Page 4, 23rd March 1979

23rd March 1979
Page 4
Page 4, 23rd March 1979 — Traditionalists and NPC

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Traditionalists and NPC

A few weeks ago, in your leader column. you expressed your concern that the fundamental disagreements which exist within the Church in England and Wales as well as in Latin America. should be fairly represented at the planned National Pastoral Congress.

While the Catholic Herald will not be suspected of traditionaltel sympathies, your concern is extremely relevant to the position which traditionalist Catholics find them,selves in with regard to the NPC.

Radical groups who were involved in the initial moves for the pastoral Congress and who are still making the running will no doubt be joined by a certain number of "safe" people from various deaneries. It is, however, unlikely that even one traditionalist will be selected by the processes so far indicated.

If the Pastoral Congress is not to be grossly unrepresentative of Catholic opinion in England and Wales. and risk being publicly discredited as a managed assembly, it is imperative that traditionalists hc guaranteed worthwhile representation.

Accordingly, I request the courtesy of your correspondence columns to publicly request the organisers of the NPC' to afford traditionalists a token minimum representation of 100 representatives.

These. I submit. could most fairly he allocated on the basis of 50 to be chosen by the Latin Mass Society, as representing those who are struggling to work through the restrictive channels conceded them by some members only of the hierarchy; and of 50 nominated by the priests and organisers of the Tridentine Mass centre movement, who find that the authentic living of their Catholic lives has been made impossible within the Establishment structures.

W. J. Morgan Monks Kirby, near Rugby

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