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23rd November 2001
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Page 12, 23rd November 2001 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

November 25 to December 1

CardinalMurphy-O'Connor (Wesuninster): SunAl. Holy Cross, Parsons Green, London SW(. Monaue: Interviews & Engagements. Tue: Wed: Ditiee)e of Westminster Senate 4 Priests. all Saints Pastoral Centre, 4pm onwards Thu: Senate of Priests contd/.. up to Noon.

Mtg of Arehbp's Council I flam. Mtg of Presidents of Churches Together In England. Noon -2pm.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham): Sun: Annual Civic M. Cathedral. I Ian.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): SunAl for the Solemnity of Christ the King. Cathedral. I lam. Solemn Evening Prayer. Cathedral. 3pro. Tue: C'hurehes Together in Lancashire AGM, Ingo! Methodist Church, Preston, 7.3lipm. Wed. Mcyts with Merseyside Church Leaden., 8.45am. Council of Priests Mtg, Ipixil Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 10.30arn. CCRS Presentation: L'pool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 7.30prn. Thu: Tribute to the work of Res Keith Hobbs. Luther King Else. Manchester, 7pm. Fri: V. Wigan Infirmary. C, Sr Patrick, Wigan. 7.30pm. Sat: V M , Si Cuthbert, Wigan, 5.45pm.

Archbishop M &MOH (Southwark: Sun:C. Bermondsey, lkykliead. loam . Tue: SE Deans Mtg. Blackheath. Thu: C', Morden. 7.30pm. Sat: K I IS Investitures & M. C:athedral.

Bishop Kieran Conty Arundel & Brighton): Sun: M for 50th Anniv Stcy fling Parish, Steyning, 10.30am. M for KSC. Cathedral, 'pm. Mon: Surrey Church Leaders. Guildford. 10.30am, 11/Itgs, St Joseph's Hall, Storrington, Spin Tue-Thu: Clergy In-Service, Worth Abbey.

Bishop P Parader (Wham auxilk Sun: C.

Heath, Rkun. Tue: Holland Hse• Trustees Mtg, Cropthome. 3.45pm. Thu! Lourdes Pilgrimage nice Mtg, 7.30pm. Bishop T McMahon (firentw(xxi): Sun:V & C, Canvey Island. Tue: Migs/Inter.lews. Cath. Ilse. Parish Council Mtg. Stock. Spni. Wed: Mtgs & Interviews. Cathedral Hse. Thu:. Apostleship of the Sea Mtg. H am. Fri: E Prayer Mtg. Chelmsford. Sam. Essex ('hurches' Ind. Chaplaincy V, Colchester. Bishop 1) Lang (('lifton): Sun:Diamond Jubilee of Christ the King, Thonibury. I lam. Preaches at Evensong. Si Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. 6.30pin. Tue: Opens new bldg. St Peter's Infant Sch. Gloucester. 1.30pm. Walk V. St Joseph's Primary Sch. Maltnesbur)', I 0a.m. Thu: M for sch leavers/examination certificates, Si Gregory's Secondary Sch, Bath, 7.30pm. Fri: V. Si Joseph's Upper Be Lower Schs. Swindon, Ittam. Sat: Retirement Celebration for sp of Bath & Wells. 2pm. Bishop P Smith (East Anglia): Tue/Wed: Central Religious Advisory Council Mtg, London. Thu: Chair( Mtg of the Diocesan Schs Commission. Norwich. Fri: Him Giving Park High Sch, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, 6.30pm. Sac V. St George's Parish, Norwich.

Bitthop .1 Ravvsthonte (Hallam): Sun:Youth Link, St Bernard's Rotherham. pm. Mon: Chaplaincy Commissioning S. Chldms' Hop. Myatt. Youth Advisory Support Group Mtg. Pstoral Centre. 7.15pm. Tue: Day of Recollection, BuOwallis. C. Si Bede's Rotherham. 7pm. Wed: Churches' Regional Commission Conf, 13radford9.3(hun. C, St Theresa's. Sheffield, 7pm. Ushaw College.9.45ant C. Si hiseph & Sn Teresa. Woodlands Doncaster. 7.30pm. Sat: CAFOD Eastern European Cnuee. London, I I am.

