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23rd March 2001
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Page 12, 23rd March 2001 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

March 25 to 31

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster), Sun: M, St Patrick's Soho Square. I lam. ES on Mothering Sunday, Si Alhan's Abbey, 5pm. Mon: Interv'ws & Engag'ts, Archbp's Ilse. Tim: Mgr Keith Badimp's 25th wens of 0.. St Anne's. Underwood Rd. 7.30piii.Wed: Episcopal 0. Clifton Cathedral. Thu: M. St John the Evangelist. Brentford, 7.30pm. Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Tue: Bible Society AGM, Walsall, 7.30pm. Fri: Archbp's Courted Mtg. 930-am.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: CAFOD Mtg. Chigwell. M for Reception of the hody of Rev Thomas Cheetham St Joseph. Brinsadl. Mon: Funeral NI, Si Marie Standish, I lam. Tue: Governors Mtg. Ushaw College, Wed: Episcopal O. Clifton Cathedral, St Peter & Paul, Bristol. I 1.3(lam. Thts Lenten Address, Upool Parish I .05pm. Merseyside & Region Church leaders; Mtg. 4pm. L'pool

"I lope at Evertorr Fri: 13ible Society Mtg, Archhp's Hse, 11.30am. Sat: SursiveMIVA AGM. Liverpool University Chaplaincy, I lam. V ht, St Mary, Choriey. 6.30pm. Archbishop M Bowen (Southwarld:Sun: C. St Finbarr. Ay lesliam. Tue: Seminar on Economic Union with Europe.Wed: pal 0, 0. Clifton Cathedral Area Bps' Mtg, Arehhp's Hse, 5.30pm. Fri Memorial S for Colin Cnwdrey. Weset dieter Abbey, 1130ant Bishop P Pargeter (13ham auxil nSun: C. St Patrick's. Birmingham, 11.311ani Mon: V. St Bernadene's Sch. Brownhills, 2prii.C. Brownhills, 7pm. Tue: Newman Assoc Mtg, Coventry. 7.45pm. Wed V OL Seh, Tile Cross 2pm. C. Tile Cmss, 7.30pm. Thu: V Cheadle Parish & Sch. Idarn. C. Cheadle. 7.30pm. Fri-Sat: English ARC Mtg. Liver. pool_ Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun:V & C. Epping. Tile: Mtgralmerv'ws, Cathedra)

M, &Augustine's, Barkingdde. 7.30prn. Wed: V & C. Clayhall. Thu: Chairs Ivitg of Bps' Church Music Cttee, Lontkai, I I .30arn. Essex Community Foundation, Mgatestone

H all, 6.30pm. Fri: Mtg of Barking Church Leaders. Poplar, am. West Ham Central Mission. URC, Stock, 730pm. Sat: Address. es Chelmsford Deanery E Reps, Chelmsford, o.30arn. AGM of Gift AkVOffertory Giving, Ursuline Convent, Brentwood, 3pm.

Bishop M Alcromder (Clifton.): SIM: Episcopal 0. ClilLon Cathednd.

Bishop P Smith (East Anglia): Sun: V. Walsin,gham/Wellsffilakeney, Norfolk. Mon: Mtg of the Shrine of Council. Vrialsingharn. Tue.: Gospel of Life Ng, London, 10am. Thu: Norfolk & Waveney C'hurches Tgther County Forum. Fri: M of Thanksgiving. St Edmund's Sell. Bury St Edmunds, Mini Sat: Mig of Diocesan E Commission. Poringland. 10.3(kim.

Bishop J Rawsithorne CHallamt. Sun: CAF01) Brian! Mtg, Chigwell. Mon: Mig With Religious, Pastoral Centre, I pm. Ushaw College, pm. 'I'm: L ishaw College. 9arn. Wed: O. Bn.sloi 1 1.3(kim. 'ffiu: Deans Mtg. Pewee] Centm. 10.30am. IMSY AGM, 5pm.

Bishop A Griffiths dlexharn & Newcastle): Mon: Mug of Bps. Hinsley Hall. Leeds. Weds: Mtg of Governing Body . Ushaw College. Durham, 9ani. Thu: All Day V, St Thomas. More, Hartlepool. Sat: Council of Laity Mtg. Gateshead. Vigil M, St 'Thomas Mow, Hurtle

Bishop I) Konstant (Leeds): Sun: CNCEW (2-nee for latemational J&P London. 2pm. Wed: Episcopal 0, Clifton. I 1.30am. Thu: Mtg of Gov'rs. Trinity & All Saints, Leeds, 10.30am. V St Gemma's Convent, Leeds, 61511. hi: Mig of CMT Exec, Bp's Hue. I lam. M Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic-College Brad

7.30pm. Sat: V. Sacreti Heart. Bingley. apni.

Bishop V Mtdone (L'pool auxil): Sun: V. 01., Star of the Sea, Seaforth. Mon: Funeral M. St Marie, Standish, 11am. C., St Teresa, Penwortham, 7.30pm. Wed: Episcopal 0. Clifton Cathedral. I 1.30am. Thu: Merseyside & Region Clutch Leaders' Mtg, Upool 'Slope at Evertun", 4pm. Fri: Mtg of English Anglican/Roman Catholic Commission. Liverpool llope College. 2pm. Sat: National Board of Catholic Women AGM. York, I lam. Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: M. St Anne: S.M Eston. 10arn, Mon: Extraordinal-) Mtg. Trustee Board. 10arn. Tue:

Bp's am/put. Thu: M for Golden Jubilee of religious profession, St Thomas Mom, 7pm. Fri: Carnmis.sion Schs Inspections Team, Bp's Hue, 4pm. Sat: C. Si Peter & John Fisher, Withernsca, 6.30pm.

