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23rd November 2007
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Page 16, 23rd November 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Luke's Centre, Cathedral Chapter, Foundation Unit, Council of Priests, Meeting Ministry of Defence, Islamic Centre, St Andrew's School, Diocesan Education Council, Archbishop's Council, British Catholic/Methodist Committee, Juroley House School, St Jospeh's School, Bishop's Council, Catholic Spoon College, Board of Administration, Ukrainian Church of St Andrew, Advent Service, Homerton Hospital, Holy Angels RC Primary School, Council of St George, St Aloysius College, Bishop Thomas Grant School, Oxford Brookes University, Medway Schools Committee, St Ambrose School, Catholic High School, Curial Office, RC Anglican High School, St Mary's Primary School, Property Committee, St Joseph's RC/Anglican High School, Pastoral Centre, VlitiLS St Joseph's School, National Project Steering Committee, San Union of Catholic Mothers, Council of Christians and Jews, Kook University, St Andrew's High School, St Alban's College, Stewardship Committee, Cathedral Church, Adroit Service, Mo. Heythrop Centre of Christianity IntetteIngious Dial, St Edmund's Catholic Primary School, St Luke's Centre Board, Board of Governors, Catholic Mothers' Executive Committee, Lady's Church, RC Primary School, Union of Catholic Mothers, Church of Scothunifushbishop, Cardinal Hume Centre Board, Saints College, Liverpool Hope University, Extraordinary Chapter, Mass Catholic Union, Diocesan College of Consulters, Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council, Board of Finance and Planning, St Gerard's School


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Keywords: Religion / Belief

November 25 to November 30

Cardinal Mtn-phy-O'Connor (West-simmer) Son Tee: Attends Consistory of Canlinals. Rome. The' Attends Blackstone Dinner, Car

flu: Meets with the Mcdcrator of the Church of Scothunifushbishop's House.4pm Fri Meets with Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 930am. Archbishop Kelly (Livemooi) Sun: Solemn Mass or the Feast of Christ the King, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, I lam. Tut: Meetings and engagements, London. Wed: Breakfast meeting. Liverpool Hope University, 7.30am. Wed: Retreat and Lecmres, St Alban's College. Valladolid. until December 4.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) The. Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, bum. Wed: Attonits Lecture by Bishop Antoine A Mo. Heythrop Centre of Christianity IntetteIngious Dial ague. Kensington Square, 2 4pm. Thu Blessing of new premises for Aid to the Church In Need. Fri: Meeting of the Kniglns of the Holy Sepulchre_ Sat: Investione of Knights and Dames of the K.H.S.. St George's Cathedral, 1030am.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Crew Mass. St Chad's Cathedral. lam. Wed: West Midlands Bishops' meeting. Thu San CCEE Meeting, Rome.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun: Morning prayer. Daughter of St Paul Day of Remllection, 930ant: Mess, 3prn. Wed: CTNI. _meeting. Willesden Lane, 230pm. Thu: Mass Catholic Union. 5.30pm . Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, 930am.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun: Celebration of Mass. IIMP FOreSt Bank, 9am. The: Meeting of Bishop's Council. Wortley Hall, 1130orm meeting of the Board of Administration, Wardley Hall. 2pm. Wed: Council of Priests, St John BOSCO. Blacidey, 1030am: Faith and Justice meeting, St Bonifam's Hall. Salford. 7pm. Thin Clergy Day of Recollection, Cathedral Church of St John die Evangelist, Salford. In:Warn. Fn: Private appointments, Warilley Hall. am meeting of Bishop's COMCil, Wartiley Hall. 2pm. San Union of Catholic Mothers' Executive Committee meeting. Hinsky Hall, Lends.

Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sat: Visitation, Sr Austell Bishop Burns (HM Forces) Sun: Clergy meeting. Farnborough. The: Office pastoral ViSit, Aldershot. Wed: Apostleship of the Sea Trustees meeting. London, loam; Meeting Ministry of Defence. London, 230prin Fund raising reception, St Luke's Centre, 6pm. Thu: St Luke's Centre Board meeting, 10am. Fri: Reception. Bishop's Oak, Farnborough. Bishop Coney (Arundel & Brighton) Sun Fri: Clergy RetreatMerville Sat: CAW meeting; Advent Service, WeSITIlinSter Cathedral Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sun: Visitation, St Francesca Cabrini. Bedford. Mon: Crown Cowl Sereice, All Saints C of E Chursh. Northampton. 1030am. followed by Civic Luncheon. Tue: Beds and Hearts Church Leaden' meeting and lunch, St Albans. 1030am. Thin Staff meeting, Bishop's House, 930am; meetings. Bishop's House. 1 larn; Northampton Diocesan Planning Group. Bishop's House, 230pm: meeting with Diocesan CAFOD Representative. 430pm.

Bishop Dunn (Benham and Newcastle) Sun: Anemia The Eid Milan Reception, Islamic Centre. Newcastle. 2poi. Wed: Golden Jubilee Mass, St Anne's, Sunderland, 7pm. Thu: Confirmations, St Joseph's, Hanlepool. 7pm.

Bhhop Kann! (East Anglia) Mon: British Catholic/Methodist Committee, London. The: Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council, pm. Wed. Ongoing Fornottion Day for Clergy, Poringland, 11 am 3prn. Thu: Diocesan College of Consulters, Pormgland, 330pm. Fri: Diocesan Personnet Bored. Bury St Edinimds,6pm. Sat: Parish Visitation. Southwold.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, Kennington Park. Ilaam: Confirmations, Purley. 630pm. Tate: Archbishop's Council, London. lOarn; Confirmations, Sutton Green, 7pm. Wed: Meeting with SW area Deans. Wimbledon. 1030am. Sat Induction of Parish Priest, Kingston Hill. I 2noon.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sao: Confirmation, Our Lady's Church. Whitstable, 1030ant The: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House. lOarn; Confirmation, St Francis de Sales. Hartley, 730pm. Wed: Chairs meeting of Kent and Medway Schools Committee, The Hermitage, West Mulling, 2.15pm; blesses new building, St Anne's Convent. Slurry. 5.30pm. Confirmation, St Dunstan. Hersden.7.30pm.Fri: Attends On-Going Formation of Priests event, West Wickham, Riam, Sat Attends CAFOD Advent Service, Westminster Cathedral, 3pni.

Bishop ROMs (Portsmouth) Sun: Doy with Deacons. Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham. Mon: Trustees Stewardship Committee meeting, Bishop's House. Portsmouth, 10am. Tue: Cathedral Chapter mceneg, Bishop's House. Portsmouth, lluni; Diocesan Education Council meeting, Bishop's House, Portsmouth, 7pm. Wed( Co-ordinating Pastors meeting, Bishop's House. Portsmouth, 1030am. Thu: Diocesan Trustees/Finance meeting, Bishop's House, Portsmouth, loam. Ft: Solemn Profession of Sister Constance Ream. St Cecilia's Abbey. Ryde, 10am.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Ruby Jubilee Celebrations, Holy Family, West Acton, I lam; Young Adults of the West Mass and Faith Sharing, Most Sacred Heart, Ruislip, 6pm. Mon -The: Engagements, Archbishop's House. Thu: School visit to (Juroley House School, Eleworth, am. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting; engagements, Archbishop's House. pm. Sat: Mass, Ealing Abbey. 630pm and 8.15pm.

Bishop Kemey (Bimiingham) She: Confirmations, SS Mary and Benedict, Coventry. 930am; Confirmations, Oxford Brookes University. Oxfool. 6prn Mon: Mass for Vocations, Coventry. 7pm. Toe: MASS and School visit, Littkinore. Oxford. 9,15am. Catechists meeting, Henley-on-Thames, 6pm. Wed: West Midlands Bishops meeting. 10am: Clergy Day of Recollection for Priests. Oscon, 4pm. Thu: Clergy Day of Recollection for Priests, Oscon; Lecture. Kook University. 7.30pin. Fri: Visitation. Henley-on-Thames. Sat: Visitation. Herney-oo-Thanies.