Bishop A GriMths ( I lex ham & Newcastle): Sun: M. St Cuthbert's, Chester-le-Street, I 0 & I 1.15am. Youth Sunday Service. St Joseph's, Blaydon, 4pm. Tire: Service at Brunswick Methodist Church, Newcastle upon Tyne. I pm. M of Thanksgiving, St James', Hebbtim. Wed: All Day V. St Bede's, Sacrision. Fri: C M, St Patrick's, Consist. 7pm.

Bishop 0.Donoghue ( Lancaster): Mon: Mtg of Primary Sch Deputy Head teachers. Mon:cattily, liktm. Clergy Retreat. Ilkley. Tue: Clergy Retreat. Wed: Clergy Ramat New Shut with Jesus Mtg, Hyning Hall, 4pm. Thu: New Start with Jesus ring, all day, Hyning Flail. Fri: Bp's Council mtg. I 0.3(kun. E Service, Dalton in Furness Methodist C'hurch. 7.30pm. Bishop V Malone (I:pool auxiff Sun: C, St Margaret Mary, Liverpool, 4.30pm, Mon: C. St Peter & Paul. Crosby. 7.30pm. Toe: C. St Julie. St Helens, 7.30pm. Wed: Council of Priests Mtg, Upool Archdiocesun Ctn: for Evangelisation, 10.30am. C, St Stephen. Warrington, 730prrilltn Regional Sponsoring Hound, United Reformat Church. Wavertree, 10.30am, Liverpool Hope Govrs' Mtg. 6pm. Fri: Liverpool University Court Mitt, 2pm. C. St Peter & Si Paul, Kirkby, 7.30pm.

Bishop J Crowley ( Middlesbrough) Sun:C, St Joseph's. York, 9.30am. Annual Youth M. St Mary's College. Hull. 3pm. Tue: Bp's Councilam/pm. C, St Leonard & St Mary. Mahon. 7pm. Wed: Mtg of Sch. Chaplains. Ampleforth. En: Day of Retreat. Sat: Gives Afternoon of Prayer & Reflection. English Centre, Hull. 2pm. Bishop K McDonald (Northampton): Sun: Meets With Schs Officers. NORES, I 1.30am. Meets with Ecunkmeiatl Moderator, Bris Hse, 4.30pm. Wed: V. Si Gregory's Lower Sch, Northampton, I lam. Bp's Council for Youth Ministry. Bp's lise. 7pm. ihti: Meets with Deaf & Hearing Impaired Pastontl Service, Bps line,10am. V. University College.

Northampton. I lam, C. st Anne's. Wendover. 7.30pm. Fri: Ecumenical Mtg, Abbey Gate Else, St Albans. I (kun. Present Poses, Thomas Becket Upper Sch. Northampton. 7ptn.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: V. St Philip Neri, Mansfield, Mon: V. St Patrick, Forest TOW11. Mansfield. Wed: Golden Jubilee M, Christ the King Primary Sch. Leicester, I .45pm. Thu: Clergy Day of Recollection, Sacred I lean

Convent. Rearshy. Leicestershire 10.30am. BOsiness Sch Dinner. Nottingham Trent University. Fri: Leicestershire & Rutland Irish Golfing Society Annual Dinner Dance, Belmont Hotel. Leicester, 7.30pm.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): SumAngliauvRoman Catholic Joint Working Group Mtg. Rome. Tue.: Chaplains in Higher DJ ("nee IMtg,London 1.30pm. Wed: National Pnotration Service, Hampshire Probation Board Reception, Southampton pm. Thu: V. St Wilfrid's Primary Sch, Ventnor.10')V. am. V. St Thomas of Canterbury Primary Sch. Newport. IOW. pm. Sat: V. M. South Wight P(uish, IOW. 5pm.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun:M of Thanksgiving for Faith in the Future Consultation, Cathedral. Salford, 2.30pm. Tun: ommcr Presidents Mtg, 9.30(un. Diocesan Schs Commission 2pm. C'hurches Together in Lancashire AGM, Ingot Methodist Church. Ingot, Preston. 7.30pm. Wed: Council of Priests, Cathedral Else. Salford. I 0.30ain. Thu: V St Hilda's, RC High Sch, Burnley. 190.30am. Retirement of Rev Keith 1 lohb.s. General Superintendent Baptist Union. Luther King Else, Rusholme. Manchester, 6.30pm. Fri: Private Appointment. Wardle). Hall. Holy Hour for Eucharistic Ministers. Cattaxtral, Salford. 7pm. Sat: M. Marriage and Family Life. Cathedral. 12.10prn.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun:V. St Edward's. Runcorn. Tue: Mtg with Foundation Governors. Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College. Telford. 7pm. Wed: Mtg with Foundation Governors, Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic High Sth, Altrincham 7pm. Thu: Children's Society AGM. Beechwood, 10am. Farewell reception for Rev Keith Hobbs, Manchester, 6.45pm. Fri: Opening M for "24 Flours of Praise", Si Mary's, Middlewich. 7.30pm.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): Sun:M with Friends of Ven. Fr Agnelli), Cathedral, SEI. 1.30pm. Tue: Meets with SE Area Deans' SE3. 10.30am, Diocesan Bp's Mtg. SEL 5.30pm. The Bible Society Mtg. Guildford. 10am. Fri: Vigil S. KHS Cathedral SU, gpm. Sat: KITS Investiture M. Cathedral. SU. 10.30am. Luncheon afterwanis,

