Page 8, 23rd March 1956

23rd March 1956
Page 8
Page 8, 23rd March 1956 — BATTLES OF THE MITCHELLS

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ONE-MAN MUTINY Certificate U : Warners Director : Otto Premlnger

THE name Mitchell has been a significant one in the history of aviation in two continents our own and America.

You will remember it was a Mitchell who, fighting against apathy and scepticism, thought up and eventually saw the materialisation of the Spitfire. And it was the Spitfire that saved us from invasion in the Battle of Britain. We even made a film about it with Leslie Howard in the role of the inventor — a beautifully made and acted film it was.

Now the Americans have put on record the great part played in their own aviation story by Brigadier "Billy" Mitchell who, up against even more apathy and official ridicule, fought even the American High Command for the recognition of the Air Force as the spearhead of his country's fighting force.

And what a splendid film it makes. Billy Mitchell, (a pilot in the first World War), dismayed and disheartened in the 192s at the utter disregard of the powers that be of the Air Force as a vital part of the national defence, pursued his quest with doggedness. Demoted to the rank of colonel and removed to Texas, where it was hoped he could do no more campaigning, he nevertheless continued to bombard the War and Navy Departments with dozens of letters — and in these letters he made some remarkable prophecies as to how air power would develop. All that happened to the letters was that they were "filed".

Eventually, driven to desperation, Billy Mitchell called a Press conference and accused the War Department of incompetence and criminal negligence. This touched of a nationwide sensation — and, as he expected and indeed hoped, he was summoned to a court martial.

The proceedings of the court are faithfully reproduced, much of the dialogue being taken verbatim from the official records and. In a week when Britain made the "over a thousand mile an hour" record, it was interesting to see with what scoffing and sneering Mitchell's belief in such a speed was received.

Heading a cast impeccably tailored to fit the characters in the record is Gary Cooper as Mitchell himself, an actor who always gets a maximum effect with the minimum of apparent effort. On the last day of the trial he shows us Mitchell enduring the throes of a malarial attack,' suffering the inquisition of a merciless counsel (Tod Steiger) and giving us all the impression of a man about to collapse at any moment.

Rod Steiger is a comparatively new name id films, He first came to our notice in "The Big Knife", as the inhuman movie producer. His impact here as the special prosecuting counsel is terrific. His is a deadly line — all the more effective because of its absence of gesture and rhetoric, Mr. Steiger is fast becoming a new man you love to hate.

JCBEL Certificate A : Odeon, Marble Arch Director : Delmer Daves IT's that man again — Rod Steiger — still eminently hateable as a range rider who, scorned by the wife of the ranch owner (Ernest Borgninc), plays a sort of lago and poisons his boss's mind against the wife (Valerie

French) and set off a series of horrible happenings

"Juba]" joins the ranks of the new type Western, with full benefit of CinemaScope but with a strong, full-blooded plot in which Glenn Ford is the likeable honourable hero and Ernest Borgnine the ugly but loveable victim of circumstances. And at the same time this is a Western that does not scorn the final ride into the westering sun of hero and heroine (Gelicia Farr) into a new and better life.

THE EXTRA DAY Certificate U : Plaza Director : William Fairchild THIS really provided the laugh of the week — at least in its opening phases, though it becomes a bit wearing when we have to endure for .too long the squeals and writhings of bobby-soxers as they listen to their pet crooner (Dennis Lotis).

It concerns a day in a British studio on the last day and evening of a screening, and has American actor Richard Baseheart, French Simone Simon, our own Laurence Naismith, George Baker, Josephine Griffin and a number of other well known names in the British film industry. Not forgetting the terrible child played with quite frightening efficiency by young David Hannaford. Mgr. Restleaux, Bishop of Plymouth. Sunday : Blesses palms and presides at High Mass, 11 a.m.; preaches at the evening service, 6.30 p.m. Maunday Thursday: Mass of the Chrism at 9.30 a.m.; Solemn evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, 8 p.m. Good Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, 3 p.m. Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil, 8 p.m. Easter Sunday: Pontifical High Mass, 11 a.m.; Pontifical Benediction, 6.30 p.m. All in the Cathedral.

Mgr. Flynn, Bishop of Lancaster. — Sunday: Pontifical Mass, 10.30 a.m. Maundy Thursday: High Mass and blessing of holy oils, 10 a.m. Good Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, 3 p.m. Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil Mass, 7 p.m. Easter Sunday: Pontifical High Mass, 10.30 a.m. All in the Cathedral.

Mgr. Brunner, Vicar Capitular of Middlesbrough. Maundy Thursday: Pontifical High Mass and consecration of the holy oils, 10 a.m.; Pontifical High Mass, 7.30 p.m. Good Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, 3 p.m. Easter Sunday: Pontifical High Mass, 11.30 a.m. All in the Cathedral. Monday, April 2: Pontifical High Mass at St. Wilfrid's, York, and blessing of Bl. Margaret Clitheroe's house,

Mgr. McCormack, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle. Sun: day: Blesses and distributes palms at Ushaw College. Thursday : Blesses holy oils at St. Mary's Cathedral, 10.30a.m. Good Friday: Presides at Good Friday Liturgy at Ushaw College. Easter Sunday: Presides at High Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral and imparts Papal Blessing.

Mgr. Rudderham, Bishop of Clifton. Tomorrow (Saturday) : Attends annual meeting of the diocesan branch of the Catholic Women's League at the Royal Hotel, Bristol.

Mgr, petit, Bishop of menevla. Tomorrow (Se turday) : Attends meeting of southern section of the Catholic Parents and Electors' Association at Carmarthen. Palm Sunday: Blesses palms and sings High Mass at Wrexham, 10.45 Mgr. Wall, Bishop of Brentwood. — Tomorrow (Saturday) : Lays foundation stone of the Convent of the Irish Sisters of Charity at Basildon, 3 p.m. Sunday: Blesses palms and presides at Mass in the Cathedral, 11 a.m. Thursday: Celebrates the. Missa Chrismatis in the Cathedral, 11 a.m. Good Friday: Celebrates the Good Friday Liturgy in the Cathedral.

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