Page 8, 23rd March 1935

23rd March 1935
Page 8
Page 8, 23rd March 1935 — THE WEEK'S NEWS

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Locations: Berlin, Moscow, Mecca, London


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March 14-20 AT HOME and ABROAD

AN order by the Minister of Transport brought into operation on March 18 the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, 1934, which impose a speed limit o.30 m.p.h. for motor-cars and motorcycles in built-up areas. In a broadcast speech Mr. tfore-Belisha gave his reason for this as an attempt to reduce not only the number but the gravity of road accidents. Special police courts are being set up to deal exclusively with the hearing of cases coming under the new regulations.

The Prime Minister attended a cabinet meeting on March 13 to discuss plans for the visit to Berlin of Sir john Simon and Mr. Anthony Eden on March 24 for conversations with Herr Hitler and his ministers, which will take place on March 25 and 26. Mr. Eden will visit Moscow on March 28, where he will discuss with the Soviet leaders the matters raised in the Anglo-French settlements. This visit is regarded as of the utmost importance.

A special drive to bring the needs of exservicemen without work to the notice of employers was the subject of a meetingheld at the Mansion -House on Tuesday at which the Prince of Wales inaugurated a British Legion Employment Week which is to begin on March 25. The Prince said that he was not appealing for money but was there to state his case for the ex-servicemen.

At a luncheon given at the Mansion House by the Lord Mayor to Lord Crewe, Lord Lieutenant of the County of London, and the metropolitan niae ors, it was decided that there shall be one central fund for the whole of London for the King George jubilee Trust, inaugurated recently by the Prince of Wales, who will broadcast on behalf of the Trust on May 5 at 8.45 p.m.

The civil estimates for the year to March 31, .1936, for non-effective charges including the Ministry of Pensions is £45.989,595, a net decrease from the previous year of £894,260. Civil estimates for foreign and imperial services were £8,512,564, a net increase of 1340,480.

The Board of Admiralty, haying reviewed the findings of the court martial arising out of the collision of H.M.S. Hood and H.M.S. Renown, has reduced the sentence on Captain H. R. Sawbridge to a severe reprimand. Captain Sawbridge has accordingly resumed r ommand of I I . l .S. Renown. HE German government announced on Saturday Herr Hitler's decision to re-establish conscription in Germany and to increase the peace strength of the army to twelve corps and thirty-six

divisions, estimated at about 500,000 men. The British government conveyed to the German government a protest against this. It also inquired whether it was still the desire of the German government that the Anglo-German conversations should take place on the original basis, to which the reply was in the affirmative.

The resignation of the Belgian cabinet on Tuesday occasioned surprise. It was formed four months ago to put the country on a sound financial and economic basis. The government has been faced on all sides by international as well as national difficulties which, M. Theunis stated in the chamber this week, have forced the government to renounce the duty laid upon it by the King.

Herr Rintelen, former Austrian ,minister, was convicted on March 14 by the Vienna Military Court of haying been an accessory in high treason. He was sentenced to close imprisonment for life.

An attempt was made to assassinate the Wahabi ruler of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, in Mecca on Sunday. He was unharmed and his three assailants—Xeidis from the Yemen—were shot down.

President Roosevelt sent to congress the report of the National Power Policy Committee with a message to the effect that, with rare exceptions, the utility holding-companies must go.

After a fortnight of revolt Greece has been quiet for the past few days. Officials have been reinstated and a court martial appointed to try the rebels. M. Venizelos made a statement to the press before leaving Rhodes, in which he predicted that there will be fifty years of civil war in Greece.

On Saturday the Abyssinian government suggested to the Italian government that they should attempt to settle their differences in a friendly and informal manner. It was, therefore, a surprise to learn on Tuesday that Abyssinia intended to bring the dispute before the League of Nations Council. The secretary-general of the League has issued to its members this formal request for an investigation by Abyssinia.

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