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23rd June 2006
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Page 14, 23rd June 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Bishops' Engagements

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June 25 to July 1

cmcgrthi C murph, .1 W'rstioncsari Sun: Celebrates Mao si to 1 holt110A. F111110M I 2.(10tin. Moo Mars loss and Fogngements Tue Interviews and tboagements. Thu; Mends. Mins in Imam of l'opc !Marla XVI, 530pm. %Amin sio Cathedral . Fri. Mats with ArchNshop's Coonci1.9.4km. An:Misfit v., Muse, Interviews Ind Engagements. pm Sat Celebrates Mato of Thanksgiving to mur IutedSi JosephN College I I _Van Millhill; CelebramOnJination of immix Richards to the Penn:meld Dior-mate 3pm, Homon. Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham. Sun. Confirmations Athealral ripm. ILK Dumutgham NI-LS Trust Mtg 2prn; Confirmations. Kingshing 7pm. Wed: Ilium Birmingham Chnmhes Together Maws. Mtg. 1 unch with priom 1pm: Cunchesis with teachen, Coventr.v. Si John Niamey. Owen iry 7pni. thu, V Si Kay 's schtkil„Stiailley I lam. Rocersk in. Westminster evening. lit Church lend ers' mtg. ArchNshs House 1pm.

Archbishop P Kelly (I iv erpagy. Sun: Mass of Thanksgiving lir the Silva ltdalee ct" Borah Seaton, 54 Monien. Itoode The Ma. nt Rededien. don: Christ the King, Childwall, humpmil. hi: 930trin (leek intavitovs.Ardsbishop's I louse; 2pm (logy interview s.Archbishop's Home. Sot Leaving Side Harbours' Ash-mil y. seipool ArchIli, WM= Come for Evangelisation (I ACE). Archbishop K McDonald (Southwark) 1-11, Anthill air TN IAR101:11 Archbishop's House I hull.

Bishop K Coney (Arundel 61 Brigham): Sun:Visits Si (icsltPes Parish. Newt... 1 sionkss 1 rodeos' Day; Storringum: Hesta for People with Sonata Needs, St 111Septec. S1-10 Crardisph. ire I Nuns Meeting. DABCFC; Council of Priem, Meeting, DABC'ELII:eMeniry Maas al St Edmunds, Godalming. WI. !Ingham Deanery Galloon lions, Brightun.Thu: Maio Cratunorc School, West Horalm . ki Blessing of new sensory gamiest St Mary's Primary fidwol, Ponstadc. Sat CARJ Timms Meeting, I on& in lions Ssourtaidgc. 10th anniveraary of Backdate . Si Hauges, Wuhan.. lee: V Our Lady and Sr Pao primary school , Sae 2pm ; ?ran confirrnativins, Stoke Thar V SS Pace and Paul primary' school. Wolverhampton 2pm; 7prn C SS Mei ail Dad . Wolverhampton. Hi: 2pm V primary school. ramworot. ?pm t Miumatirmas amwonh. Bishop P Pargeter (Wham =silk Sun. 3pni Confirmations, Kings Heath. Toe: 2pm V Our I At) 's Scud CMum; lien (legitimation:1.04st Thu: 1 larn V St Elripicfis School. Northfield. Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: Pastoral Visional & ( brifirntation,11pinn Palk. Bishop D Lang ((idiom: Sam:Visitation. St Osmund,.. Salisbury Tux, 1pm Bishops' Confer ence mating, London, Wed: 10.30 am Schools taaetnp. Heishel;SpIn Siglop'S Council, Briool. Thu: 7pen Confirmation. Holy Panay. Bishop M Evans (East Anglia): Sun. "Hobble with Ile Bishop". MOW hop's Orilnatton Year Reunion at Paingtand. Wart Dedication of Church tut:oats-hey 7pm. Thu: Masa al SI John's first School. Nonvich 9. Wean, Mass 01 SI '11100010 More Middle School Norwich 1.15pm; Cordimations at Denham 7.314'm. hi, St Benodic-Cs schools pyramid tiIgnnagr 01 Waist npharn. Sat, Nair Dame Pyramid Mall Heiron to Puri ngland: Concert at Si .11.11In'$ (;athedral.

