Page 2, 23rd February 1945

23rd February 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 23rd February 1945 — VIGILANCE COMMITTEES

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People: McElligott
Locations: Lancaster


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Keywords: Religion / Belief

SIR,-.1 would go further than My old friend Dr. McElligott and say that not only is a renewal of the activities of the Guild of SS. Luke, Cowes and Damian overdue but that a much more comprehensive organisation, representative of Christian voters in all walks of life. is an urgent necessity, if we hope to preserve any considerable part of the age-old heritage of Western civilisation and traditional Christian way of life.

Events are feet hastening in Europe to a climax. International bargains arc struck in international secret session. apparently with nothing to recommend them but the false plea (made afterwards) that they wete the only agreements expedient. The whole structure of European life is to be cast into the melting pot with (as far as one can discern) the possibility of dire, :incalcoleble effects on the lives of the living end the yet unborn.

In our own British Isles we are moving fast towards a dictatorial form' of administration, which hids to engulf the lives of free men in a rising tide of bureaucratic control. energised by a philosophy and political theory opposed to the Christian way of life. Our very lives are being mortgaged in secret.

This is not exaggeration. It is not undue pessimism. It is a quite legitimate deduction from past and recent events; and the recent happenings in Greece have shown how dangerously large has grown the numbers of our fellow-citizens, whose minds have been influenced by dangerous press propaganda and false political theories. Even the hitherto sane and solid representatives of our notional press seem to be inoculated with the virus of antidemocracy and (camouflaged) totalitarianism.

Yet Christian opinion has been (with the exception of our Catholic press) inarticulate and acquiescent.

I suggest that it is a Matter of urgency that there be formed in every locality, against the next elections, branches of a movement which could be characterised as a Christian Voters Vigilance Movement, which will study carefully proposed legislation, interview or question prospective candidates and be prepered to act at the polls where full assurances and undertakings are not given. Doctors in each locality could he members with a special cornmittee of their own to deal in their particular sphere. Their action would re-enforce and be re-enforced by the strength and numbers of the greater body of which they were a part.

I submit that the formation of such a body it one of extreme and vital [agency.

I trust your readers will take this

matter up seriously. For my own part, I would pledge my activities to such an organisation, if it can be formed. That It is necessary is undoubted; for the older political alignments scent unwilling to stem the trend to the submergence of the individual and the disregard of all the moral and Christian values upon which the civilisation of Europe has hitherto itood. We have stood too long supine. This is a time for action, if perhaps not already too late.

Such is my call. -What (if any) is to be the response?

W. J. .GRANT Sidney House, Shrewsbury.

IThe suggestion for a more effective civic Christian organisation has. constantly been made and discussed In our columns. The Bishop of Lancaster is proposing concrete steps' in Iris diocese, and we hope that his initiative will rapidly spread.-Eormn,

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