Bishop J !line (S'ss ark Auxile Sun: C. St Pauyk.,s Dover, I lam. Addresses Ilarrietshani Christian Union. 6.30pm. Tue.: (7hairs Mtg of Kent Sells' Conintission, The Hermitage, West Malting, 2.15prn. Catholic C.haplaincy M,University of Kent followed by talk to students. 6.30pm. Wed: I:Arche nag at. West Wickham, gam, Catholic Children's SIX: Board Mtg. Purley, 2.30pm. Fri: Induction of new PR Hersden, 7pm. Sat: Mtg ()1' Deacons, The Hemiltage. West Malting, 2.30-4.30pin. Induction of new I leadteacher. St Joseph's Sch, Broadstairs. 7pm.

Bishop II Tripp (S. wad, Ausil): Sun:C. Clapham Common. 11 am. C, St Gertnale's in South Croydon, 3pm.Mon: Catholic Child Welfare Council Management C'ttee Mtg. Coleshill. Wed: M for Deceased Members (lithe Catholic Union of Great Britain. Vaughan Hse.AGM. 630prn. Fri: Thanksgiving M for 50th anniversary of Regina Coeli Catholic Primary Sch. South Croydon. I lam. Sat: ('hairs public Life C'ttee Mtg, 39 Eceleston Sq. 12.15pm.

Bishop J ()'Brien (W' minster. Ecumenical and Inter-faith relations): Sun: C, St William, Stanmore, 11.30am. Wed: Requiem M for deceased of St Michael's Sch. Garston. gam, Diocesan Civil of Priests. 4pm. Eli: Mtg with Cry Chief Execs, Abbey Gate Hue. Si Albans, I (Jam. C. Waltham Cross, 7.30pin. Sat: C. St Monica's, Painters Green, Noon & 3pm. Bishop A Roche (W'ininster, Pastoral Alt.:ars): Sunteqi)es London for Rome. V. The Ronum Colleges on behalf of the Bp's Conference of E & Wall week.

Bishop F WaltrIstry (Forces). Mon: Presides. Armed Forces Trustee Migs and Episcopal Council Mtg. Ladywell Retreat Centre. Ciodaltning.

WALLS Bishop M inhale (C'oadiutor Menevia): Sun:C, St David's Swansea. I lam., Wed: Catholic Women's League, Stella Maria Centre. Swansea. 7-7.30pni. Fri: V. Si Non's Pembrokeshire, I lam.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun:Cylch Catholic Retreat, Pantitsaph. Mon: Mien Cymru, Llandudno, 10.30am. The: C. Si John Lloyd, Cardiff. 7.30pm. Wed: Mem. M. Si Teilo's, Cardiff. 7.30pm. Thu: C. Sr Philip Evans. Cardiff, 7.30pm. Fri: C. Sr Cadoe's Cardiff, 7.30pm. Sat V. Buckley.

Key: hi-Mass. C.-Confirmation. VVisitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch-School. KS-Ecumenical Service.

We regret that we cannot guarantee the inclusion of Bishops' engagements received later than midday on the Monday prit ii 61 publication.

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