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23rd July 1954
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'Catholic Herald' Staff Reporter

THE clouds were still lowering after one of this summer's wettest days, but the rain held off—and so, in the garden-like sanctuary In the grounds of Aylesford Carmelite Priory on Sunday morning we saw the first ordination in the open air in tngland, the first too since the Reformation in the restored shrine of Our Lady and St. Simon Stock.

Determined to get to Lourdes during Our Lady's Year, 32 members and friends of St. Bonaventure's parish. Welwyn Garden City, set off next week on what must be one of the cheapest pilgrimages yet planned by air.

After nine months of hard work— including the use of 400 postage stamps by the organtsers—a plane has been chartered, hotel accommodation arranged, insurances, currency and all the many details sorted out, and at an inclusive cost of £21 for each person.

Accompanied by their parish priest, Fr. A. M. Cuming, Fr. G. C. Davey, of Knehworth, and Fr. A. H. Davey, of Garston, the pilgrims will leave on Monday and spend four days in Lourdes.

Evening Mass for West End hotel workers

Cardinal Griffin has given permission for evening Mass on Sundays at the Church of the Assumption in Warwick Street, near Piccadilly Circus, for a trial period of six months. The time at present fixed is 4 p.m.

The main reason for this Mass is to enable staffs of hotels and restaurants to fulfil their Sunday obligation.

As stated last week, the Cardinal has also given permission for Sunday evening Mass in St. Peter's Italian Church, Clerkenwell. by Hatton Garden. The first Mass will be celebrated at 7 Sunday.

Germany's envoy at Vatican

Germany's first post-war Ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Wolgang Jaenicke, was received by the Holy Father last week for the presentation of his credential letters.

Dr. Jaenicke, a Protestant, was retired from the diplomatic service when Hitler came to power. Until recently he was Ambassador to Pakistan.

He is the eighth ambassador received by the Holy Father in a few days. All were appointed during the Popes illness.

New Irish Bishop

The Pope has appointed Fr. Joseph Scanlan, formerly of Cork and now a parish priest in San Francisco, to he titular Bishop of Cene. and Auxiliary to Bishop Sweeny of Honolulu.

Pools of blue were widening in the sky over Kent when Bishop Cowderoy of Southwark came in procession from the Priory to celebrate the ordination Mass at the canopied altar under the immense copper beech tree.

All around, standing or sitting on the lawns and under the trees— where the Church of Our Lady's Assumption is to rise over the remains of the old—or perched on the walls above the River Medway, were thousands of people, a colourful congregation of family gatherings under the Papal flag flying in a high wind from the roof of the ancient gatehouse.

The last step

Hundreds had red booklets in their hands—"The Rite of Ordination of a Priest"—but all were able to follow every detail of the ceremony from a commentary given over the loudspeakers by the Bishop's secretary at the altar and at the throne.

We saw the seven deacons come in procession to this historic ceremony—two Carmelites, four young, bearded Capuchin Franciscans and one secular—in their white albs, each carrying a folded chasuble over his left arm and a candle in his right hand, and stand facing the altar while the Bishop vested at the throne.

'As all on a ship.

Soon after the Epistle the voice of the Archdeacon, the Prior of Aylesford, Fr. Malachy Lynch, was heard summoning the ordinands by name to take their last step towards the priesthood : John McCarthy, from Ushaw College. Durham. the 21st priest to he ordained by Bishop Cowderoy this year for the Southwark diocese; Brocard Sewell and Matthew Sprouffski. the first Carmelites of the ancient observance to be ordained in this country since the Reformation; John Davies, Bruno Rowswell, Benedict Bryning and Raymond Hewlett, 0. F.M.Ca p,

One by one they came forward and knelt before the Bishop seated at the faldstool in front of the altar.

Clearly, all over the grounds, came the Bishop's voice, in Latin, speaking that last charge and warning to the clergy and people : "As all on a ship, both captain and passengers, have the same reasons for confidence or for fear, they should act together with one mind, seeing that their interests are the same. The Fathers therefore decreed with reason that the people should be consulted in the election of those, who are to minister at the altar . . • "If, then, any one has aught to their prejudice, for God's sake and Continued on page 6

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