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23rd May 2003
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Page 12, 23rd May 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops Engagements

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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

May 25 to May 31

Canlinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Son:3pm Attends celehration'of the Restoration of Si Patrick's Cathedral A rmligh. Morr6pm M for the Catholic Archives Society Conien:nce (Campion House, ()smile)* Toe: Interviews and Engagements. Wed: Council of Priests (Westminster Cathednil Hall). Thir4pm Meets with Bishops Conference Staff; 6:30pm Attends Ascension Day Reception,

Fri; 1 Oatri Archbishop's Cooneil. San 10:30am Opens Fides el Ratio Conference at Heythrop Csillege (Kensington); I 2rinon: Celebrates 75th anniversary at St Georges parish (Sudbwy Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Sun-17M Diocesan Pilgrimager to Lourdes. Anehhishop P Kelly (liverpool): Surv3pin Rededication of the Cathedral Chun:h of Si )atrick, Armagh. Tue: I 2noon Episcopal Ordination of RI Revd Thomas Williams as Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool. Metropol itan C'utlicdral of Christ the King, Liverpool; 7:30pm An:Mimesis,' Council for Evangelisation ring, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre fur Evangeiisation. Wed:1030arri Council of Priests. Liverpool Anialiocesan Centre for Evangelisation: fpm; M Si Anthony's, Scotland Road, Liverpool. Fri; 7:30put M of Thanksgiving for the Golden Jubilee idVery Rev Canon Vincent Burrowes. St Lewis, Croft.. Sat: 12noon Slits-rye-MI VA Mass and AC1M, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation; 7pm V M Holy Angels, Kirkby.

Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): Suritpm John Wesley's 300th Anniversary, Si Paul's Cathedral. Tue:12: 30pm Albanians' Muss. St George's Cathednd fullowal by Lunch. iliu:5:30pm Ana Bishops' nrig...Irchbishop's House. Sat:12noon Cekbruuon of Golden Jubilee of Bishop Howard Tripp's Ordination to the Priesthood, The John Fisher School. Purley. Biahop K Conry (Arundel & Brightoiri:Suri:2:30por Brighton Deanery Confirmations. Arundel Cathedral; 6pm: M Brighton University. Tue: 0 of Rev. Thomas Williams. Wedmm Mtg at Si Joseph's Ilan, siorringion; eve: Friends of the Cathedral, Adrundel Cathedral. ilm:5:30prn M Suney University. Eri:Sprit Guildford Deanery Confirmations. Guild. foal Sat: I lam opening new Convent building at alidhorst: Spnr: Guildford Deanery Confirmations.

liEthoP 1' ruttier (13.11aln auxil):Sun-Fri: Diocesun Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: Farewell lunch for the Bishop of Chelmstiled on his retirement; V ( 7 Our Lady of Grace & Si Tmrsa of Avila, Chingfon.I.Tue: Attends mtg of Youth 2003, Cathedral Flue 3pm. Wed: V Colehesta Garrison. Fri Mtg. Cubed:al tifli=s, Chelmsford. Sat: 0 of priest SS Peter and Paul, Ilford 11.30am. BK1. sop D Lung (Clifton): Tue:7:30pin M at Uk AUST Pilysirriage. W*1:7:301:411 C St Peter's. Gloucester. Thu:7:30pm C Holy Family. Swindon. Sal; V to St Mary's, Bath. Bishop 51 Evans tlt Anglia): Sun:1 pm5pin Gathering with Young People preparing to go an Pilgrimage to Thin, Bishop's I Inuse. Poringland. Tue.:12noon Annual Children's Pilgrimage to Walsingham. 'Thu: I(lam Ascension Day Mass, St John's Cathedral; 7;30pin M in Si Mary's, Titer, font Erilipm CAM!) evening. St John's Cathedral. Sat:10:30am Deacon's Day. Bishop'sI kiting, Poringland. 'Bishop A Grin% atexham & Newcastro: sun: roam M at St Joseph's. Nonon, Stockton on lees.111e:7:30pm inter-Faith Leaders mtg. Wed: V to English Martyrs, Stockton on Tees. Thu:5 jOpm NI at St Mary's Cathedral for Ascension Day followed by opening of new Bookshop. Satam NECCT Fonim: 2pm: Rosary Rally ta Our Lady Queen of Pare, Penshaw; 6:30pm Celebrates Mass ai English Martyrs. Stockton on Tees.

