baptist pastors, escorted by suitable and picked members of the C.I.D., to the Lenin Littoral with a view to the introduction therein of the philosophy, religion, and culture of the Welsh people. Eistedfods were now being organised on a wholesale scale and these measures would indubitably contribute to the harmony of the inhabitants of the newly-acquired territory.

Marshal Stalin warmly seconded the proposal on the grounds that possession of the Littoral was indispensable to the security of Great Britain if and when a totally disarmed Germany recommenced her submarine warfare against Britain's seaborne commerce. Marshal Stalin then piously breathed a prayer to a non-existent God that non-existent submarines might never engage in these activities under the flag of a non-existent German Reich.

Marshal Stalin then pointed out with penetrating logic that as Great Britain had liberated the Lenin Littoral, she was justly entitled to annex them.

Mr. Roosevelt took little part in the discussion beyond some petulant reference to an undertaking called an Atlantic Charter. He wither& his opposition when it was pointed out to him that the Lenin Littoral was washed by the Atlantic. However, he persuaded his two colleagues that it would be proper for France to retain sovereignty over the islands of Llshant 'and Belle Isle. so long as the Republic maintained the lighthouses and so long as the Republic was governed by a government nominated by Great Britain and in sympathy with the cultural traditions of the Welsh people.


1, Kingsnorth Gardens, Folkestone.

Sta,-An old philosophical utterance "Where there is no vision the people perish " is demonstrated by the results of the Yalta Conference. I can well remember the horrors of the last "Peace's Conference, and I have no hesitation in saying that this Conference is devoid of any vision. Three old men who have the shaping of the new' world of peace failed to learn the lessons of the last war. " Reparations in kind from Germany "-was one of the keystones of the Conference, as It was after the 1918 Conference, and the results of those reparations were that our miners were walking about unemployed whilst free German coal was being sent to our markets in France and Belgium and as a result we lost our coal exports. German ships were handed over to England as reparations, and our shipyards were closed and dismantled. Toys, hardware, domestic utensils, furniture, machinery and other goods were all sent as reparations, and the price we paid, well, just 3.000.000 unemployed. For that piece of folly Mr. Lloyd George is now retiring with a peerage in token of his " vision " for the

people. '

"Germany must help to rebuild Europe " is another item. What with ? -German steel, German coal, German timber, and other materials? What becomes of your export trade in steel and coal? Is this what is meant by " Social Security!"

" Germany must be split up " item No. 3. The partition of Europe after the last war was the Charter for this war, and I venture to prophesy that another war will be here in less than 20 years. because one man who want to Yalta knew what he wanted and was given 99 per cent. of his demands by


55, Friary Road, Peckham, S.E.I5.

Ste.-I will refrain from expressing any comments on the Yalta Conference, but notice in the Daily Sketch of the 14th inst. a report of a conversatiod between this newspaper's Moscow correspondent, Mr. Werth, and a Russian member of the Soviet Delegation at this Conference, who is reported as saying: " We are resolved that the Poles are not going to cause friction, still less a breach. between us. They have got to recognise their responsibilities. . . . They owe their existence to us and must act accordingly." This news mutt come as a surprise to the majority of the Polish nation, who, no doubt erroneously, thought hitherto that they owed their existence to Almighty God.


56, Globe Place, Chelsea, S.W.3.

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