Page 9, 23rd February 1962

23rd February 1962
Page 9
Page 9, 23rd February 1962 — EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS

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Archbishop Grim:hew of BInnincham.Sunday: Confirmation and Pontifical Renediction, Our I ady of Lourdes, Yardley Wood, Birmingham, 3 p.m. Tuesday: Attends priest's Day of Recollection, St. Gabriel's, 10. Albert Rotal. llarborne. Birmingham. 11.30 a m. Friday (Match 21: Pontifical High Mass. St. Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, 11 a.m. Archbishop H omen of Liverpool. Sunday: OrdinationS at Upholland College. The Archbishop leases for Rome on Friday (March 2). Archbishop Elam Bishop of Portsmouth.Sunday: Confirmation and Pontifical BerledIction. Si.Joseph's, Southampton, 1 p.m. Thursday: Consecration of new chapel and high altar fnilowed by .Solemn Pontifical Mass, Training College of the Inimaculate Conception. Southampton, 11 am, Bishop Parker or Northampton. Sunday: V isitiation, II a me Confirmation, Bishop Ellis of eiontnitieen.-Tucaday: Attends Bufict Luncheon at Shire Hall, Nottingham. Friday (March 2): Allende annual general meeting of the Nottingham Central Dispensary. 12 noon. Sunday (March 4); Visitation and Confirmation, St. Mary's, sewn Green. Nottingham.

Bishop Petit of Menevia, Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Rhyl. Monday: Attends Catholic Society function, Bangor.

Bishop Beck of SalfordTomorrow !Saturday): Attends K.S.C. Annual ihnner. Belle Vile. 6.10 p.m. Sunday: Visitation. Holy Name, Manchester, II aim; Confirmation, Holy Name, Manchester, 3 p.m. Tuesday: Confirmation, Holy Name. Manchester, 7 p.m, Wednesdase Preaides Si Meeting of Diocesan finance Board, 10.45 a.m.; Presides At Meeting of Governors. nf St. Bede's College. 5.4.5 p.m. Thursday: Presides at Meeting of Rescue Society at Didsbury, 11 a.m.: Presides at Prize-giving at St. Mery's Secondary School, Samba Bridge. 7.15 P rn

Bishop Brunner of Middlesbrough.Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation, Se Mary's. Hull.

Bishop Dwyer of Leeds. Sunday: Confirmation, Sr. loStlah's. Castielord and St. Edmund's, Airedale. Monday: Meeting of Diocesan Schools Commission. Curial Office, 2.30 p.m.: Attends University Catholic Society's Denict. if p.m. Tuesday: Visits sick and schools, Wheatley Hill, Doncaster, and Sr. Paul's, Cawley, Doncaster. Wednesday: Addregses Law Society. Leeds, 7,30 pen, Bishop Rodderhans of Clifton.Sunday: Confirmation, Si. Osmund's. Salisbury. 3.30 nem Monday: Blesses and formally opens new church of onr Holy Redeemer at Bishopdown, Salisbury, and ceichretes Low Mass. 6.30 p.m. Thursday; Visitation at Nazareth House. Cheltenham, Bishop Reale:ins of Plymouth.-Sun day: Confirmation and visitation. St. Joseph's, Weymouth. 3 p.m. Thursday: Attends silver iiibike cckbrations of Rev. 1. Elwell, C. Foley and T. O'Leary, with High Mass in Sacred Heart Church. Exeter, 11.30 a.m.

Bishop Wall of Brentwand.-Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation, Upton Park, 7 en'. Saturday (March 3); Attends Annual K.S.C. Provincial Dinner. Chelmsford, Bishop Cunningham of Hesham and Newcasille.---Sundav: Visitation and Confirmation. St. 13ede's, South Shields. 6 p.m. Thursday: Blesses and opens new church of St Augustine. Learn Lane Latate, Felling, II a.m. Friday (March 21: Solemn Pontifical Requiem Mass on anniversary of death of late Bishop MeCortnack, 11.15 a.m.


Westioinster.-The Mass will be said on Sunday at St. George's Hall, Ashwell, 0.30 a.m.; The women's Institute Hall, Bartway. 10 a.m.: The North mimms Memorial HMI, Welham Green, 6 p.m, Brealwood.-Mase will be said on Sunday at the Womene Institut. Thorpele-Soken, S . 30 a.m.: Valerie Hall. Gent Bentley. ; the Village Library, Alphainstone, 8.4s an,.:ficirhamp Walter, 10.15 amt. Next Sunday the Mission wilt vise Pilgrim's Hatch, Dunton Park Caravan Site, Great Waktring and Foulness Island. Mienevia. This week Fr. Daniel will visit Glum Conway, Rnwen and nalkyn. Fr. Agnellus will visit Manermon, Ciacain

and Llanreadr.