Bishop,' Ramthorne (Hallam): Sure St %chart 's, Hatheoggc 1 I am Mon: Coal Christ the King, Rossington Tpm.Tue: College of Comul II as, pastoral ocirMe 1 Ism Inlerviews at di factor finance.pastoral calm 2pm; Family Fans Event. St Peter in (hums. Doncaster 7prn. Wed: Mass ani Nem rig of new sports hal I All Saints Catholic High School lOurn. ThuThe July 4: Diocesan pilgrimage to Isatiates

Bhhop PO'Donoghtse !anemia): Sun: Mass for

much of blends id (..iithalral, 1030um Maui `Noah Vince: mooing, 10_3(hm. lir -Sal Visila b1111, Hamm Dentury F',41fIrMilii011.SaCTLY.1 HOP. llamas. 7pm. Wed ['animation , St Man, IIlia sum, 7pm. T)au: Contimistion, Si Mary. Banow. '70tn. Fri. Visit St .11010,.... Primary Set., 4, Milk an Cadirmantn. Milken , 7prn. Sat Confirmation. St Coluniha, Know. flipm Bishop A Rabe dads): Sum llam Mgr Peter MeLluirc's liolden Jubilee C'elchration Mass. 1 key Nano I ectl.,„ Min. Ilium WYK' f..secidive Committee mtg. Si 1 uke's I mheran Church, Headingley I enis, 7 01011111111101 [ATM 1 ungney's Diamond 'Willa Celebration Masa. Si Theresa's. ("nx, Gates, I min I ue, 6,30prn ()intimation (Wakefield Deaneryl Sera we of the Word, SS Peter at 1-fail. Wakefield: lipm I OIit,fltiatintl. Service of the Wont St Austin's, Wakefield Thu: I 2.0Sprii Mass, Holy 'trinity ( hurch. Leeds. Fri: 10am Vris' nitg, Hist, ip's House: t...,Oprn L'ontirmunon I Wharfedale 13eanery 1 Seivia of the Wont Ibnin III Ad Smuts ( leg,'; gpm Confirmation Smite a the Word. St May's. Horsibritt Sat 3.4 ipos Penitential Sersor. 1 1111.01,A411 Freya Weekend. iebeldelion Grange. Ilkley Bishop V Malone ausile Sun 2pm Celebrates Annual Archdamson Children's Mass, Kral Hall, Southpon, Mon; 730pm Confirmation: NI hinninil limierbury, %Woo. Inc 2ren Mission and Values Group Mtg: Liverpool Hope

lins ty6prn liinsh moaning SI John Mooney.

Liverpool. Wok 1pm St Vincent's Muskat] hewn taboo: Hope at Evertom 730pm Animate Youth Ministry Mtg 4 Marylowe House, St Helens. The Confimadon: St Pears and St MicKati Wool gon. %mown 7.30pm. Hi: (Iintimultion: St Bernadette. Slav i notes) 730imi. sal I 0.1tkun Leaving Safe Harbours A,ssernhlv. 7pin Visitation Maw Suisul Heal. Cluirtry

Bishop T (1.'pool made Itat: I I -111am Vintation Maso Kb ma al Arnnomith RC 140 SchooloAshtonin-Maki:field. Wed CRC depart mein mtg. Luot.lera Ilum, Meeting wiM Right Rev Christopher Herbert. Hist], op of Si Anrans. Si

'a Hospital. !onion pm.11au: 2pm

Confimusion. St Vincent% .Sslitsg fa Mc Blind. Li, orpool: 7.30pm Confmnation, St Joseph. Cher Icy . Sat 10.30an Leasing Side Harbours' A_csem Bishop I Corals? (Middlesbrough): Sum Mass of celebration 1 oneahrod, oitholtid ipm I or Priesrs'C'ouneil. Curial ()Oise ant Bishop's Court

Clonal ince inn Wet ilts-4. mtg. Bishop's H ouse I I _Rion; Advisory Group Mtg, Bishop's Howe 3 30pol iho I 'clebeins nammeni or Continuation. Market Weighton 7pm. Sat Column Masa. St Jostph's roman School. trims item

Bishop P Doyle (Northarmiont Sun: 12.30pm. Mass for the Day for I :lie, Si Ciregory's, Ttniluaiip. 10n: 3pm Confirmation:SS Francis & Therese. Honsbury,Norduimpiat Mon: 4pm interviews. Bishop's House; 6.141pin Bishop's ("mail 110 Youth. 1 ue: 7.301xn Mass ni ocichrow Bishop Peter's first Anniversary as I3ishop of Northamp tonAlar 730,m Confirmation:St Tom's, limoonsfielsi. Hi: 10-Ifkart College of °manilas: 730pm Confimation: S111101084 Aquinas. Bloch

ley. Sat: 1 lain CI intimation: St htwants. Main Keynes:5_30pm betung Prato, Ileit Non Cr,nvent

