Page 8, 23rd March 1973

23rd March 1973
Page 8
Page 8, 23rd March 1973 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: Finance Committee, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Council of Priests, Television Centre, Patrick's Primary School, Diocesan Education Council, Church of the Holy Family, Social Welfare Com mission, Keele Court, St. Paul's Church, Westminster Religious Education Centre, Peter and Paul Secondary Modern School, U.C.M. Martel Church, Council of Administration, St. Wilfrid, Legion of Mary Aclas, Social Welfare Commission, Hull Welsinghem Association, Diocesan Finance Committee, Priests Working Party, Commission for Social Welfare, Finance Board, Grail, Salesian College, National Liturgical Commission, United Reform Church, Bishops' Mass Medla Commission, Mass Media Commission, Besford Court of Governors, Legion of Mary Acier, St. Victoire's School, Bishops' Secretariat for Non-Believers, National Catholic Fund


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Bishops' Engagements

Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Sunday: Says Mass and preaches for Grail Community. Pinner. 3. Monday: Meets and says Mass for members of Westminster Religious Education Centre, Archbishop's House, 11; celebrates annual Mass for Westminster Branch U.C.M., Cathedral, 8. Tuesday: Says Mass and addreeses Conference of Women's Religious Superiors, Marie Repartrice, Wimbledon. 10.30, Thursday: Meeting of Auxiliary Bishops of Westminster, Arehbishop's House, 2: concelebrates Lenten Station Mass, St. Francis de Sales, Hampton Hill, B.

Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Sunday: Harpenden Visitation, Monday; W.R.E.C. meeting, Archbishop's House. Tuesday: Addresses Harts I and II Deanery Conferences, St. Albans; lectures on "Authority," Ewell. Wednesday: Ecumenical meeting. Si. Edward's House: schools meeting. St Albans, S. Thursday: Deanery Mass for Flerts II, Watford. Friday: Confirmation, St. Michael's School, Pin Green, 7.

B ishop Guazzelli, Auxiliary of Westminster Sunday: Visitation, Acies, Underwood Road. Monday; Confirmation. Copenhanen Street, 7.30. Tuesday: St. Victoire's School Confirmations, 7.30. Wednesday: School leavers' meeting, St. Victoire's School, 2.30: Eden Grove Station Mass, 8. Thursday: Kingsland Station Mass, B. Friday: Pope John House, Social Club Dinner and Dance, B. Saturday: Servites, Fulham Road Deaconite 6_30.

B ishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday / Monday: Pastoral visit, St. Augestine's. Haringey. Thursday: Deanery Station Mass, Hillingdon. Friday / Saturday' National Justice and Peace Cominiesion,

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Confirmation and Benediction, Our Lady of the Wayside. Shirley, 3. Monday: Keele Court, 3; Legion of Mary Acier. St. Chad's, B. Tuesday: Visitation, Blessed DOMiniC Barbed, Littlemoor and Sacred Heart. Blackbird Leys. Oxford, 11. Wednesday: Meeting of Besford Court of Governors, 11: Wiseman Lecture. Oscott Collage. 4. Thursday: Dines:. for Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmations. Our Lady's, Stourbridge, 3. Tuesday; Ecumenical meeting, SS. Mary and John.. Wolverhampton, 10.30. Wednesday: Preaches In St. Paul's Church, Walsall, 1.10. Thursday: Day of Recollection for Priests, Oullon Abbey, 11.30; provincial meeting of K.S C , Jubilee Hall, Stoke. 7,30,

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of BirminghamSunday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Thomas More. Kidlington, 3. Monday: Visits School and sick. Sacred Heart, Droltwich. Tuesday; Meeting of Catholic Colleges, 11, Wednesday: Visits school and sick. Our Lady's, Meryvale. Thursday: Day of Recollection for Priests, Oulton Abbey, 11.30, Friday: Mass anti Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Droitwich.

B ishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Attends Abortion Rally in Manchester, preaches at United Reform Church. Oakvale, 6.30. Monday: Meeting of Council of Administration. 11 Tuesday: Inter-dehominational meeting, Church House, Liverpool. Wednesday / Thursday: Meeting of Mass Media Commission, Televi sion Centre, Hatch End. Friday / Saturday: Meeting of Commission for Social Welfare, London.

B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday. Presides at Mass and preaches. St.

Joseph's, Wrightington. 10.46: celebrates Mass and preaches, St. Joseph's, Wrightington, 4. Monday: Liturgical Meeting in Leeds. Tuesday / Wednesday: MentIng of National Liturgical Commission, Our Lady's Convent, The Boltons, London. Friday, Visits Rome Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Sunday. Mass, visitation and Confirmation, Chislehurst, 3. Monday: Lays foundation stone of new Downside Settlement, Bermondsey, 8.30. Fridays Ordination at Salesian College, Battersea.

Bishop Handermon, Auxiliary of Southwark Tuesday: Mass, visitation and Confirmation. West Wickham. 7.30. Wednesday: Conference at Marie Reparatrice Convent. Wimbledon. Thursday: Mass, visits!Ion and confirmation. Wimbledon Common. 7.30. Friday: Opens new church at Park Wood.