Menevia. 7 his week Fr. Riordan. C.SS.R.,wilt visit Marioes: Fr, Manure C.SS.R.„ will visit Llanwried Wells and Neweuay; Fr. Stevens. CeSS.R., will visit Llanfaircaereinion, lansamffrald And I lanymyneeh. Northampton. '-Mass will be said on Sunday at The 'Maze Institute, Woolpit, Suffolk. Next week the Mission will visit the following areas: Upwell, Norfolk, and Eye, Northants. Nottingham. Mass Will be earl on Sunday ai K1111011171,9.30 a.m.; Anitscreate. IIa.m.: Burton Joyce, 6 p.m. During the week Fr. O'Sullivan, SA..1., will vise tintteslord, Eastwell, and Upprighatn, Nottingham.-Mass WI be said on Sunday at Stiekney. 8 a.m.; Ruskinetom 11 • Woodbeck. 8 p.m. Theing the week E r. Nicholson. S.C.J., will viilt Stuion-onTrent, Coningham and Graiuthorrse. Plymoutig-fir. Scan Mason, M.S.F.S.. will say Mass on Sunday at Southbrook Cottage, Rockbeare, 9.30 a.m.: 9 Council Houses. Wilmington, 11 a.m.; Tindel Hall, Beeminster, 6.30 mei. Fr. Mason's address is: 41 South Street, South Motion. Devon. (Tel.; Smith Motion 407.) Southwark.--Mass will he said this Sundny at Santahuret (The OM House). 5.30 a.m.; Grafty Green (Village Halle 5.30 a.m.; Rethersden (Village Hall), 10.30 • Hadlow (Village Hall), It p.m. R.A.F. chaplains Fr. James McKeown. assistant principal chaplain of Far East Air Force Command at Singapore, has been appointed to H.Q. Flying Training Command, Shinfield Park. Reading Berks., as assistant principal chaplain. Fr. Michael O'Brien. who has been chaplain at Watton RAP, Station. Norrolk, has been appointed asemant principal chaplain Far East Air Force at Singapore.

DOMINICANS of the Northern French Province who have served a parish in Copenhagen for the past 10 yea's have now opened Denmark's first Dominican Priory S ince the Reformation. The Priory, whis is part of St. Andrew's German Jesuit College, is also to be the residence of the Dominican Provincial for Scandinavia. rrillS church in Shepherds Rush, 1 West London, was formerly a Presbyterian church. It has been bought by the Polish Catholic Mission for England and Wales and named after St. Andrew Bobola, a Polish Jesuit who was martyred in East Poland by Cossacks In the 17th century. Today it is serving thousands of Poles in and around London, with five masses every Sunday.

It was purchased for £10,000, but an additional £23,000 has been spent on re-designing the whole of the interior. The re-designing work has been carried out by Mr. A. Klecki. a Polish architect working with Mr. Frederick Gibberd, architect of Liverpool's new Metropolitan Cathedral.

A feature of the church is an aluminium figure of Christ suspended behind the High Altar. Stations of the Cross have also been designed in aluminium. New seating for 430 has been installed.

APPOINTMENTS Nottingham.-The following assistant

priests have been appointed: Fr. Alan I.ynn to St. Philip Nen, Mansfield: Fr. John Maher to St. Josenh'e, Derby. Leeds.-The following parish priests have been RODLOOled: Er. P. Sreenan to Christ the King, Rossington; Fr. M. Killeen to St Boniface, High Bentham: Fr. B. O'Reilly in Sacred Wert, Goldthorpe: Fr. J. Blanchfielti to St. Thomas of Canterbury. Helelen Bridge; Er. B. McCabe to English Martyrs, Askant Fre E. Geaney to Our 'Lady of Perpetual Succour, Bentley. The following assistant priests have been appointed: Fr. P. Moran to St. Clare's, Bradford: Fr, E. McSweeney to Se Josrpli's, HunSlet, Leeds; I.r, J. lumblin tu St. Augustine's, Leeds: Fr. I.. Waller to St. Joseph's, Kendray. Barnsley; Fr. P. Weed to St. Peter's, Doncaster.


English College, Rome. On Sunday February Hi, Cardinal Godfrey conferred the Priesthood on the following: Er. Michael St. Aubyn (Westminster), Fr. Michael Cooley (Southwerk). Fr. Patrick

Kelly (Lancaster). He co s:1,1 nfer' the sub.

diaconatc on the Revs'. Hugh Budd (Brentwood), Rryan Chestle (Southwerk).

AFTER 35 YEARS as priest-incharge of St. Piran's parish, Truro, Cornwall, Fr. John Jeffrey, C.R.L. has retired. aged 84.

To raise funds for the support and education in England of 94 Polish D.P. children from Ger(nany and Austria, the Polish Educational Society in London is holding a Soiree Dansante next Sunday (March 4) at "The Society". 40 Jcrmyn Street, S.W.I. (Evenioe dress. tickets 1 gn.)

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