Page 6, 23rd February 1945

23rd February 1945
Page 6
Page 6, 23rd February 1945 — News from Abroad The services of more than 7,000 memoers

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Organisations: Charity of St. Vincent


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News from Abroad The services of more than 7,000 memoers

of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in France and that religious congregation's 800 wellequipped welfare and relief centres have been made available to War Relief Services—National Catholic Welfare Conference for the purpose of carrying out its programme of relict for victims of war in that country. This will give the Catholic war-time relief agency one of the largest and best-trained staffs of experienced charitable workers andsome of the most modern hospital equipment and facilities to he found in France.

Eire Joseph Marechal, who has died at Louvain at the age of 66, was for many years professor of philosophy at

the Jesuit Seminary in that city. He was the author of a number of philosophical works, including a volume on the psychology of mystics and the fivevolume Point of Departure of MetaphysirA. His Summary of the History of Modern Philosophy received the decennial award.

Franz Schubert's famous song. " Great is Jehovah the Master," was changed by the Nazi radio network into " Great is the Master, is the Master," during a special broadcast dedicated to Schubert's songs. and music, the Swiss Basler National Zeitung has reported. " Four times the soprano sang the line purged of Jehovah," the Swiss paper said, adding that it was quite apparent that while Schubert as such was " all right wirti the German radio, Jehovah is not."

A strong protest against the " unfettered violence of hatred and the pagan horrors of race ostracism " is contained in a Lenten Pastoral by Cardinal Gertier, Archbishdp of Lyons. Condemning the " deplorable attacks made on the sacred rights of the human individual," the Cardinal expresses the hope that social justice will he established by the various reforms now being planned to improve the condition of the workers. " To rebuild France we must first restore national unity," he adds.

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