Bishop PO'lkinogisue (Lancaster): The: 0 of new Bishop. Liverpool. Wal:10:30iim V Chaplaincy. University of Central Lancashire:4pm: Mtg of Steering Committo:. Council of Priests, Lanimster. Thu: I I run Erlocation Policy & Management Committee mtg. Lancaster: 3prn: Interviews for Pemianent 1)iaconate. Fri:11 am 13ishop's

Council mtg.

Bishop 1) Konstant (Leeds): Sun; II am C Sc Peter & Paul, Yeadon. Tue.] 2tasm 0 of Rt Res Thomas Williams, Liverpool. Wett6pm V Our Lady of the Missions Convent, Guiseley. Thu: I 2noon M for Ascension, Cathedral. Sat: I2noon M & AGM for CWL, St Puulinus, Dewsbury. Bishop A Roche (coadjutor. Leeds): MOW. I 211o011 0 of RI Rev Thomas Williams, Liverpool. Tue:5prn Junior

Clerg tvlydsfieron Grange, Ilkley. Wed.10.30ain Cleigy Surgery Day. Stoncleigh (Mat '11a0:30pni M for Ascension. Cathedral.

Bishop V Malone (L'pool auxil): Sun: V linty I.-airily, Southport. Tue:l2noon 0 of Rt Revd Thomas Williams as Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool: 7:30pm Atvhdiocesan Council for Evangelisation mtg. Liverpool Arehditxaman Centre for Ev igelisaion. Wed:8:45am trverpool City Centre Lcurnenical Team; I 0:30arn COM cil of Prieas. Livirapool Archtliovesan atilt for Evangelisation: Fri:7pm M of Thanksgiving Mr the Golden Jubilee of Very Rev Canon Kevin Mullen. St Mary, Chorley. Sal; Arclithmesan Pilgrimage to Ladywell. Fernybough. Bishop J C7rowley (Middlesbrough): Sunni: Leads the 50th Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes Bishop K McDonald (Northampton): Wed:7:30pin C St Dunstan, Bourne End. Thu. V t Magduleac College, Cambridge. Fri. / 30plii C Our Lady of Loonies. Coffee

Hall, Milton Keynes Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham). Sun Diricwsim Pilgrimage to Walsingivan. Mon

Wed: Clergy Conference, Hayes Gmterence Centre. Swanwick. Wed:7pm C Our Lady of Good Counsel, Leicester. Fri:7pm C Si Maly's, Brigg. Sat:1 larn Special Ministers of the Eucharist 25th.Anniversary Celebrations, Assembly Rooms. Derby.

Bishop 4.2 H011iti (Portsmouth): Sun: V Stirred Heart, Bunion. C Channel Islands.leisey. Fri:7pui Apostleship of the Semi Dinner, Southampton. Sat: Mtg with Inactive CkrgyHavant; 6pm: M St Joseph's. Clamor.

Bishop T Brain (Salford); Sun:2:30prn 150th Anniversay MIISS, St Mary's, Levenshul me. Tue: 12 noon 0 of Canon T. Willianis at Liverpool Cathedral. Wed; 10:30am 'Taff, in the Future" mtg. Wardley Hall. lhu:7:30pin Mass to 1.xlebraie 5(1 years of SMA Fathers in Manchester. St John's Cathedral. Fri:ani Private appointments. Wardley Hall; 7:30pm Golden Jubilee Mass (Er Francis Eitzpatnek) Guardian Angels. Bury. Sat:12ncon 1506 Anniversary Celebrations of the Cross and Passion Sisters, Ss Peter & Paul. Bolton. Bishop C Henderson S' work Auxil Sun:10:30am MC St Paurs.Thrumesmatd. 5pin: Attends John lvesley 'Tercentenary ' Celebrations, St Paui's Cathedral Toe:1230pin M with Priest Jubilarians. St George's Cathedral SE I ; 7:30pm MC Si Pairiek's, Plumstead. Wed:11:30am M for Union of Catholic Mothers pilgrimage to Ayiestord. Thu:5:30pm Attends Diocesan Bishops. nag, Archbishop's HOUS.t: Sac 12noon Attends Silver Jubilee of Priest hood Mass at John Fisher School, Purley. Bishop J Huse (S' work Auxil).. Sow 12noon C Sc Henry & Elizabeth Sheppey. Mon: No Official Engagements. The: Presides am AGM of the Venerable English College Association. Hinsley Hull, Leeds. Wed: Ni' Official Engagements. Thte3pm Mtg re. Marriage & Family Life, Ecclestone Square, London. Fri: No Official Engagement,. Sat:12110mi Attends Bishop Howard Tripp Golden Jubilee al St John Fisher Purley School chapel.

