Page 3, 23rd January 1948

23rd January 1948
Page 3
Page 3, 23rd January 1948 — CArHOLTC NOTEBOOK

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Locations: Nottingham, London


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NOTTINGHAM CO-OP IHEAR that, since my last remarks on the Nottingham Co-operative Society's £100 which is invested in the People's Press Printing Society, who publish the Daily Worker, an attempt has been made to increase the investment.

At last week's quarterly meeting a resolution was put forward proposing that the investments should not be withdrawn but increased from £100 to £200.

After a lively debate, the resolution was defeated by 149 votes to 89. The figures show that over a third of the total votes cast, were for the increase.

I wonder what the Catholics of Nottingham are going to do about this. Although I hear that the money invested has been withdrawn, it shows a complete absence of interest. in the past, in the affairs of the Co-op which has many Catholic members. A person who attended the meeting told me it was a close thing, arid the only active people there were the Communists. When will we learn? Shall we ever learn? I don't think so if we remain as inactive as we are to-day.

GUINNESS AGAIN PLENTY of people were worried z about the unofficial strike at the Guinness factory, at Park Royal in London, when over 800 workers struck over non-union workers.

Most, however, were not concerned about the justice or injustice of the strike-their Guinness supply was in danger, and even the workers failed to get their daily ration.

It is interesting to note that this is the first ever strike at this particular factory, which I believe has been going for nearly 200 years. My only comment, about the strike, is that the non-unionists quickly joined the union. I think the method employed was quite unjust, even if some think the principle right.


I MUST comment on remarks made

by a columnist of a paper in Bonnie Scotland. He states that some Catholics are inclined to go gently with their treatment of Communists, and that they argue justice and charity forbid us to think evil of our fellow men when there is a possibility that they may be honestly misguided.

Our friend from Scotland goes on to say that it is true there may be some rank and file members of the Communist Party who suffer from nothing worse than hallucinations. He then advocates that the men at the top of the Communist Party who create the hallucinations, should have the masks torn from their faces.

To my mind the mask has already been torn, and the only fault lies in many Christians, who keep tearing masks weekly, without offering Christianity. What our friend from across the Border fails to realise, is that in applying justice and charity, one is not always gentle. If he reads the Gospels, he would find that out.

The trouble with most of us, is the fact that we get conceited about our faith, because we knr it to be the Truth, and fail miserably in applying this Truth to the outside world. Our faith was not meant to be kept to oneself, even the Communist is a son of God, and is therefore entitled to share in His happiness. Shouting " Boo! " to the Red is like banging your head (against a brick wall). It just won't do.

LOW WAGES THE many replies to my invitation to readers to send roe particulars of what they consider to be low wages has created a problem, that of answering them all. I will try to within the next few weeks, and in the meantime will publish a few sample wage packets. There seems to be a lot of shady, miserly and unjust employers about still

Who said that there was no need for trade unions? After reading some of the letters, I am convinced that they are essential, if the worker is to be protected.

Yet profits still soar to new heights. One tobacco company made a million more last year than the year before, But the 20 packet still cost me 3s. 4d. Now if the workers got a share in that profit, well . . . ?


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