Bishop Lang (Clifton/The Weci URCIRC Dialogue meeting. Manchester. Thu: Sarum College Trusties meeting, Salisbury, 10am. Sat: Visitation. Holy Family, Swindon,

Bishop Longley (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Mass. Homerton Hospital, II ant Celebrates Mass and Presentation of Maryvale Certificates, Westminster Cathedral. 5.30peo Mom Under 5's Priests' Group, London Colney. 4pm. Toe: Under 5's Priests' Group continued, London Colney: Cardinal Hume Centre Board meeting, Ameway Street, 3.30pm: Presentadon of Bibles to Neo-eatectmmenal Community, Guardian Angels. 8prn, Wed: Pastoral visit. Homerton Hospital, 10am: Chairs the St Thomas More Annual Lecture. Allen Hall, 730pm. Thu: Visit to St Aloysius College, Highgate, 930am; Sundial Evaluation Commit. tee meeting. Shipton Street . E2. 3pm: visits the Nancentian Order, Osterley. 7pm. Fn: Archbishop's Come Archbishop' s House, 930am; celebrates Mass for Prisoners' families, St Patrick,, Soho, 6.30pm.

B ishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, Holy Innocents. Orpington. 12noon. The: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, Mem; Mass for the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the UCM. Sr Matthew's. West Norwood. Wed: Mass for Confirmatiort Candidaes, Bishop Thomas Grant School, 2pm. Thu: Independent Asylum Commission Hearing. Lambeth Town Hall. Brixton. 2pm 6pm. Fri: Visitation to St Andrew's School. Streatham. San Day for Religions, St Peter's, Vauxhall, 10am -4pm.

Bishop MeGough (Bimungham) Sun: Visitation, St Teresa's. Wolverhammon,9sin: Mass for Deceased Benefactors, Little Sisters of the Poor, Harborne, Spot. Tate: Dutton Abbey Trustees, 1030am: visits St Mary's Primary School, Brewood, 2pm; Confirmations. Brewood, 7pm,Wed: Meeting with Anglican Bishops, Dioley. Thu: VlitiLS St Joseph's School, Burntwood, 2pm; Confirmations, St Joseph's Burntwood.7pna. San CLASP Church Leaders meeting . 4pm; Advent. Recollection. Oscan.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Pastoral Visitation and -Confirmation, Brightlingsea. Mon: Attends meeting of the Council of St George. Windsor. The: Meetingskeeniews. Cathedral Home, Wed: Pastoral Visitation. Wanstea.d. Thu: Attends Clergy Study Day. Chigwell. Ph: AGM of Diocesan Trustees. Sat: Attends CAFOD Live Si mply Adroit Service, Westminster Cathedral.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Mon Fri: Anmdel and Brighton Diocesan Recreat, Merville. Sat: Mass and Presentation of Papal AWaid. Corpus Christi. Clifton, 6pm.

Bishop Malone (Live-moo) Sure Celebrates Mass. RCIA Catechists' Weekend, St Margaret Mary, Liverpool, 4pm. Thu: Confirmation. St Helen. Crosby, 7 .30prn.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Son: Pastoral Visitation, Our Lady of Pity. Greasby. bun: Board of Finance and Planning. 4pm. Wed: West Midlands Bishops. Lichfield, 9.45am Thu: Interview morning. Curial Offices. are; Confirmation. Christ the King, Bromborough, with Si Luke's. Bebington, 7pm. Fri: Ceremonial Beginning of new Building Programme. Chester Catholic High School, 2pm.

Bishop O'Dottoghue (Lancaster) Sun:

Visitution. St Monica. Blackpool. pm: Boarbank Hall Perpetual Profession. Toe: Extraordinary Chapter meeting. Wed: Diocesan Council of Priests meeting , am. Thu: Clergy Recollection Day. Brenargh Holt, pm: Presentation Evening. Corpus Christi Catholic Spoon College. Fri: Vicars General meeting, urn.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Son: Parish Visitation. St Aruie's, Birmingham. Toe: Visits St Gerard's School, Castle Vale, 2pm; Confirmations, Castle Vale, 7pm. Wed: West Midlands Bishops meeting. Thu: Visits St Ambrose School, Kidderminster, 2pm: Confirmations. St Ambrose, Kidderminster, 7pm. Fri: Visits St Jospeh's School. Droitwich. 2pm; Confirmations. Droitwich , 7pm.

B ishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Visitation, St Urban's, Leeds, 1030am. Wed: Meeting of Deans and Heatheachers. Mount St Joseph's. Leeds, 1030am; Council of Priests, Hinsley Hall, 2pm. Thu: Board of Governors' meeting. Leeds Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds. 10am, Fri: VGs' meeting Bishop's House, 10am: Meeting with Deans of Dewsbury, Halifax, lluddenfield, Pontefract and Wakefield Deaneries, Bishop's House, 12noon.

B ishop Stack (Westminster) Sun, Parish visitation, Christ the King. Hemel Hempstead East The: Church Leaders, Hem Ecumenical meeting.10.30am. Wed: Opening Mr Foundation Unit. St Edmund's Catholic Primary School. Edmonton, 2pm. Thu: Property Committee meeting . Archbi shop's House. 2pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, 930am,

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun: Salerno Mass for the Feast of Christ the King, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, Ham: Confirmation, St Mary. Leyland, 5pm. Mm: Confornation, St John Stone, Southport. 7.30pm. Tun: Visits Holy Angels RC Primary School, Kirkby, 930am; Healthcare and Hospital Chaplaincy meeting, St James House, Liverpool. 1230pm; Confirmation. St Peter and St Paul, Crosby, 7pm. Wed: Visits St John Fisher RC Primary School. Knowsley Village, 930am; visits Our Lady's RC Prinsu-y School, Prescot, I-30pm; Confirmation, St George. Magintil, 7pm. Thu: Visits Si Luke's RC Primary School, Whiston,9.30anii visits Si Leo's RC Primary School, Winston, 1.30pm: Confirmation. St Peter and St Pout. Crosby, 7pm.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardifff Sun: Confirmations, Llantwit Major, lOaru; Confirmations. St Mary's, Newporta5pm. The Wed: Directors of Permanent Diaconate Conference, Hinsley Hall. Thu, Council of Christians and Jews, Cardiff, 7.30pm. Fri: Confirmations. St Aloyslut. Gums, 7pm. Sat: UCM Caitiff Annual Mass, St David's _Cathedral, 2pm, Bishop Jahafe (Menevia) Mon: Engagements, Curial Office. Wed: Engagements, Curial Office.

Bishop Regan (Wrenhanti Sun: Visitation, Overton; Youth Mass, Cathedral. 7pm. Mon: Education Tearn meeting, Curial Offices, lOarn. TCC, Wrexham, fmnt. Wed: National Project Steering Committee meeting, London. Thu: Reconciliation sessions, St Joseph's RC/Anglican High School. Wrexham, 130pm 2.30(orn. Fri: Reconciliation sessions, St Joseph s RC Anglican High School. Wrexham, 9.10am 10.10arn; Pantasaph Friary Advent Retreat, 6pm. Sat: Parrtasaph Friary Advent Retreat.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien (S t Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun Mon: Consistory of Cardinals. Rome. Toe: Return from Consistoty of Cardinals in Rome. Wed: Dinner with Helpers of 'Opportuoity International'. Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, 6pm. Thu: Feast Day Mass, St Andrew's High School. Kirkcaldy. 10am. Fri Feast Day Mass for St Andrew's Day, Sr Mary's Cathedral . Edinburgh, I 2.45prn; Evening with Religious of Archdiocese on 'Culture of Vocation', St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 7pm. Dee. Anniversaty Mass, Ukrainian Church of St Andrew, Dalmeny Street. Edinburgh, Dam; Advent Mass and meal organised hy St Vincent de Paul, St Mary's Cathedral HMI, Edinburgh, 2pm.

This tinting was compiled by Gabriel Commurricarions Ltd awl aloe appears in rhe Universe and Catholic Times

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