Bishop A How: (W'mhister Auxil): Surr3 C in the parish of Enfield. The: (I of Bishop Elect Thomas Williams. Liverpool. WA Courted of Priests mtg. Westminster C:rithedral Hall. 'Thu:1 lam Finance Board trig, Archbishop's House; pm: Interviews & Engagements, Archbishop's House. Ftiant Archbishop's Council trig: pm: Interviews & Engagements, Archbishop's House Bishop B Longley (W' moister Auxil): Sun:3pm C Our Lsdy's, St John Wood. Toe: 1 2pm Episcopal Consecration of Bishop-eksalbornas Williams, new Auxil iary Bishop of Liverpool. Wed:10:30am Council of Priests. Cathedral Hall, Westminster; 7:30pm C St Gabriel's, Upper Holloway. Thin5:30pm Ascension Day Mass. Westminster Cathedral. Fri:1(kun Archbishop's Council. Sat69m C St Jantes. Spanish Place Bishop J O'Brien tWininster, Hens area): Sun:ain C Si Hilda's, Stevenage. Wed: Westminster Council of Priests. 'Thu:7:301mo C St Bonoventure, Welwyn Garden City. Fri: I Oarn Archbishop's Council, Archhishop's !louse. Sat:2prn Centenary of Daughters of Providence, Wood Green; 6:30pm C SI Mary's, East Finehley. Bishop G Stack ( W'minshr Sun:2pm C St Bernard/St Gabriel 's. Sormi Ii I lartow: 6pm: 300th centenary. John Wesley. St Paul's Cathedral. Tue:4prn Committee mtgs (St Mary's &cowbell). Hill). Archbishop's House. Wed:10:30am Westminster Council or Priests. Cathedral Hall. Thu.8pm BBC Ascension Day Service, St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, Fri:10am Archbishop's Council; 7:30pm C St Mutthius.13roadfields. Sat I I:30am C All Saints, Kenton.

Bishop H Tripp (S'wark Auxil.) : Sun:11 :30am Consecrates a new altar at St Joseph's Church. New Malden: fipm: Ecumenical Service at St Paul's Cathedral to celebrate the 30(Ali Anniversary of the Birth ofJohn Wesley. Mon:3pm M to mark the Parish Centenary of St Gertrude's. South Croydon at Parish Day at Woldingham School-hie:12:30pm Concelebnitc.s. at J ubilarians' Mass at St George's (:atheririi Sat:1 2noon Celebrates the Golden Jubilee Mass at St John Fisher School. Purley. Bishop T Bums (Forces): Sun: In Newcastle. Man: Bank Holiday. Tan: Ivhlitary Holiday. Fri: 1900 Apostleship of the Sea. Sal: C Sidcup Marist Fathers


Anehbishop P Smith (Conliff): Tue:7prn (• kw the parishes of St Anne's, Malpas and Si David Lewis, Newport. Wed: CRAC nag in London. 'Thu: (7R AC nue in London Fri:6pm Chairing the mtg at the Willium Hodgkins Lecture Hall in the City ("Math. Windsor Plaoe. Cardiff.

Bishop M JabaltdMenevia): I lam Canonical Visitation to St Michael's Parish. Brecon_ Fri:7pm Canonical Visitation to Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, Burry Port Bishop E Regan (Wrexham.): Sun: V RhyL Tue. 10:30am OGF Committee mtg. Bangor; 12noon: Mtg with Anglican Bishops. Bangor. Wed: National Project Steering Committee mtg, London. Thu: I 2noon M in Cathednd. Fn: Vocations' Day. Llandudno. Sat: V Within.

Key: MMass. C-Cranfinnation. V-14sitalion. 0-Ordination. Mfg-Meeting. SchSchool. ES-Ecamenical Service.

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