Bishop 1. McCartie (Northampton): Sun: V. WeekenciThe Grail. Tue: Churches Main C'ttee, 2pin. Thu: Headteachers* Conference, Kents Hill. 9.301m C, Holy Ghost, Luton. 7.30pm. Sat "Praying With C'hildren" Symposium, Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes. 10am. Bishop M McMahon INottingham): Sun: V. Si Thomas More, Leicester. Tue: 1 &Hen Station M. St Joseph's. Leicester, 7.30pm Wed: Episcopal 0, Clifton Cathedral, I 1.30aM. Thu: Lenten Station M. The Assumption, Beeston, Nottingham, 7.30pm. Thu-Sat: COMECE Mtg. Rome. Sat: M. St John's Cathethwi, Portsmouth, 6pm.

Miriam T Brain (Salford): Sun/Mon: English College, Rome. Tue: 11M Prison, London, 10.30am. Thu: V. Sr Joseph's Primary Soh, Hurst Green. 10.30am. V sick and housebound. St Peter's, Stonyhurst 1.30pm. Fri: Private finery 'ws, Wardley Hall.

Bishop B Nohle (Shrewsbury): Sun:V, St Werburgh's & St Lawrence's. Birkenhead. Tue: Mtg of Ushaw Governors, I lam. Wed: Episcopal 0. Clifton Cathedral. I 1.30arri. Thu-Fri: Communications' Course, Curial Offices. Sat: St Bede's Deanery Day. St Joseph's. Birkenhead, 10.30am.

Bishop C Henderson (Warty. Sun: 1s1, NenCatechumen:no Family Welcome, Brixton, Brain. Monaue: Jewish-Christian-Muslim Manor Hs e Gp. Islamic Centre, Leicester. Wed: Episcopal 0, Clifton Cathedral, 1 1 .311aun. Diocesan Bps' Mtg, Southwark. 5.30pm. Thu: Faith in Polities Ckinferenee, Westminster. 9.30am, Sat: M for Giti Aid Contributors ak AGM Mtg, Cathedral & Amigo Hall, 3pm.

Bishop Howard Tripp (S'wark Auxil): Sun: V. Clapham Common. Fri-Sun: Id% of Churches Together in Britain & Ireland. Abergavenny.

Bishop ,1 O'Brien tWininster. Herts area Sun: C, 8: Silver Jubilee Celebration, The Good Shepherd's Church. Shenley, I lam. Evensong, St Alhan's Abbey, 6.30pm. Newman Assoc Lecture, St Alton & Stephen Church Hall, 8.15pm. Mon: Deans' Mtg, The Gale Ilse, 11am. Tue: Bps' C'onference Seminar. Vaughan Hse. 11.30arn. Silver Jubilee, St Anne's, Underwood Road, 7pm. Wed: Church leaders Mtg. Abbey Gate lice, Mam. Thu: Focolare Bp's Friends. Hertford HNC, I lam. Fri: C. St Bonaventurc, Welwyn Garden City, 7.30pm. Sat: V. St lvtary & Joseph Church. Roselixe, Herne' Hempstead.

Bishop P0'ilonoghue (Wminster, W area): Sun: 01. & St Bridget's, Isleworth, I Dam. Mon: Gumley Use Convent, 7am. Ric: St Anne's. Underwood Road, 7pm. Wed: Episcopal 0 Clifton Cathedral, Bristol. Thu: InterVws., Isleworth, Ilam. Sr Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, GOVeMO1S. Spot. Fri: Area Staff Mtg. I lam. The Passage Day Centre. 2.30pm. Sat: Cardinal Wiseman Sch, Greenfont. Sports. 10rum Westminster Cathedral Planned Giving M. 3pm. The Sacred Heart ('hurch. Teddington, V. 6pro.

Bishop F Walmsley (Forces): Sun: Scottish Bp's Conference, Scotus College. Glasgow. Wed: Episcopal (), Bp of Clifton, Cathedral. Thu: United Services Catholic A.CSOC Mtg, Aldershot, Mum Fri: M. Chelsea, St Michael & St George. 6pm. Sat: Bishopric Pastoral Council. 9.30-ant WALES

Bishop D Mullins (Menevia): Wed: Episcopal 0. Clifton Cathedral. Thu: Mtg of Diocesan Council of Priests, Carmarthen, 11 ant. Fri: Station M. Hay-on-Wye. 7pm. Sat: Lenten M & Sermon. SrDavid's Priory City Centre, 2.30pm. Bishop .iabaie (Coadjutor Meneviah Sun: Rome Cleat until Tue. Wed: Episcopal 0, Clifton Cathedral. Station M. St Benedict's Sketty. 7.30pm. Thu: Diocesan Council of Priests

Bishop E Regan (Wredaun,): Sun: Legion of Mary Aciss Ceremony, [-lily. 3pm. Tue: RC/Anglican Study Day,Wrexham, 10.30am Connah's Quay, Deanery Penitential Service, 7,30pm. Wed: Episcopal 0. Bristol. Deanery Lenten S. Denbigh, 7.30pm. Thu: Deanery Penitential S. Cathedral, 7.30pm. Fri: Deanery Stations of the Cross, Colwyn Bay, 7pm. Sat: Family Life Mts. Loreto 2-4pm. V. Penmacnmawr.

Key: NI-Mass., C-Confirmation. V-VIsitation. 0-Ordination. Mig-Mecting. SchSchool. FS-Ecumenical Service.

We regret than we cannot guarantee the inclusion of Bishops' engagements received later than midday on the Monday prior to publication.

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