Page 10, 23rd November 1973

23rd November 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 23rd November 1973 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Catholic Parents' Association, St. Edmund's School, TheologIcal Commission, Clownsida School, Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Anthony's Hospital, Dlocesan Finence Committee, Cuthbert Mayne School, Episcopal Commission, Ushaw College, Liaison Committee of C.M, Cardinat Boerne School, Maria Assurnpta College, Imperiai College, Joseon'a Academy, National Council of Lay Apostoiate, Bede's School, Holy Nativity Church, Mass Metropolitan Teacharel Association, Catherine's School, Newcastle Regional Hospital Board, Holland College, La Sainte Union School, Clergy Senate, Church of the Sacred Heart, Westminster Liturgoal Commission, Sociaf Morality Council, St. Thomas More's School, Chaplains' Advisory Committee, Religious Education Centre, La Sainte Union, St. Oeyid's Centre, King Church, Catholic Society, National Catholic Fund


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B ishop Butler, Auxiliary of Weltminstar Friday! Anglieen/R.C. Meeting, Westminster. Saturday: Vocatlons Mass Coricalebrarion. Cardinat Boerne School. 4. SundaY! Visitation and Confirmation, London Colney Monday: 1hieulogy Commission, Oscott. Wednesday: Ammerdown House meeting, Bath. Thursday: Sociaf Morality Council, Kensington. 12,30; Confirmation, Boamoor, 7.30. Friday: Fteiigious Cornelis

510n meetlng. Harewood Avenue. 11.30.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday-Muriday; Breet Deanery. Vlsitation. Kingsbury. Suriday; Masa tOr the Handicapped, 3. Wednesday: Brum Deanery. meeting of Religious.

B ishop GuaxseIli, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Maria Assurnpta College. 3; Concelebrates Mass. Si Charles Square, silver jubilee, 7 Saturday: National Council of Lay Apostoiate, 4. Sunday: La Sainte Union, Highgate, 5. Monday: Westminster Liturgoal Commission, 5.30. Tuesday: More House, Imperiai College. Mass. 12. Wednesday. La Sainte Union School, 9.15; St. Thomas Mora Family Group, 6.30, Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Synday: Civic Mass, St. Chad's Cathactral. 10.30: Contianation and Benediction, Oltor Friary, 3; St. Marts in the Bull Ring. 6.30. Monday: TheologIcal Commission. Oscan Coilege. 10.30. Wednesday: Visitation, St, Anne's Parish, Chelmsley Wood, 10.30. Thursday: Heythrop Collage GOvernors' meeting.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Opening of Christ the King Church. Sutton. St. Helens. 4. Wednesday: Visitation of sick and school, Dudley, 10.30 lhursday: Clergy Day of Recollection. OuIton Abbey, Stone, 11.30 Friday: Concelebrates Mass, St. Edmund's

School, VVolverhompton, 3.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Mrcy Meeting C,E,c. 1 I. Wednesday: Visits schools and sick. SI. George. VVcircester. 11. Thursday: Priests' Day of Recollection, Harhome, 11.30. Friday: Visits school and sick. Or Lady's Worcester, 11.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Friday: Meeting, Curial Offices. Sunday: Biasses and opens the new St. Anne's and Blessed Dumiriic, Sutton, 4.

