Page 10, 23rd November 1973

23rd November 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 23rd November 1973 — Charterhouse Chronicle

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Charterhouse Chronicle

Courageous young people

Eight to ten volunteers girls and boys come forward each week to join the Jinja groups in their work of charity for people of the Third World, Mr. Ronald Kerr-Muir told about 70 of us at a dinner at the House of Lords last Friday in aid of the groups.

Through the usc of practical skills such as bricklaying, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, etc., young people who are not academically qualified for overseas work with other agencies work on a variety of community projects designed to stimulate overseas communities to help themselves.

They work hand in hand with villagers, sharing their lives for a , year, simply receiving food, lodging and pocket money. Dave, for instance, a jeweller with a flair for woodwork, worked with Terry, the group's carpenter: they designed a

school and low-cost housing and

then worked with the rest ape Jinja group to build them.

In their spare time they helped the Leprosy Home and Dave became leader of the Government youth centre while Terry ran a successful judo club. The latest Jinja groupa sheet metal worker, a carpenter and a clerk flew to India in September to help with village reconstruction.

Cardinal Heenan said recently: "Members of the Jinja groups are doing something much more than all the speeches about immigration and the colour bar,"

Televisual veneration

Millions of Italian Catholics are today being permitted a rare glimpse of one of Christianity's most cherished relics the Holy Shroud, in which it is believed Christ's body was

• wrapped after his Crucifixion.

The shroud a long piece of yellowish-stained linen bearing the faint imprint of a man's body is being shown on national television in what Church authorities call "a televisual act of veneration."

It was last shown in public 40 years ago, when more than a million people flocked to Turin

Cathedral where it was placed on display.

The programme, following immediately after the evening news bulletin, was the idea of Cardinal Michele Pellegrino, Archbishop of Turin, who received enthusiastic support from the Vatican.

The transmission will start with an address by Pope Paul and end with a prayer by Cardinal Pellegrino.

The president of the Institute of Public Relations for 1973-74 will be Mr. James Derriman. who is joint vice-chairman of Charles Barker City Ltd., a leading public relations consultancy.

Educated at St. Benedicts' School, Ealing, Mr. Derriman is

low a parishioner of St. John Fisher's Merton, London, S.W., where he is vice-chairman and secretary of the parish advisory council.

Ile is a long-standing member of the Keys (the Fleet Street branch of the Catholic journalists' guild), and is a member of the Wimbledon circle of the Catenian Association. /le is a barrister and the author of four books.

One-day pilgrimage

It was disappointing not to be present on the largest air pilgrimage ever to visit Lisieux. This took place a one-day pilgrimage on Saturday last.

The pilgrims, flying from Britain, were officially received and welcomed at Deauville Airport by the Director of the

Lisieux Sanctuaries, Mgr. Durand, The visit marked the centenary of St. Theresa's birth. Some 400 pilgrims took part. The highlight was a concelebrated sung Mass in the Basilica of St. Theresa, followed by visits to all the principal places of interest in Lisieux.

Such large numbers of pilgrims confirm that devotion to St. Theresa is as popular today as it ever was.

When the hardback copy of "Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross" Carolyn Scott's well known book about London's celebrated Si. Martin-in-theFields sold out, St. Martin's financed a paperback edition. It is obtainable only from the rhtirch bookstall, clergy or vergers, and all royalties go towards the work of St. Martin's,

An annual appeal, incidentally, is made on the radio by

every Vicar of St. Martin-in-the

Fields since Dick Sheppard. Only a small portion of the money goes specifically towards the work of St. Martin's itselfhelping to keep the Social Service Unit going, etc.

The rest goes to churches, associations, social workers and individuals throughout the country to give immediate help where it is needed. by-passing official red tape: rent arrears, warm sheets, a holiday, help for someone disabled, perhaps something as small as a toy for a child at Christmas.

The present Vicar, the Rev. Austen Williams will be making the appeal this year on Radio 4 at 11.10 in the morning on December 16.

Books far and wide

More than five million books have been sent to 88 countries by the Ranfurly Library Service to combat illiteracy and promote education in the last 17 years.

