Page 5, 23rd March 1973

23rd March 1973
Page 5
Page 5, 23rd March 1973 — Jews in history

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Organisations: Okhrana
Locations: York, Kiev


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Jews in history

In reply to the letter (March 9) from Mrs. H. W. Cotter headed "Jews and persecution", she asks "when were all these Christian persecutions of Jews that we hear about?"

I would refer her to "Europe and the Jews" by a Catholic writer, Malcolm Hay, who devoted his life to searching for the truth from source works. He also wrote two or three books in defence of the Jesuit Order and his biography "Valiant for Truth" written by his widow, was reviewed recent!), (about October 1972) by Fr. Ronald Moffat in "The Month."

As for her reference to the "German persecution of Jews in the 1930s and 1940s" all / will say is a quotation from "Language and Silence" by George Steiner, referring to the diary of Chaim Kaplan, "He knew what not very many, as yet. are prepared to see plainly: that Nazi antisemitism is the logical culmination of the millennial Christian vision and teaching of the Jew as killer of God." Mrs. Cotter is quite right in one respect: Truth is a great matter. It can also be a great burden of responsibility.

(Mrs.) Valerie A. Elliston Hamilton House.

Abbeygate Street, Colchester.

Regarding the un Christian letter in your paper on March 9, I would state that I was born in Kiev and lived there until the Revolution and am able to confirm that there definitely have been persecutions of the Jews in Russia, so-called pogroms. In 1905/1906 my family, because we were Catholics. sheltered a Jewish family for several days. We had to put on the window sills all our holy pictures and crucifixes to show we were christians.

All night long we would hear the thunderous cavalcade of Cossacks through the streets Jews were shot in many houses. In our own street the inflamed crowd invaded the house of a wealthy Jew; pianos, pictures etc. were thrown out of windows. I actually saw four policemen hitting a young Jew on the head with their sabres one does not forget blood running so horribly. In 1911, Stolypin was killed in Kiev not by a Jew but by an "agent provocateur", member of the Okhrana; the Cossack Colonel wtio was on duty at the assassin's hanging was a friend of ours and told us all about it.

Surely after Vatican II it would seem impossible for a Catholic to at tack viciously a nation which has suffered so much.

(Mrs.) A. Chojecka-Regamey 9, Towers Road,

Pinner, Middlesex Many of your readers must have shuddered at the interpretation that might be put upon the letter from Mrs. Cotter. (March 9).

It requires no "members of our learned religious orders" to enlighten her on the persecution of Jews: anybody of average education would tell her about. for example. the pogrom which lead to a mass suicide of Jews in York in the twelfth century. And while denying that a pogrom ever took place at Kiev in 1911. Mrs. Cotter conveniently forgets or perhaps she has never heard of Christian Russia's pogroms of 188182 and those between 1903 and 1921.

Mrs. Cotter says that "the British have yet to hear, or even to ask to hear, the German case against the Jews." it is barely credible that after the prolonged and sickening Nazi propaganda campaign, followed by the deliberate attempt to exterminate the whole Jewish race. one should read in a Christian newspaper that Germany's case has gone by default. But the most terrifying thing in Mrs. Cotter's letter is the implication that Hitler had a case that still needs listening to.

Ronald Harker Castle Bank, Kemsing, Nr. Sevenoaks, Kent.

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