B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Celebrates Mass in VVaitoo Prison, 9; celebrates Mass and preaches in Metropolitan Cathedral on Patron& Feast, Solemn Opening and Blessing of the new taturch of St. Anne's and Blessed Domini.° Barbed, Sutton. Si. Reran's, 4. Wednesday: Visits schools and sick at Our Lady's. Leigh, on occasion of parish visitation. Thursday: Meeting of Deanery Liturgical Representatives at Up Holland College. 37 Friday: Building Office Meeting, Curial Offices, 11; addresses Clergy of Kirkby Deanery, 4; celebrates Mass for married couples at Si, Mary's, Warrington, and confers Bent Merenti Medal after Mass, 7.30 Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Friday: Mass Metropolitan Teacharel Association. Cathedral, 5.30. Saturday: Lays foundation stone of new Si, Anthony's Hospital, North Cheam, 2.30 Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, Lewisham, 3. Wednesday: Staff meeting. Si. John's Seminary, Wonersh. Thursday: Mass and Confirmation, Thornton Reath.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Sunday: Confirmation, Cat ford, 3. Muoday: Dlocesan Finence Committee meeting. 11; Catenian Clergy Night P .M. TUEMIRY; CoEiflrmstk,n, Norbury. 7.30, Wednesday: Statt meeting, St. John's Seminary, Wonarsh, Friday: Sr. Joseon'a Academy prize-giving, Cadent Town Hall. 7.

B iahopl/Vorlock of Portsmouth Friday: Messing of new school chapel, St. Edmund's School. Portsmouth, 3. Saturday: National Catholic Fund meeting, Archbishop's House, Westminster, 10 30 Sunday: St. Edmund's Southampton, uisitation and Confirmation.

Monday. Concelebrates Mass wlth Island clergy, Sr Mary and Si. Peter's, Jersey, 7. Tuesday) Induction of new Dean, St. Joseph's, Guernsey, 7.30; staff meeting, St. John's Seminary, Wonersh, 11. Thursday: Addresses Catholic Society. Southampton UniversIty Catholic Chaplaincy, 8.

Bishop Grant of Northampton Saturday-Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, Si, Brendan's, Corby. Tuesday; Clergy Night. Peterborough Catenians. Wednesday: Consecration of raw altar at S aured Heart. Stopsley. Luton. Thursday: Postponed visit kr schools. St. Patrick's, Corby.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Sunday: Visltralon and Copfirmation, Our Lady and St. Wulsten, Costessey Monday-Tuesday: Meeting of Cetholic priests involved in ecumenical areas, Haywerds Heath. Wednesday: Westminster Religious Education Centre, Lecture on -Christianity.

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham Saturday: Presides at Mass for silver jubilee of Polish community in Nottingheni, Suriday; Visitation and confirmation, Hucknall. Friday: Dinner for golden jubilee of Knights of St. Columba, Nottingham.

Bishop Helfand of Salford Saturday: Slassee new hall and opens Christmas Fair, S r. Hilda, Tottington. 3. Sunday: Visitation, 11.30: confirmation. Our Lady and St. Paul, Heywood. 3.30. Tuesday: Clergy Senate, Allen Hall, '10.30. Wednescley: Begins ViSitalion and confirmation, St. Joseph, Heywood, 2.4E. Thursday: Continues Visitation, St. Joseph, Heywood, 10.30. Europe '73 Programme 'Third World Lunch', Magnum Hotel, Manchester, 12.30: Blesses and

opens St. Joie, Fisher Primary Scheel, Boarshaw, Middleton, 7.30. Friday; Visits Daughters of the Cross Convent. Bury. 4. Pishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford

Friday: ES611,1, VISIt,t10,1, St. Ma rl Bury, 11. Saturday: Blessed Sacrament Procession, closing of Forty Hours. Salford Cathedral, B. Sunday: Visitation 11, Confirmation 3, St, Marie's, Bury Monday: Mass, Presentatitrn Convent, Manchester, 6. Tuesday: Clergy Senate, Allen Hall, 10.3a Thursday: Begins visitation. St. Joseph's, Baty, 11.30, Friday: Episcopal Commission for Religious, Harewood Avenue: London, 11.30.

Bishop Alexander, Auxillory of Clifton S.nday: Visitalinn Thornhury, Confirmation. Monday) Opening of NACRO Ex hibition, Holy Nativity Church, Bristol. Tuesday: Finance meeting, St. Oeyid's Centre, Radcliffe, Bristol. Wednesday._ ContirmatIon. Clownsida School, 5.40. Thursday: Mass. Burnham-on-Sea, 7.30. Friday: Confirmation St Thomas More, Cheltenham, 7.