Started by Lord and Lady Ranturly when they were Governor and First Lady of the Bahamas, books of every sort, donated free, are sent throughout the world at an average cost of 3p.

The only books rejected are pornography or hooks likely to upset political feelings. The Forces, transport companies, Unesco and some governments have made cheap transport facilities available. Australia, New Zealand and Canada have recently joined the scheme'. An article in the last issue ol the magazine of the Voluntary Committee for Overseas Aid and Development said books were going out at the rate of 10,000 a week from the service's Kensington headquarters.

When the FIMCAPfits

Cecil James, General Secretary of the Catholic Youth Service Council has been elected Vice-President of the International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Groups (FIMCAP) at the ninth general assembly held in Marseilles. FIMCAP brings together Catholic Youth organisations with a triambership of over a million young people from all over the world, It enjoys the official approval of the Council of the Laity in Rome.

The General Assembly is held every five years. Study meetings for youth leaders take place each autumn and attendance at the annual Euroloeum in the spring is a regular feature of the programme of English diocesan youth groups. Over fifty exchange visits between groups of English and foreign young people have taken place this year largely through Contacts made in FIMCAP.

Mr. James lives at Bexley in Kent with his wife and three sons. His involvement in domestic youth affairs was recently acknowledged by his re-election for a second time as Vice-Chairman of the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services.

The National Council coordinates the work of the voluntary youth organisations in England and negotiates on their behalf with national and local governmental Departments,

Women's Church role

Women in the Midlands and the South of England are [-pore in favour of ordination of women than are women in the North. This is revealed in answers to a survey by the Family Apostolatc Group on "The Place of Women in the Church."

At a meeting of the Newman Society in the Chaplaincy at Lancaster University last Friday, Dr. Mary Sherman reported on the survey.

Answers to the question: "Do you think women are discriminated against in the Church'?" were almost unanimously a nationwide "Yes-.

Answers to questions about the ordination of women showed wide divergencies of opinion largely geographical.

Some 80 per cent of the women who answered in the South thought that nuns involved in missionary organisations ought to be permitted to receive ordination, hut only about 50 per cent or women in the North were of this opinion.

One-parent families

The National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child this month became the National Council for One Parent f amities so as to help more effectively the one million children under 16 with a single parent. T ftc neiA I t ni..71,1:,f C.,111,,II 1, appealing hir L., it, II

work °lad\ ising

on their legal right.. and s'.:e benefits. ,is wetl professional counsel for !hose families o itli personai ploblems, There are ! H are than 610,000 tillt

parent lamilies in England and Wales

A third of' such Imuilics had to find 11CYri accommodation St hen that lost a parent. and were quite unable to afford 3 mortgage, the council said.

The counLirs new "Charter of Rights" asks for a fair share ot housins_r„ improved etanmunity services, a guaranteed allowance for each child and I-amily Courts for divorce, maintenance and eushaly.

The council said ihutu a guaranteed allow inter: lor every. child in a one-parent faiiii.1) should COSt less than the Concorde programme has to dote

Crisis of leadership

Fr. John Fay. speaking at the London University Academic Mass this month. spoke. I see, SOtTle thought-provoxing and Inc:tying words: "My dear people, we are already the children of God hui what we arc to he in the future has not yet been revealed. We s.haIl he 1+e hint because we shall see him as he rea:ly "Surely everyone ssho entertains this hope must purify himself and try to be as pure as Christ." I John, 3, 3, That is St. John; but I would like Lo begin with a rather startling coinmentary both as a matter of principle and of expedience. It is in fact the final sentence of the introduction to the document on Justice is the World published by the Synod of Bishops in 1971.

'Action on behalf of iastiee and participation in the transformslion or the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel, or, in other words, of the Church's Mission for the redemption of the human race and its liberation from every. oppressive sii uation.' (Synod of Bishops, 1971, Janice in Me World, final sentence of introduction)."

He further quote4the Bishops as having said: "Aetion on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a .constitutive dimension of the teachInz of the Gospet " But Fr. Fay asked in conclusion -what `action on t-sehatf orluslice'? what 'participation in the transfor mation of the world' properly

belongs to this University I must

leave to yourselves to decide men and women with pure hearts.who desire not worthless things -please God?"


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