Page 5, 23rd October 1942

23rd October 1942
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Page 5, 23rd October 1942 — Obttuary

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President Vargas, of Brazil, announced directly to the Pope the news of the death on Saturday, October 17, of Cardinal Sebastiano Leme da Silveira Cintra, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, the Supreme Pontiff replying at once with a message of condolence.

The news of the Cardinal's death follows reports of illness which had prevented him from acting as Papal Legate at the Eucharistic Congress held in Sao Paulo early in September. The late prelate was, apart from the Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires, the only South American member of the Sacred College. Cardinals are now reduced to 49 in number.

Cardinal Cmtra was noted for his zeal for the right formation of his clergy, and ever inculcated the need of membership in the Priests' Eucharistic League. He also promoted Nocturnal Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Born in 1882 in Brazil, he was ordained in Rome in 1904, and was consecrated titular Bishop of Orthosias in 1911, becoming at the same time

Auxiliary for Rio de Janeiro. Five years later he was named Archbishop of Olinda, and in 1921 returned to Rio as Coadjutor. He succeeded to the see in 1930, being created Cardinal Priest of SS. Boeiface and Alexis in the same year.

Farnborough College Ex-P.T. Instructor Bereaved Many hundreds of Old Boys of the Salesian College, Farnborough, will learn with regret of the bereavement suffered by Sergt.-Major and Mrs. Walsh. of 23, York Road, Farnborough, in the death, at the early age of 20, of their only daughter, Maureen.

Serge-Major Walsh was one of the College's most familiar figures, his association with it, first as student, then as cadet and physical training instructor, and in various other capacities, extending over a period of more than 40 years.

The funeral of Miss Walsh took place On Tuesday last, when Solemn Requiem' 'Mass was sung by the Rector. the Rev. A. J. Sutherland, S.C.. whilst Fr. Hawarden, S.C. (Chertsey), formerly of Farnborough, officiated at the graveside.

A convert and aunt Of two priests, Father Francis Sole, C.F., and Dom Bernard Sole, 0.5.11., C.F., Mrs. Louisa Hale has died at Banbury, aged RI. Canon A. G. Wall, V.F.. officiated at the funeral after Requiem Mass in St. John's, Banbury.

Suggests Marriage by Proxy

At a meeting of the National Council of the Unmarried Mother and her child on Wednesday, Mrs. Adamson, ALP., gave an address advocating marriage by proxy. The Bishop of Pella said that as far as Catholics are concerned, there would be 410 objection. as Canon Law allows this provided it is the law of the


A hit of practising Christians in industry is being prepared by Sheffield Association of Christian Communities, through its Industrial Committee, with a view to bringing them in touch with the Committee and with each other.

All the religious bodies — including the Catholic—forthing the Association, have accepted its Town Planning Cornmittee as a co-ordinating body for t4 locating of future churches and chapels.

These were among the activities of the ten committees and sub-committees of the Association reported on at the first annual meeting in Sheffield last Saturday.

The Rev. It. R. Roseveare (Anglican) described how their thirty study-groups, with 200 members, had discussed questionnaires based on the last six of the Ten Peace Points, and he gave some results of their collated views: An overwhelming majority opposed the idea of a Christian Party as such, preferring to work inside existing bodies.

Every child had the right to learn the fundamental truths of Christianity at school, though non-Christian parents' wishes should be respected, and teachers should be professing Christians.

There was a universal feeling that the State should safeguard family rights, now in great danger.

The profit motive was not necessarily harmful, though profits should be limited, and wages should not be subordinated to the claims of interest on capital.

A letter is to be sent from the meeting of the Association, protesting against the North-eastern Regional Transport •Commissioner's proposal to limit the use of Sunday morning transport to munition and Civil • Defence workers, and asking that it remain available to churchgoers, It was felt that such restriction would bear hardly on smaller religious bodies whose places of worship are widely scattered.

At St. Patrick's Church, Huddersfield, on October 11 (Feast of the Maternity of Our Lady), Fr. J. Grogan, after the children's Benediction, blessed all the babies individually. A very largo number of U.C.M. members were present with their babies. A blessing was also given to the school children.