Bishop Reetleaux of Plymouth Saturday: Visits Senior Teachers' Catechatical Course. Notre Dame. Plymouth. Sunday: Masa and Visitation, 11, Confirmation, 3, Paignton. Tuesday: Deanery Ceaference. Thursday: Mass at Launceston. 7. Friday; Muss at Cuthbert Mayne School, Torquay, 10.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood Friday: Mass and opens extension to St. Thomas More's School, Wegreliff-on-Sea, 8. Sunday; Visitation, St. Joseph's. Opminster. Tuesday: Visitation and confirmation, St. Thomas of Canterbury, Woodford Green. Wednesday: Staff meeting. St. John's Seminary. Wonersh, Thursday: Meeting of chairmen of Diocesan Commissions, Bishop's House. 10.30 Friday: Concelebrates Mass end inducts parish priest, St. Thomas More's, Waltham Abbey, 7.30.

Bishop Cunningham of Hingham and Newcastle Sunday. Muss and Confirmation, Corpus Christi, Gateshead, 3.30. Wednesday: Blesses vestments, Marie Reparatrice Convent Newcastle, followed by

Benediction. 4

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Heathens end Newcastle Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Houghton is Spring Tuesday: Chaplains' Advisory Committee, Newcastle Regional Hospital Board Headquarters, 11. Wadaeaday: Clergy Liturgy Day, Ushaw College, 10.30, Prize-giving, Si. Bede's School, Lanchester, 7.30. Friday: North Eastern Ecumenical Group, Auckland Castle. 2.30; Province 30 K.S.C. annual dinner. Shepherd's, Gateshead, B.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting, Trinity and All Sainte. Colleges, 2. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Nicholas', Leeds. Thursday. School Mass, Norreamon.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Alban's, St. Anne's on Sea, 10.30 Thursday Finance meeting, Bishop's House, 10.30 Friday: Concelebrates Mass for deceased bishops Find clergy of diocese. St. Monica's. Blackpool 11.30.

Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Mater Amabills, Ambleside, Thursday; Finance meeting. Lancaster. Friday: Meeting of Liaison Committee of C.M,R.S.. London

Bishop Grasar of Shrewsbury Friday: Wallasey Catholic Parents' Association annual dance. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Our Lady of the Rosary, Donninglon, Friday: Area Inter-denominational Committee. Telfofd,

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury -Friday: Area loter-deriontirrational Committee. Telford; presides at silver jubilee Mass, P001 Clete Convent, Ellesmere, Menday; Gives Ecurnanicai Clergy Reeerlieetion,

Ellesmere Port.

Bishop Boa... of Arundel and Brighton Saturday: Celebrates Mass for Worthing Deanery. Cathedral, Arundel, 3, Sunday: Confirmation. Church of the Sacred Heart, Catotharn, Surrey. Monday: Celebrates Mass, blesses and opens new school buildings. St, Catherine's School, Littluharnp ton. Wednesday. Meetina at St. John's Seminary. Wonersh. Thursday: Meeting of House of Hospitality, Holy Cross Priory, Heathfieid; rneeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Bishop's House, Hove.


Cardinal McKeefry, Archbishop of Wellington, New Zealand, in Weltington, aged 74. He was found slumped over his desk, and is belicveti to have had a heart attack. Peter Thomas Bertram McKeefry, who was horn in the small South Island town of Greymouth, was New Zealand's only Cardinal. He was the son of a policeman, who came from Northern Ireland.

He was ordained in Rome, went as a curate to St. Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland, in 1926, and became diocesan secretary for Auckland in 1935. He was appointed Titular Archbishop of Dercos and Coadjutor Archbishop of Wellington, with right of succession, I47. He became archbishop in 1954 and was created a cardinal in 1969.

Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gill ol Seattle, while attending the annual meeting of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, aged 65. He died of an apparent heart attack.

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