B lahrip M telektahon !Nottingham S.n. Hirente. nary eels:Miaow St Michael the Archangel, Hattersage I lam: Diocesan piloornagc Ia Roil,ley 3pm Mon. Bishop's Conned ,Bisinip's HOMY Ian% Confirmation Our Lady of oath...A.1dr, sle-lainnehOlgat Wort Blessing ot New unit. italy Cross Miran Whitwick 2pm. Dm: ( etc Macs Mass for the 9/th annivenary ft SS ftirr and Paul High School, Lincoln Ilam. Hi; Joint In Six, kr Ft,y. Si John 11 digliton School, Ilkeston Stint; Confirmation , Sacted Ifearl, Leicester 7po Sat(Wen*, Mass for St Alhan's pansh Jubilee, St Alban's. Chaddesden 6_30pm. Bishop C Haas (Ponsmoufh): Suit Swbt,ng&ma/leetxt Solem Parish Visitation -Mass 10.011 am. al Lianas:utak Coriceinism. Wigan Mon. Word Wont i'haplairicy

"ommittee Mccung 3pm. Tue: Si Mi.locr, al (In Aidecshot • Confining inn for A l•Nrs6 s

Dmrscry 7pm. Wat Park Place Pastoral I lams . Wickham Day for New Teachers 11..4 t ant Thar Bishop Chatham School. Hwang-Joke Sims 2pin. Fn St Elsa anl's School. Windsor pin; English Marne:. I ads-ot istionation for Mile the White H. enI leaner.... 7pn, Sat Doug Abbey, Upper Woi hampton. Beading. Cot Imitation I1.11 Woollsioolor Parish llarn; Holy Trinity. t. hunt i Croakhant Mim 6mi

liksheml" Bruin (Salfmuir rat, Bishop's (Wool Matting, WJrdlr) hail 1i310,ut; Meeting of the Diocesan Trustees, Diocesan Administration Calton. Gerald Raid 2pm. Wed Chnsuan Res/on sIbility and Clarenship Department Mating, hen sim Square, London I lam. Fri: Private appoint mass. Vlhoky Hall.

Bishop 11 Noble (Shrewsbury): No lawman, Malmo P Hendricks IS'WH1A A 11 1.11 S1111Couto mations. WirnNeskn 3pm. Tut: ArchNshop', Comsat . A nfilashilfis Ham. I Qum 1 h man Ilk Co-ordinator's Confercrax, Emmaus4pm I hu: Mean. kiehead (Mona school qum. I-n: Menting in research pmjesi on I ,114,11 gnats I lam, /poling New Session. Holy Cross school . New la-Warn 230pm. Sat l'adimunions., leirliampu Nib

Bishop .1 Hine IS'wark Ausily Sun, Soungliourne Visitation and Confirmation 1 1 am. The: Anis sf, tp's 01.11101 Mg Southwark It/urn. Weal that

Confemmx Dspt Mtg for Christian Respong Imlay and 1 ILjaenahip, Faxlesion Sy I lamdpm. Thu: ('elebrate, M at Hof) FStnliy,jvfaidsione Rpm Sid()ululation to Ihe priesthood of Dram 13on Coleman at Si A ogleaine's. Tutibodge Walls 12 WO& Bishop P laswhiSOsark Aurol). SunMu,aatl tur Lady Star of the Sun. Greenwish, Tue. Anithislam's Council.Archhi shop's llowe Ithen. Wed: V to Deptford ( Surclics tentte I I .31kuo I Nr Muss at SCIlsomis a Becket school Abbey Wood Ant Fn: Muss in Bishop llamas Gram school I lam. Bishop,' Arnold WInin.ger Amity Toe: 730p., Corilimuraim. Wadi Given. Wed: 730,n Mitis In Enfield fir Southpaw Circle of (lama:ins Fn. 930nmArtithishopN Council; 7pm Cordinnan• tt • Summar Sat 12 30prii Confirmation , Caddo, [as: 3pm Confirmation, Hayes.

Bishop A Hopes (W'rnitracr Amid Sun 10.30 um Co(di mouton. Sawed Heart Church. Berkham stead eprri Mass and Corpus Clingi Procession. St Panicles Sohs.

