Page 6, 23rd January 1948

23rd January 1948
Page 6
Page 6, 23rd January 1948 — . . Family Matters

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. . Family Matters

I by 1 Philomena

Overheard at a Party:

FLDERLY Lady: It's a Third Order that's wanted. Bright Young Thing: Yes, rather. Franciscan. They could wear cords and sandals.

E. L. (ignoring the flippancy): It's a vocation just as much as teaching or nursing. B. Y.T.: For women?

E. L. (dogmatically): Men and women. Married couples for choice, B. Y. T.: Oh yes, and the man could .

My hostess drifted up to me then and though I felt one ear reach out. to catch what the man was to do, the other was so occupied in taking in what Mrs. E. was saying that all I could catch was the isolated word "pullets." But I knew the Bright Young Thing slightly and arranged to leave 'when she did.

" Do tell me," I begged, " what the new Third Order is for and where the pullets come in 7"

" Oh, that . . ." She waved a handbag airily. " Just Mrs, C's idea for country priests. Apparently they have difficulty in getting housekeepers and she thinks it ought to be a vocation to look after them. Married couples, you know, the wife to see to the house and the man to do the outside work and be sacristan. I suggested he should keep poultry in his spare time. Not a bad idea, really."

She jumped on a bus and was gone, and I was left turning over the idea in my mind. It certainly wasn't a bad idea and I knew one or two country priests who could do with a reliable couple to look after them. I wonder if the Elderly Lady's notion will catch on ? She seems to be going around talking about it.

Raincoat Into Shorts!

MANY thanks to Mrs. B. (of Winchrnore Hill) for the following hint: "Last summer my boy needed shorts for camp for rough wear. I had an old raincoat. which made two pairs of shorts. I put pockets in but no front fastenings, and elastic at the waist. They were acclaimed as comfortable and did away with the belt which is not really good for young tummies."

Thanks to her also for the beautifully drawn diagram, and instructions as to 'how to make felt slippers. These have been sent direct to a reader who wrote and asked for them.


OD again ? Is that all he could give you ? Never mind. Make a mustard sauce to serve with it as they do in Denmark, and steam the cod, don't boil it. You can make the sauce with half a cupful of milk and half of water; mix a tablespoonful "of flour to a smooth paste with some • of the milk and water and put the rest into a saucepan to heat. Add a teaspoonful of made mustard and a dash of vinegar to the paste. working it well in. Pour your boiling milk and water on to this, stirring slowly to avoid lumping; then return the whole mixture to the saucepan and stir briskly, boiling till it thickens. Some people like a pinch of pepper in this sauce but personally I prefer it without, It is good with herrings, as well as for cheering up the cod.

Plastic Ear-rings

IN a letter from Spain recently a young friend wrote:

"I'm going to have my ears pierced—and by a nun I I've always wanted to have them done but my people at home laughed at me." Well, I've not heard how the piercing went off, nor what she found to wear in her ears, but when she gets home again she will be able to go in for these new plastic earrings that are the latest thing for up-swept coiffures. Arid you can get them in all colours, shapes and sizes, They really are rather attractive.

" Gone All Furry,'

SAW a small girl the other day trying to bend down

and lick the end of a shoe lace that had lost its tip and had, as she said, gone all furry " at the end. Remembering my own exasperation, as a child, when those metal tips came off the laces of my gym shoes, and the hopeless feeling of trying to push splayed-out ends through holes suddenly become much too small for them, I rushed to the rescue with a box of matches and some sealing-wax. Try it the next time you are in similar straits. Just a stroke of hot sealing-wax on the tip of the lace, moulded quickly with moistened finger and thumb to a point. And of course for added gaiety, you can vary your colours. There is a good sealing-wax back in the shops again now I am thankful to say.

Let Them Have Their Sleep Out!

FROM a nun in a South of England Convent comes the following, in a letter: "During Midnight Mass a Tortoiseshell butterfly was walking about the Sanctuary. I prayed so hard no one would step on him, and afterwards I put him in the Crib." (What an agonizing distraction it must have been!) And this morning I read in my daily paper that a peacock butterfly has been caught in the snow near Cheadle. In both cases I expect the poor creatures' hibernation had been interrupted in some way. Do be on the look-out for them in cupboards and behind curtains etc., and try to safeguard their winter sleep if it is possible.

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