B ishop Woriack of Portsmouth Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Crookham. Tuesday: Diocesan Education Council. Bishop's House. 3. Wednesday: National Catholic Fund, Archbishop's House, Westminster, 11, Wednesday r Thureday: Bishops / Priests Working Party, Grail. Pinner.

Bishop Grant of Northampton Saturday / Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Winslow. Tuesday / Wednesday: Meeting of Chapter. Thursday; Confirmation, High Wycombe. p.m.

B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. eenet's. Beccies. Tuesday I Wednesday: Finance Board and Chapter. Northampton. Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Holy Rosary. Stapenhill, 11: Mass and Confirmation. St. Joseph's, Winshill, 3.30. Tuesday: Lenten Station Mass. St. Joseph's, Derby, 8. Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass. Blessed Sacrament, Leicester, B. Friday: Ordinations, Mount St. Bernard Abbey, 2. Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough Sunday: Centenary of St. Mary's School, Mass of Thanksgiving, Cathedral. 8.30. Tuesday: Celebrates Mass, St, Patrick's Primary School. 10_ Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass for Hull Welsinghem Association, St. Wilfrid's, 7.30. Thursday: Celebrates Area Mass for U.C.M. Martel Church, Hull. Friday: Organ Recital, St. Wilfrid's Church. 8.

Bishop Lengton Fox of MeneviaSunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Tenby; Confirmation at Haverfordwast. Monday: Deanery Conference, Haverfordwest; Confirmation at Carmarthen. Wednesday: Brecon Deanery meeting.

Bishop Holland of Salford Sunday: Visitation, St. Terestes, Firewood. 11. AntiAbortion Rally. Platt Fields, Manchester, 2. Tuesday: Visits school and sick. St. Teresa's, Little Lever, 10.30, Lenten Station, St. Francis Gorton, B. Wednesday: Finance Board. 10 30. Catholic radio and Television Centre. Hatch End. Thursday: Bishops' Mass Medla Commission, Hatch End, 10.30. Friday: Campion House, Osterley; Bishops' Secretariat for Non-Believers, Govver St. Chaplaincy, Lon don, 3.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Sunday: Visitation 11, Confirmation 3, St Cuthbert's, Withington. Tuesday: Lenten Station, St 'John's, Rochdale, 8. Wednesday: Finance Board. 10.30: 4031th L:cummisSIOn, 3.30: Mass, Our Lady of Dolours. Kemal, 6.30. Thursday: Lenten Station, SS Peter and Paul, Bolton. 8 Friday: Continues Visitation St Cuthbert's, Withington, 2. Confirmation, 8.

Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation, Ss Joseph's. Portishead, 10.30 and 6.30; Con. firm:3110n. Sr. Nicholas'. Bristol. 3 30. Tuesday: K.S.C. dinner. Salisbury Wednesday: Confirmation at Holy Rood, Swindon, 7. Thursday: Meeting of Diocesan Finance Committee, Bishop's House. 4; Legion of Mary Aclas ceremony, St, Boneventure's, Bristol_ Friday / Saturday: Social Welfare Commission meeting. London.

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth Sun, day: Mass and Visitation 10.310, Confirmation 3, Dorchester.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood Sundey: Mass serf Confirmation. Corpus Christi, Collier Row. 4. Monday: Dedication of Basiidon Hospital Chapel, 3. Tuesday: Newham Deanery meeting. Wednesday: Barking Deanery meeting. Thursday. Chelmsford Deanery meeting.

Bishop Cunningham of Newcastle Saturday: Mass. Holy Name, Jesmond, 2.30 Sunday! MOSS and Confirmation. St. Matthew's, Jarrow, 3 30. Tuesday: Finance Committee, Bishop's House, 2 30 Thursday: Council of Priests. Marie Reparairice Convent, Newcastle.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Newcastle Sunday: Visit and Confirmation, Our Lady and St. Cuthbert, Prudhoe, 3.30 Tuesday: Finance Committee, Bishop's House. Wednesday: Meeting of UNDA. Hatch End, 11; meeting of News and Infor mation Department, Hatch End, 4. Thursday. Meeting of Mass Media Commission, 10.3o. Friday: Sub-Committee meeting on National Pastoral Strategy, K.S.0 • London/9.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation. HeckmondwIke Monday: National Liturgical Commission meeting, London. Tuesday: National Liturgical Commission meeting. Wednesday: Publishers' meeting. London. Thursday Tuesday: Ad Umina visit, Rome.

Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lan Sunday: Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Blackpool. 4. Wednesday: Confirmation, St. Peter's, Lytham, 7, Thursday: Confirmation, St. Joseph's, Ansdell, 7.

Bishop °reser of Shrewabury Sunday: Attends Anti-Abortion Rally, Manchester, Tuesday: Chapter meeting, St Joseph's, Sale. Wednesday: Opens and blesses Church of the Holy Family. Winsford. 7.30. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation. Newport, Salop.

Bishop Br•wer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Saturday / Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady end St. Christopher, Romiley. Monday: Romiley visit continued. Wednesday: Celebrates Mass. 55. Peter and Paul Secondary Modern School. Dukinfield: opening and blessing of the Church of the Holy Family, Winsford, 7.30 Friday / Saturday: Meeting of Social Welfare Commission. London.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton -Sunday: Visiting Irish seminaries Monday: Irish seminaries visit continued Friday: Confirmation and visitation. Angmering.

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