Page 10, 23rd June 1995

23rd June 1995
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Page 10, 23rd June 1995 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Cardinal Basil Hume (Westminster): Sun: Blessed Sacrament Procession, Wapping, 5pm. Mon. V, M and Consecration, Lustock Hall. Tuc: M, Bless New Nursery, Leyland. Thu: Cathedral Centenary Foundation M I 1.30am. Fri: 0, Kingsbury Green, 7pm. Sat: Silver Jubilee Episcopal 0 Archbishop Bowen, Ayksford, Noon_ Archbishop Couve de Murville (Birmingham): Sun: Diaconate 0, Cathedral, Noon. Wed: Gulden Jubilarians M, Oscon College, 11.30am. Thu: Blesses New Sixth Form Block, St Peter's Sch, Solihull. 0, Rev Francis Took, St John's, Banbury, 7.30pm. Fri: BC3 Presidents Mtg, 11 am. Archbishop Derek Worlock (Liverpool): Sun: Diaconate 0, Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: Michaelmas Group, JM Centre, Old Hall Street, Liverpool. Mon: Archdiocesan Pastoral Council Steering Cttec, 6.30pm. Tue: Student Interview, Archbishop's House. 150th Anniversary M, St Mary's, Leyland, 7.15pm. Thu: Centenary M, Westminster , 11.30am. Sat. Silver Jubilee, Archbishop Bowen, Aylesford Friary, Noon. Archbishop Michael Bowen (Southwark): Thu: Thanksgiving M, Westminster Cathedral Centenary, 11.30am. Sat: Silver Jubilee M, Episcopal 0, Archbishop Michael, The Friars, Aylesford, Noon.

Bishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and

Brighton): Sun: Fiesta M. St Joseph's Storrington, 3pm. The• V, St Joseph's Sch, Dorking, 2.30pm. Centenary M, St Joseph's, Dorking, 7pm. Wed: Council Planning Cttee, Storrington, 5pm. M for Mission, St Anthony, CraWley, 7.30pm. Thu: Centenary M, Westminster Cathedra1,11.30arn. Fri: Jubilee M, St Edmund's Sch,I 0.30arn. Diaconate 0, St John's Seminary, Wonersh, 5.30pm. Sat: Silver Jubilee M, Archbishop Bowen, Aylesford, Noon. Bishop Terence Brain (Birmingham auxiliary): Sun: C, Sacred Heart, Droitwich, Noon. Mon: CMAC M, Olton Friary, 7.30pm. The: V, St Helen's, Kings Norton, 10.30am. C, St Helen's, Kings Norton, 7.30pm. Wed: Golden Jubilee, Oscott, II.30am. C. SS Peter and Paul, Wolverhampton, 7.30pm. Thu: Centenary , Westminster Cathedral, I .30am. Sat: Archbishop Bowen's Silver Jubilee, Aylesford, Noon. Bishop Philip Pargeter (Birmingham auxiliary): Sun: C, Sacred Heart, Tamworth, 9,30am, Tue: V, Sch, Shirley, 2pm. C, Our Lady of the Wayside, Shirley, 7.30pm. Wed: Golden Jubilarians M, Oscon , 11.30am. C, St Joseph, Bidford, 7.30pm Tim: Mtg, Westminster, 9.30am. Westminster Cathedral Centenary, 11.30am. Sat: Silver Jubilee M, Aylesford Priory, Noon. Bishop Mervyn Alexander (Clifton): Sun: Methodist Conference Service, Canons Marsh, Ham. Annual Diocesan Glastonbury Pilgrimage: Hymns Tor field, I.15pm. M, Abbey Grounds, 3.30pm. Tue: V, St Edmund's Sch, Caine. C, Sacred Heart, Westbury-onTrymc, 7.30pm. Wed: Sch Leavers' M with St Thomas More's Class of '95, St Joseph's, Fishponds, 10am. Sat: Silver Jubilee, Archbishop Bowen, Aylesford , Noon. Bishop John Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: V. Great Eccleston. Wed: Department Mtg, London, Noon. Thu: Centenary M, Westminster Cathedral. Fri: C, St Mary, Cleator. Bishop David (Constant (Leeds): Sun: V, Barnoldswick. Mon: V to Prison, Wakefield, 2pm. C, Sr Patrick's, Birstall, 7.30pm. Tue. Sch Heads Mtg, Leeds,I tarn. C, St Joseph's, Tadcaster, 7pm. Wed: CBCEW, Westminster, Noon. Thu: Centenary M, Westminster Cathedra], 11.30am. Fri: C, St Joseph's, Pontefract, 7.30pm. Sat: 0, St Joseph's, Hunslet. Bishop Vincent Malone, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun: V. St Catherine, Farington. Mon: C, St Benedict, Hindley. Tue: Pilgrimage Mig, 10.15am. C, St Luke, Whiston, 7.30pm. Wed: Bishops' Education Mtg, London. Thu: Westminster Cathedral Centenary M, 11.30am. Fri: V, St Mary, Euxtun. M, St Aidan, Wigan, 7.30pm. Bishop Joint Rawsthorne, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun:Marriage and Family Life Mtg, St Joseph's, Upholland, 9.30am. Deaconite 0, Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: M with Teachers, St Joseph's, Upholland, 6.30pm. Tue: Archdiocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage Mtg, 10.15arn. M, St Mary's Sch, Astley, 4.30pm. C, St Michael, Widnes, 7.30pm. Wed: Bishop's Education Mtg, London, Noon. Thu: Westminster Cathedral Centenary M, 11.30am. Bishops' Conference Board of Studies Executive Mtg, London, 2.30pm. Fri. Bishops' Adult Cttee Mtg, London, I 2.15pm. C. St Basil, Widnes, 7.30pm. Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: 0, Ampleforth Abbey, 10.30am Deaf Pilgrimage, Mount Grace, 2.30pm. Tue: V, St Andrew's Sch, South Bank, I flarn M/C, St Mary, Medan, 7.30pm Thu: Centenary, Westminster Cathedral, 11.30am. Sat: 0, St Andrew's, Teesville, 2pm. Bishop Kevin O'Brien, (Middlesbrough auxiliary): Sun: C, Our Lady Star of the Sea, 9.30am. C, St Anne's, Ugthorpe, 11 I5am. The: Wakefield Fraternity of Priests. Thu: Centenary, Westminster Cathedral. Bishop James McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun:Anointing of Sick, Grimsby. Mon: VIC, Barton on Humber, 7pm. Toe: Catechism Study Day Diocesan Centre, Mack-worth. Thu: Centenary , Westminster Cathedral. Fri: 40th Jubilee Celebration of 0, Coalville, 7.30pm. Sat: Laying of Foundation Stone for the New Church at Clecthorpes, 2.30pm. V Sisters of St Joseph of Peace, Grimsby, 6pm. Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Tue & Thu: Upholland. Thu: V, Sidmouth. Sat: Archbishop Bowen's Jubilee, Aylestord. Bishop Crispian Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: Glastonbury Pilgrimage, Clifton. Mon/Tue: Beaumont Conference Centre, Old Windsor, Media Strategy Conference. Tuc: C, St Francis, Ascot, 7pm. Wed: Day of Prayer for Clergy, St Joseph's House of Prayer, Ashurst, 10.30/1 lam. C, Holy Family Southampton, 7pm. Thu: Centenary M, Westminster Cathedral, 11.30am. M, St Joseph's, Newbury, 7.30pm. Fri: Berkshire Boar Lunch. Holy Rood, North Hinksey Diaconate 0, Holy Rood, North Hinksey, 7.30pm. Sat: Silver Jubilee M, Archbishop Bowen, Aylesford, Noon. Bishop Patrick Kelly (Salford): Sun: VIM, Immaculate Conception, Ha.slingden 9 & I lam. Tue: June Review of the Life of the Church, St Bede's Deanery 0, Wardley Hall. Mtg, Leeds, 2.30pm. Youth Commission, Wardley Hall, 7pm. Wed St Mary's Sch, Bacup 1 3Opm. Rosendale General Hospital 4pm. Thu: M, Westminster Cathedral, 11.30am. Mtg, J and P Cure 2pm. Fri: St Mary's Sch, Sabden, 10.30arn 1pm, St Mary's Sch, Haslingden, 1 30pm. M, St Mary's, Haslingden 7.30pm. Sat: 0, St Osmund's, Breightmet, 3pm. Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun: V/ Deanery C, St Peter's, Hazel Grow. Tuc: Secular Clergy Fund lunch, St Theresa's, Blacon, 12.30pm. Deanery C, Christ Church, Herald Green, 7.30pm. Wed: Golden Jubilarians M, Oscott, Noun. Thu: Centenary M, Westminster Cathedra1,11.30am. Sat: Silver jubilee M, Archbishop Bowen, Aylesfurd. Bishop Charles Henderson, (Southwark auxiliary): Wed: CCJ Officers and Executive Mtg. Thu: Centenary, Westminster Cathedral, 11.30am. Diocesan Bishop's Mtg, 1.30pm. Admission Candidacy, Wonersh, bpm. Fri: CCJ Mtg, Ipm. SE Area Justice and Peace Mtg, Southwark, 7.30pm. Sat: Silver Jubilee, M Noon, Aylesford. Bishop John Jukes, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: Herne Diaconate 0, Bay, 11.30am. C, Westgate, 5.30pm. The: V Holy Cross Sch, Broadstairs. Wed: St Mary's University College, Twickenham. Thu: Centenary M, Westminster Cathedral, 1l.30am. Bishops' Mtg, Southwark. Diaconate 0, Tunbridge Wells, 7.30pm. Fri: High Sheriff's Garden Parry, Kent. Diaconate 0, Si Teresa's Ashford, 7.30pm. Sat: Silver Jubilee, Archbishop Bowen. Bishop Howard Tripp, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: C, and V, Chessington, 10am. C, Wimbledon, 3pm. mu: Centenary M, Westminster Cathedral, I 1.30am C, Selsdon, 8pm. Fri: M and Blessing, St Joseph's Sch, Kingston, lOarn, San Silver Jubilee, Archbishop Bowen Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, north area): Sun: St William of York, Stanmore. Tue: Diocesan Catechists Mtg, 11 am. C, Our Lady, Hendon, 7.3 Wed. M Sacred Heart Sch, Whetstone, 1pm. C, St Manny Magdalen's, Willesden Greeen, 7.30pm. M, Westminster Centenary, Cathedral, 11.30am. C, London Oratory Sch, 6.30pm. Fri: V, St Teresa's Sch, Harrow Sat: V. St Teresa's, Headstone Lane.