Leading Seaman Ralph Taylor (30), of Great Harwood, an oldsboy of t. Wulstap's School, has been awarded the D.S.M. for gallantry in a convoy. REV. D. O'SULLIVAN

EAST ACTON RECTOR The Rev. Edward Recto/ of St. Aidan's, East Acton, died on October 19, after a fairly long illness.

Born in 1883 in Ireland, he was educated in Ireland and at St. Edmund's College, Ware, being ordained in 1907. lie worked in several London parishes, including Tottenham, Chiswick, Holborn, and finally was for twenty years at East Acton.

The Requiem was offered yesterday at St. Aidan's, the funeral taking place afterwards with Bishop Myers representing thc Cardinal.


DEATH AT BRISTOL Requiem Mass was offered at St. Bonaventure's, Bristol, on October 14, for Fr. Reginald Ellis, 0.F.M., who died on the previous Sunday.

Fr. Ellis was born at Sleaford in 1885, and entered the novitiate of the French Province at Amiens, completing his novitiate in the English Province at Chilworth. He was professed on April 13, 1904, and ordained priest on April 25 at Mill lull, and worked in various houses of the Province. .After teaching for a spell at Buckingham, he Was on the parochial staffs at Stratford, Clevedon (Guardian, .1921-24), Forest Gate (Guardian, 1933-36) and Bristol, where he was appointed Vicar in July last.

The burial service, in the Friary grounds, was conducted by Very Rev. Fr. Paulinus Lavery, Provincial O.F.M. Many friars and priests of the Clifton diocese were among the crowded congregation. The Bishop was unable to attend, but Mgr. J. Lyons, VicarGeneral, and members of the chapter were present.



Word. has been received at the Vatican of the death at Louvain on July 25 of the Rev. Benedict Henry Merkelbach, 0.P., former professor of moral theology at the Angelicum Pontifical Institute, and one of the outstanding moralists of the age.

Father Merkelbach was born at a Tongres, Belgium, January 6; 1871, and was ordained at Liege in 1894. It was probably his impassioned devotion to St. Thomas Aquinas that led him evenfinally to the Dominican novitiate when he sought retirement from the world. Almost immediately he was made an assistant professor at the novitiate, and, within a remarkably short time, was entrusted with teaching the second part of the Sumina.

His most important works were the three volumes of the Surma Theologiae Months, completed in 1933. But in addition to these and other works on morals,•he wrote many ankles on the mediation of the Blessed Virgin—published in book form in 1939, Marilogia.


.DIED AT 78 The death occurred last week of Fr. Owen Doherty, S.M.M., Professor at Montfort College, Romsey, Hants. He was ordained priest at Leagram Chipping, in March, 1941, by the Bishop of Salford, and was appointed to the teaching staff at Montfort College in September of the same year.

During the course of his short illness, he showed remarkable patience and resignation to the Will of God. He went to his reward on October 12, at the early age of 28. Solemn Requiem Mass was sung at Montfort College on Thursday. October 15, and he Was interred in the College cemetery.

In Memoriam


Requiem Mass will be offered to-day, October 23, at the Franciscan Church, Crawley, Sussex, for the fourth anniversary of the death of Cecily Hallack, and a Mass will also be offered at Farm Street on Monday, October 26, at 11

Y NOT WANTED CHRISTIANS Holy Ghost Students Take Vows in England

Bishop Flynn, of Lancaster, recently presided at the profession ceremony of 16 members of the English Province of the Holy Ghost Fathers, in their novitiate house. The newly-professed made their first vows in the presence of the Father Provincial, delegated by the Superior General of the Congregation.

Since the students of the Province escaped from France in June, 1940, this is the first ceremony of its kind to be held by the English Fathers of the Congregation.

In spite of the requisitioning of two of their houses in England, they have managed, even during war-time to establish a Novitiate and a Senior Scholasticate in this country. The newly-professed will join the theologians residing for the duration at Sizergh Castle, Westmorland, whoae. owners, the Strickland family, have 'kept the Faith alive there with unbroken tradition for more than 800 years.

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