Mow Engagrancrin Archbishop's House: 43X1 pm Pageant Vint Si die Comsat, Simms. hiling: 730 pm Solemn Mass in honour of SI Josemaria FITS7i,11. SI Thomas Mae, Swiss Cottage. 'lax: I I30am to 3110 pin, Liturgy Committee, Vaughan HOUSC. Pm Nimmons, Abillialiop's House. 71.10 pin Conflrmtsion Our Lady Queen of Apostles, Hewn. Wed 10.30 an Councal Deana' naming: f1111 tingagementsArehhishop's HOINC. Thu: Engagements Archbishop's House ma; 130 pm meeting of Sick and Reared Priests'Conunime, Vaughan House. 730 pm Panama' Feast. SI John Fisher. Harms North. Fst Archbishop's Couno I mating; pm Engagements Alehhishop's KRIS/. 630 pm Confirmation.lhe Sacred FICan. Ted& Ion. Sat fipm. Confirmation. Munn:111,w Heim • .1 Mary, Oratory.

nishai F3 1 impley W 'Hunger Ausit I: Sac

; I 31tirn Confirmation at Si Mary's, Hampacal,

( OKI minim at ICS Sersagian and Pancras. Kingsbury...Luc: 113:un Rnance Hoard imp, Airli bishop', lb:use:5..10pm Mg; with Jemai Youth, An-hhishop's Htn.e. Wed I I.rn Disownment for (hostas; Responsibility and Citizenship. ExIcaton Squaw, goni Sandi I outsell. Dinxtur Curitas Social Action farewell event. Fialeston Square, 7prn tordimamon at rivardian Angels. Mile End. Thu 12.10poi Ti,, MiddayI Mike Service followed by lunch. Canary Wharf; 5pm V in the Marc Street snafu mid, I-tr David Fauns; 7.30pul ( blifirrnmon at St John the Baptist Ilaciiney. Fri: 930ean Arch

(.) smcil.Anhasimp's House; 230pin lintice and Peace mg. Arddishors 730pm ()intimation at St Agnes chtsch, (bckk wool Sat 31ma Amish icing:4m of James Richards in the parlament &mimic 630prn Colifinorion il Rlossed Summers . Copenhagen SMxt.

Bishop G Stack Orrninster arculi Sun: Ohm Confirmation, St Thomas Mac. Wheathanastaid 3pm Ordination at Holy Rood chunh. Wadoni. Mat 2pm Celebrates Mass at lemur, College 630grn Mass and Celebration. Mc Keys. the Calholk Writers' (Said Hiolialst and Walcs Wed: 2.13pm Celebrates wuronem Manuel St Nhary 's ['aims" School. North Kensington:hi: 2.30prn Attends Justice and Peace meeting. goo, I. raw rl• df134101c11117 30pin Confirmation, St Film cis dc Sales.Tottenham.

Bishapl' Bums (ttossy. slinwa ihrsration do, Iii 6 silismilig rt tilgey events. lint 10_01 mitten filgritnapc Towles Naming Meeting, Humes s Hishopartuk I.Ti Cin$unctl,$cuxns.

WA I 1-.S

Arvhbishop PSmith (Cardiff): Suit (Ordimation ill SI Alint's dud,. RmitvgNi I lure. hie Host. of the Valley's Deanery My; in All Saints chunch figa Mile 1 lam 2pm Wyst lkspartment mtg Ficlegon Square, I-cocks:1 I lam; Conti moth st St Peter's Chun:h, Rash, Cardiff 7pm. Thu: Mao in Si (lee's ix invent wk.!, Itirdioin I 12.30prn in St Prier's Chtexh, Barer:led 7pm. Fri: Special Assembly for the 40th anniversary of the opera n cif Archbishop McGrath high Sething,lnenin. Rul gond I lam( Sits's:T.1141a of Ordination Nhus foi Fr Andy Burd in St Mary of the Angels C5 7pm. Sat Welsh Cadholies Youth Athictii's Clumpionnii is in I mitwith,L'ardiff 11 um: Diaoinste ordimtions in St David's (laths:drat, Caitiff Ipm.

Bishop M Jabs& (Meneviat Sun: Has e • • parish, Confirmiumn lam. Mon, Meeung a Cie ' Office sm.

Bishop E Rqpin (Wriotiamt. Sure Civic Mass. I I .0fin Flint ('male; 2.3flpin Holywc/I Ptigninap Tue: 1030am Schools' Commattec mtg, Buckley 7pni biter hulk mtg. NEWI. Wrexham. ihu, Seconley Heads' Caitlin:1% Ludlow. 16: 7pni 134ms Ili dim ill Mc legal Pracision. Cathedral. Sat Fisteddforl Proctunatiou Ceremony.

key: M.Mass. C-Confinnation Ordination. Mg-Mating. ScliSdaciol. FS

hounenical Servitv.

We regret we cannot pone nix die incLanjoutti bishops' comments roxisted later Ilum nualsia■ on the Monday poor to public:mem.

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