Page 12, 23rd July 1937

23rd July 1937
Page 12
Page 12, 23rd July 1937 — THE LEGION OF MARY Progress In Many Lands

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THE LEGION OF MARY Progress In Many Lands

A special blessing was bestowed by the Pope on the three hundred delegates from all parts of Ireland, at a national conference of the Legion of Mary, by His Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Paschal Robinson, O.F.M. The conference was held at Killarney on the occasion of the recent C.T.S. Conference. Besides the Nuncio there were present the Archbishop of Cashel and the Bishop of Kerry, who addressed the meeting and praised the magnificent work which the Legion was doing in Killarney and throughout the diocese. An address on the work was given by Mr. Frank Duff, of the Concilium of the Legion in Dublin.

China Makes a Start

News has reached the headquarters of the establishment of the first branch of the organisation in China, in the Cathedral parish of Hanyang, with Fr. Hogan, the administrator, as spiritual director. The branch consists of thirteen native men, who will work through the Christian population with the object of stimulating attendance at Sunday Mass. The Legion prayers have been translated into Chinese by the native Bishop of Nanking.

Expansion in Canada

Continued progress in Canada is reported by Miss Mary Duffy, the Legion's envoy in that country. The Archbishop of Regina was written a warm letter of approbation of the movement, in which he says: " I feel that the Legion of Mary is providentially sent to us at this time when so many very active agencies are working in the rank and file of our people to undermine their faith. I wish to make it known that our priests and myself are very happy and grateful for the work that the Legion of Mary is doing in our city. and that we look forward to extending its influence in our smaller towns during the coming summer." Part of the Archbishop of Ottawa's programme for Catholic Action is to have the Legion established in every parish of his archdiocese.

Work in Africa From Nairobi Miss Edel Quinn, who recently went out to East Africa to establish the organisation there. at the special request of the Vicar-Apostolic of Zanzibar, writes telling of the starting of fifteen branches and two Curiae in and around Nairobi. The language difficulty was the first obstacle to be overcome, as the various tribes have each its own. Arrangements have been made for the printing of the Legion prayers in Kiswahili and Kukuyu. At the ceremony of the Acies held .at Nairobi on the feast of the Annunciation, about a hundred members, belonging to six branches, were present.

Legion activities in Nigeria, also, are being daily extended. The idea of auxiliary membership appeals greatly to the native population, and this has been the means of introducing the family Rosary into many districts.

Ceylon, India, the Antipodes The Legion has also been established recently in Ceylon, through the good offices of a priest who in his student days

met Mr. Duff in Rome. It has been at work in various parts of India for several years. From there the encouraging report comes that about thirty per cent. of the Legionaries are Indian women, who are of great assistance in the various activities.

The Archbishop of Melbourne has requested the Legion to make plans for the opening of a hostel in that city for stranded women. A new type of Legion work has been undertaken in New Zealand, according to a report recently received from there, namely the conducting of correspondence courses in Christian doctrine. Contact has already been made with 458 families in rural areas.

In England and Wales

The extension of the organisation in England and Wales is continuous. In the Manchester area, for example, the number of branches has increased from twelve to forty-three in less than a year. Twenty new branches were formed in the Liverpool archdiocese during the first six months of this year. New Curiae have been established at Middlesbrough and at Wolverhampton, and another is about to be set up at Blackburn.

Extension work shows good progress throughout the country, especially in London, Sheffield, Nottingham and Newcastle. Among recent foundations may be mentioned five branches in the diocese of Shrewsbury and four in the diocese of Menevia, all of which are now engaged in active work. Like progress is reported in Scotland, where a new Senatus (National Council) held its first meeting on June 22.

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