Page 6, 23rd May 1947

23rd May 1947
Page 6
Page 6, 23rd May 1947 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholie Information Front Abroad

Page 6 from 22nd November 1946

Catholic Information From Abroad

VATICAN CITY PRIVATE AUDIENCES. The Pope has recently received in private audience Cardinals Carlo Rossi, Lavitrano and Jorio Piezardo; Mgr. Ellis, Bishop of Nottingham ; Archbishop Mahe of the Congregation of the Eastern Church; Mgr. Pic, Bishop of Valence; Bishop Lacroix, Vicar Apostolic of Hudson Bay; Bishop Lajeunness, Vicar Apostolic of Keewatin (Manitoba); the Abbot of lvfonserrat ; Mgr. von Streng, Bishop of Basle; Mgr. Caninada, Bishop of Coira; Mgr. Bieler, Bishop of Sion; Mgr. di Paula, Bishop of Piraeicaba (Brazil); the Vicar General of the Society of Bethlehem ; Lord Morris; Mrs. Gertrude Lane O'Donnel. and her son ; Mrs. Alice O'Gorman; M. Enrico Celia ; Mgr. Rohracher, Archbishop of Salzburg; Bishop Tschann, Vicar General of Innsbruck for the territory of Vorarlberg.

SPECIAL AUDIENCES. The Pope has received in special audience the General Chapter of the Sons of St. Camillus, the General Chapter of the Fathers of the Trinity, a group of ladies of Italian Catholic Action, and prominent officials of the Swiss Catholic cantons, the Hon, Maud Acland Hood with Sir Harold and Lady Hood. APPOINTMENTS. The Pope has appointed Mgr. James McManus, C.SS.R., to be Bishop of Ponce (Porto Rico); Mgr. John Cody to be titular Bishop of Apollonia and Auxiliary to the Archbishop of St. Louis; Mgr. John Wright to be titular Bishop of Aegese and Auxiliary to the Archbishop of Boston; Mgr. James Byrne to be titular Bishop of Derma and Auxiliary to the Archbishop of St. Paul's (Minnesota); Fr. Henry Klonowski to he titular Bishop of Daldis and Auxiliary to the Bishop of Scranton : Mgr. Antonio Alves to be titular Bishop of Arcyanda and Auxiliary to the Archbishop of Sao Paulo (Brazil); Fr. John Sison to be titular Bishop of Lintata and Auxiliary to the Bishop of Nuovo Segovia (Brazil); Mgr. John Kyne, Vice-Itector of the Irish College, Rome, to be Bishop of Meath,

The NEW SUPERIOR GENERAL of office the Congregation of the Ministers of the Sick is Fr. Chants Mansfeld. He was recently elected to the offi at a General Chapter of the Order held in Rome.

The GENERAL CHAPTER of the Fathers of the Most Holy Trinity, held last week in Rome. elected as the new Minister Genet al Fr, Ignatius, of the Most Holy Sacrament. The new Minister General has been Vicar General since the death of Fr. Antonio, of the Assumption, whose Vicar Genera' he was made in 1942. The new. Superior is 47 years old, The GENERAL CHAPTER of the Salvatorians has elected Fr. Francis Emmenger Father General of the Congregation.

THE SOCIETY of the African Missions, at their General Chapter, have elected Fr. Stephen Harrington as their Superior General. Er. Harrington was Irish Provincial of the Society.

AT THE CARMELITE General Chapter. held in Rome, the Very Rev. Kilian Lynch, O.Carm., Provincial ot the New York Province of the Order, was elected Prior General. Fr. Kilian is the brother of Fr. M. E. Lynch, 0.Carne, director of the Carmelite Press, Faversham, Kent, and of Fr. Malachy Lynch, Prior, Mande°, Wales.

AUSTRALIA The ADULT EDUCATION programme established in the archdiocese of Sydney in many suburban centres is being attended by large groups of Catholics. In one such centre, Randwick, about 80 were present to hear a lecture on " The Existence of God." The centres arc so arranged that all districts of the diocese are covered. A Similar, though more centralised course, is being conducted in Melbourne. An INFORMATION SERVICE for the use of Australian non-Catholics has opened been oned at the Central Catholic Library, in the heart of Melbourne. rs of the Legion of Staffed by members Mary, the centre provides literature, answers enquiries, and recommends suitable reading.

A SPECIAL OBSERVANCE of the Church Unity Octave—usually celebrated between January 18 and 25— will be held in the

ney during May 1 archdiocese ol Syd8-25, the week preceding the Feast of Pentecost.

AUSTRIA Sr.STEPHEN'S Cathedral may be ready for regular use by Christmas of this year, but the complete restoration would probably take until 1955. So far about 18.000 tons of rubble have number of work men removed ; the numbrk men permanently employed was 160 to 200, among them being 60 to 80 AMCMasons.


