Page 10, 23rd May 1986

23rd May 1986
Page 10
Page 10, 23rd May 1986 — The miracle worker and his secrets

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The miracle worker and his secrets

A MARVELLOUS, intense letter from Allan Campbell, writing from a YNCA address in South Humberside, tells me that he came into the Catholic church a few years ago and his best friend tells him its something of a miracle too! He quotes from a book by Fr Ladislaus Boros In Time of Temptation_

"It would have been easy for Christ to 'bewitch' the world. He chose instead obscurity and self-sacrifice . . During his public career He never worked miracles just as the mood took him, for his own convenience or in search of popularity, and indeed not even simply out of pity for physical suffering.

His healing was incidental. He healed only when these acts of mercy could have spiritual meaning. He wanted to set at work in the world an inner, hidden dynamic to create in us a principle of life which would give birth in secret to powers that could both form and transform us . ."

Taking another consoling letter at random, reader Daniel Landsberger confirms what I certainly now realise. "The answer to your question about `the Messianic Secret' is certainly not obvious or simple ... The general consensus of scholarly opinion today is that Jesus probably never explicitly claimed to be Messiah.

The realisation of his identity came only in the light of the Resurrection experience .

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