Page 1, 23rd March 1935

23rd March 1935
Page 1
Page 1, 23rd March 1935 — EUROPE IS RE-ARMING Positions of the Powers

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Organisations: Air Ministry, House of Commons
People: Hitler


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EUROPE IS RE-ARMING Positions of the Powers


THE German announcement on March 16 that conscription would once more be introduced, to begin on April 1, dominates all the news of the week. In every European country journalists and military experts are feverishly reckoning up the probable totals of military effective& that will, be produced by Hitler's edict.

.1 sere cietinceie, and 11 fairiy general fill,, eliggesIs all ill'Illy 111C about.60e,009 111111. The Fr:211'd: 1111111 hns under the presciii law il normal tig-ure of 230,000, and Ili,. reeelei exteneion of the peried of military service from Line tu two yeare in ueler hi keep the iinnual contingent of vonseripte froni being reduced, :es a resale nr it 4.10-1'1.11t11"11 birth-rate during the W'ar, will do no more than keep Pile reeilles. iii, to 11:0 urprilitil.

Military Value of the Move N\ litliter the lierimin total. iF and

when tit, iieere can be.. realised, \vie lieve preptirtionaie military value ts ii I up.e, eticietwit lii iLio wdr, iculttary yeeme... hes dot eloped the the:trine.

eftl 11111111i111:111' 111 1111s country, that small and highly-trained forces make up in quality and mobility for their deficiency in size. No deletet this temeime Hely lid rege riled es he some

exteei the beei ol me bud job, fur motor ihr. 1'er:elite's Treaty Get-minty was reetricied to 100,000 men (though P P hes mug been col-ninon Ithowleilee thin, this ligure lids beve multiplied by three, if not by wore At same 11111e there es subsienee in the suggestion of a milititry L'Orre'sjinlidi'fa that the eudden increase lFlilFreetiii liandiliap during the period or mobilisation, especially 11 lied is disorgailised tm attacks tree: the en.


the mililury ciffeel the (-Mingo is iu Lee. red' We oft , i1g11/11 Will( her uld niglitmate-ei neighboiti. WhOst: dully she cap 'V I'm 11011e to Niue] I n nembers Ii uut OViu hio tries. For It Is a characteristic of conscription, as distinct froni reliance upon small volunteer armies, that it necessarily gives numerical advantage on the battlefield to nations whose cities and homesteads are more populous.

It or true, Eitel the immeniecitiera ul the 16th was to a !firer extent no more than aim

u1himis:uumi, dim' ocivertiscinent, changes thef had eiready tweeu etecie in ',trot. Novertheleies. it Is ouolimit inevitably alters Iiie meititil ;denude will' \\Inch the rulers p.,ord,-, or JiTlIldIL ratiel face the prOhlen: 01 defence!.

BELGIUM lit Belgium the demand lies already 1..een miide 10 prolong the period oi colitimienry military s_ervice.

Itelgr writes that " Cu ieW of the ifiarming' state and rapid groweh of 6011111W iiirinaments thr it:UTE:1SC

frOM one yedr IWO years in the period or uompulsory military service dbsolurely jusLifled."

AUSTRIA _\usiria the illinieler of .egricultitre. eleiming to speek for the peasant poeuietioh, has demanded the reintroductile!' cif emeersai compulsory Trilli 11.1ry ill Spat', limemilitary previsiees of pewee treaties.

newspeper ereiiii of Prinve,. Starkiell!herv, the Hennwelti leader, makes Ph,eenic clemund end deela.ree ihat, in view or the position of Austria. in the eolitre of EUrOpe, that feast aide 10 afford to Clefeneeless in a re-arming world.

I'LlS1:.R15 1-1it'esin. the news has been received ill] avioient outburstof protest. The Moscutv paper Pravda alleges that J tillers litOVC has behind it a secret agreement with Poland ageinet Russia. Pulend, accurdiug to lhie eecount. . Ii give bauli to Germany her territuries

the " corridor " that she ieteived after tile War) .dittl in return is lo obtaiii the Ukraine and Lithuania viillt the help or German firmiee.

rhmis sensational story is at present whelly unverified and ‘vould hardly he worth quoting were it not for the feet that theereeeption of Hitler's pronouncement in Poland has been markedly different from its reception elsewhere.

POLAND '1.'be Poles seem to have taken it very calmly, and point out that as far back US February. 1933, they recommended. that the failure of the Diearmainent Conference should be recognised, together with the fact: concerning the

secret reiariiiing of Germ:hi-Y.

They declare that it was the failure of other nations to face these realities that led Poland to safeguard her own interests by coming to a direct understanding with Gerir.any.

Odd ly enceiell, one \\-,j saw paper .

.'''.i■ligogtvefritt'orlieltaetrieuXee'' disregard or Hie peace treaty will lie 1114 she will now be able to return tviiliout toes ot dignity to the League of ilicres war. this conjecture is not Nations. Indeed, unless Germany really ei iniprobable.

RUMANIA The Rumanian state budget for 191 allows for au illereaSe Of Over 33 per int. in monies to be spent on armee

ml mom ml s

AT HOME Filially, in °Or Oit'll HULSE! of COM1110n5, the Find:total Sucrotary for War, epeeking on the arniy estimates, has openly said that for the nexi year we• an'. ['deed With it leuet one new cunt

iiilTlIillm himN/CW cii yesterday's This ileW commitment. is "the provision jnd organieation of adequate coastal und aeti-aireraft land defences for thehone: vountry.”

Defence Against Bombing

I mm the House of Commons Sir Chamberlain asked the Prime Miaister whether he could make any further laI-eIm1erLt his -10 the mitelsis whiet to ILI

defence egaiist bunibing.

Mr. MaL.Donald replied that the government is not content, to assume that Ihere te 110 proteetion against, bombing exeept counter-bombing. As the House 'mows, a small committee et very eminent ecientilic men was appointed some time ago by the Air Ministry and lies already made eLillerei0 prOpOSals 101' a promising; line Of reeeerch for whicti,the necessary funds hetet been made atiailahle and preliminary experiments already started.

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