AT THE MARIAN CONGRESS, to be held at Ottawa-from June 18-22, the Dionne quintuplets will take part in some of the ceremonies as solo choristers. It is now confirmed that nine Cardinals will he present.


THE POPE has appointed Mgr. Antonio Taffi, Papal Nuncio in Cuba and titular Archbishop of Sergiopolis, upon the reteement due to ill-health of Pitchbishop Centrum

FRANCE MGR, ADRIAN BRESSOLLES, vice-rector of the Catholic Institute, and Chaplain General l of the ce

French Navy, recently elected Director oo

General of the Holy Childhood, has been approved and confirmed in that office by the Pope. The Holy Childhood is a world-wide work in aid of the missions, particularly among child ren THE MONTFORT MISSIONARIES, at a General Chapter at Saint Laurent-surlevre, near the tomb of their fouridd, Bid. Grignion de Montfort, elected as Superier General of the Company of Mary and of the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom, Fr. Alexander Josselin. A Frenchman

by birth, Fr. Josselin is 46. .

GERMANY THE HEAD of the U.S. Military Government Religious Affairs Division in Hesse, said last week that the present shortage of clergymen in Hesse will probably develop into a serious crisis within the next five years. The Catholic Church in Hesse requires immediately 254 parish priests and another 383 to look after the refugees. THE PASSION PLAY at Oberammagau is to be revived and the first postwar performance will be held in 1950, according to Agency reports from Bavaria. AT LETMATHE, in Westphalia, 250 delegates from all four zones met this week to re-form the League of Catholic Business Men, which was suppressed by Hitler in 1938. The offices of the newly reconstituted League will be in Essen.

HUNGARY A PASTORAL LETTER of Cardinal Joseph Mindzenty, Primate of Hungary, was published on May IO, reports Vatican Radio, in which the Cardinal earnestly appeals to clergy and laity to Hungarians deported from Czecho slovakia. Hun

slovakia. These number about 100,000,

he says. " In general we can only help at the moment by our prayers. However, to those who come to our doore despoiled of everything and exhausted by privation and suffering, we can give sonic aid from our meagre provisions, small though they be, so that they may be able 1.0 rest for the time being at least, in order that the justice of God may right the injustice of man."

ITALY ON THURSDAY last, the Feast of the Ascension, the embalmed body of Bid. Maria Goreiti Was translated from the Basilica of SS. John and Paul to Albano, where a Triduum in honour of the new saint was solemnised. The relics were afterwards transferred to native tive Nettuno, where they svill repose in a chapel dedicated to the new Beata.

A VASTnumber of Catholic workers and trade unionists gathered

Rome for

in one of the Basilicas of

the commemoration of the 56th anniversary of the publication of Rerum Novarurn by Pope Leo XIII. The workers were addressed by Sig, de Gaspen, and two Christian Democratic M.P.s.

INDIA CATHOLICS OF INDIA were assured that their rights will be safeguarded and protected in any future constitutional change by Professor J. B. Kripalani, president of the Indian National Congress, when entertained by prominent Indian Catholics at an open-air meeting in the yard of St. Anthony's Church, Cochin. The church was foueded more than 300 years ago by St. Francis Xavier.


THE CHURCH of St. Elena, in Rio Verde, Mexico City, which, under Cardenas. was made over to the Department of Agriculture, has been restored per use to its pro after a petition from the parishioners was allowed by the President.

NETHERLANDS ROBERT SPEAIGHT, the wellknown actor, is to tour the Netherlands from May 27 to June 2. He will lecture on " Contemporary Catholic Novelists in England," and recite from English drama, especially from T. S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral. Amsterdam, Leiden and Nymegen are among the cities he will visit.

BISHOP WILLEKENS, Vicar Apestolic of Batavia, left for the Netherlands on Monday. He is to discuss education, social work and health measures in Indonesia with the Netherlands Government.

POLAND Fr. VLADISLAV JAN SLAPA, Vicar General of Polis,h displaced persons in East Africa, arrived in Paris last week on his way to Poland to observe conditions on behalf of 18,000 Poles inAfrican camps. UN.R.R.A. arranged Fr. Stapes mission, in connection with its spring repatriation programme.

YUGOSLAVIA VATICAN RADIO, quoting an American source this week, says that the incidents that are happening every day in the diocese of Mostar show what the Yugoslav authorities mean by "religious liberty." Only nine of the 31 secular priests, says the Agency, have freedom to exercise their ministry. The others have suffered various fates; some have just disappeared, others are believed to have been liquidated and others have taken refuge abroad. The regular clergy, particularly the Fran ciscans, have suffered enormous losses. The Bishop of Mostar is daily insulted by students.

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