Bishop James O'Brien (Westminster, Hertfordshire

area): Sun: C, Our Lady's and St Andrew, Hitchin, • Tue: Commissioning Catechists, St Alban's St, 7.30pm. Wed: Department of Catholic Education & Formation, Eccleston Square, Noon. C, St Hugh's, Letchworth, 7.30pm. Thu: Westminster Centenary M and Reception, Cathedral, 11 am. C, Stevenage Team Ministry, pm. Fri: C, Corpus Christi, Tring, 7.30pm. San Archbishop Bowen Silver Jubilee, Aylesford, Noon. ; Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue (Westminster, west area): Sun: V/C, Hayes, 3pm. Mon: Team Mtg, 1 lam. • Tue: V, I laycs. AGM, Acton Homeless Concern, pm. Solemn M, Westminster Cathedral, 11.30am. Fri: Faith in Life Reunion, St Margaret's, Twickenham, 7.30pm. Sat: Silver Jubilee, Archbishop Bowen, Aylesford, Noon. C, Our Lady of the Rosary, Staines, 6.30pm.


Archbishop John Ward (Cardin): Sun: C, Our Lady and St Patrick's Church, Maesteg, I am. Tue: 50th Anniversary Celebration of UN Charter, London. Wed: C, St Mary's, Brynmawr, 7.30pm. Thu: Thanksgiving Centenary M, Westminster Cathedral, I 1.30arn. Fri. 0, All Saints, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, 7.30pm. Bishop Daniel Mullins(Menevia): Sun: C, Holy Name, Fishguard, 10am. Mon: Thanksgiving M for Franciscan Missionaries of Mary,St Francis of Assisi, Rhayader, 7pm. The: Diocesan Trustees Mtg, Swansea, I lam. Family Life Ministry Core Group, Swansea, 7pm. Wed, Catholic Educ, London, Noon. Sat: Archbishop Bowen's Episcopal Silver Jubilee, Aylesford Priory, Noon. Bishop Edwin Regan (Wrexham): Sun: V, C.orwen, am. Leads Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St Winefride, Holywell, 2.30pm. Mon: Clergy Mtg, Loreto Centre, Llandudno, 11 am. Tue: Catholic Media Trust. Thu: M, Westminster Cathedral. Fri: Dokn Cymru, Lesotho-Welsh Link, Sr Asaph. Sat: Archbishop Bowen's Silver Jubilee, Aylcsford Key: M Mass. Sch &hoot. C Confirmation. V Visitation.

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