Page 6, 23rd May 1986

23rd May 1986
Page 6
Page 6, 23rd May 1986 — B m i n w ith b• RELIGIOUS ROUND-UP Letters Summer 1926 Pasternak,

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B m i n w ith b• RELIGIOUS ROUND-UP Letters Summer 1926 Pasternak,

Tsvetayeva, Rilke (Jonathan Cape, £15.00). A three way correspondence which sheds light on the nature of inspiration, the creative process and how poets influence each other.

The Perfection of Love by Tony Castle (Fount, £2.95). A well chosen selection of passages from spiritual writers. Its spectrum is wide and it is heartening to note the inclusion of modern writers Like Thomas Merton, Carlo Carretto and Mother Teresa.

The Deers Cry edited by Patrick Murray (Four Courts Press). An Anthology of Irish religious verse from earliest times to the present day. Comprehensive and containing interesting notes on authors and translations.

Heroes of the Faith by William Dargue (Oxford, £8.50). Very suitable for our multi-racial society, well known stories from the world's best known religious. Contains background notes and passages from holy books.

Abortion — Crisis in Morals and Media by Pamela F Sims (IVP, £1.95). Contains a realistic, carefully argued case for the problems of the unborn child.

The Religious of Power by Cheryl Forbes (MARC, £1.95). Cheryl Forbes says "Power is a God," success is its creed. This book is a challenge to us. We are called upon to examine our attitudes towards power and our motives and to compare them with those given in the Bible.

Jesus and the Kingdom of God by G R Beasley-Murray (Paternoster Press, £19.95), The author, a well-known New Testament scholar, provides a detailed study of the Kingdom and a thorough rethinking of New Testament eschatology and the issue of the Son of Man.

Source by John L Mackenzie (Thomas More Press, £9.95). The first volume in a new series on the central questions of faith and morality. Because the Bible texts were first written down in a society and a world vastly different from our own it is obvious that expert guidance is necessary. Who better than the author of a Dictionary of the Bible to provide this? Fr Mackenzie is, as always, clear, concise and thought provoking.

One Heart One Voice by Andrew Maries (Hodder, £1.95). Offers practical suggestions for churches of all denominations which seek to draw close to God in worship.

Songs of Faith (Lion, £2.95). Text of 20 well loved hymns and their stories, contains some very beautiful colour photos — a pleasing gift.

Stories of Jesus by Timothy Dudley-Smith (Lion, £4.95). Stories of Jesus retold, appealingly illustrated by Terry Gabbey.

Alternative Assembly Book by Linda Hoy and Mike Hoy (Longmans, £10.95). Conveniently arranged — a book about today's world for today's young people. Good

range of subject. Contains stimulating ideas and up to date prayers.

Shopping For God by John Allen (1VP, £1.95). Mormonism, the Jehovah's Witnesses, The Family of Love — most of us have heard of these sects but what do we know about them? The author analyses the factors which characterise these cults historically and socially and challenges all Christians to react positively.

Thomas Kala

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