Page 2, 23rd October 1970

23rd October 1970
Page 2
Page 2, 23rd October 1970 — `Violence only way in Africa'

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`Violence only way in Africa'

H E Churches of Britain should be prepared to support Africans who use force to obtain justice, and Christians should be ready to back them with financial and other aid.

This was the 'message contained 'in a 30,000 word report made by an independent group set up 'by the British Council of Churches—representing all major denominations except Catholic.

Entitled "Violence in Southern Africa—a Christian Assessment," it reaches the conclusion that the situation in Southern Africa has now reached such a stage of oppression and injustice that the only means of protest left to Africans are violent ones.

The B.C.C.'s department of International Affairs, responsible for setting up the group headed by Mr. Phillip Mason, was divided over the report, and it has not been submitted for consideration by the Council's half yearly meeting to be held in Swansea next week. The Report will, however, be published independently on the day after. -• IMMEDIATE ACTION the main resolution before the B.C.C. next Wednesday will be one urging it to take immediate action to convince the British Government that it should not supply certain arms to South Africa.

The recent decision to reverse official policy which has, since 1964, been in line with the decisions of the United Nations Security Council, impairs the security of the Cornmonwealth and undermines U.N. authority, the resolution maintains.

Christians in Britain are called upon to shew the strength of their convictions by every constitutional means, and to bring to general public notice the serious implications of the sale of arms to South Africa.

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