Page 6, 23rd October 1970

23rd October 1970
Page 6
Page 6, 23rd October 1970 — RECORDINGS by THERESA HOAR, S.H.J.C.

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Itaptimn: The New Rite, its meaning and practice by Peter Purdue. John Power SNI A arse Peter Coughlan (Mercier) ',THESE tapes might well be sub' titled "All vou need to know about the new rite of Infant Bap

tism. in five mote or less —

eaTsyheles''hilia'i..ce of a recorded medium. for the excellent and thorough treatment of 'this rite offered here. was a sound one in that i1 offered the opportunity. not only 'to include experimental music for the rite (of which more anon). but also -to gix e a full recording of an actual ceremony The tapes present us with five main items: II) an examination by Fr. Power of the way baptism and its accompanying rites were prepared for in the Old Testament (this talk is rather .too detailed and long-winded in places but people who like a symbolic ape proach will appreciate it greatly): (2) a discussion by Fr. Purdue of the New Testament teaching on baptism with special -tnphasis on the gift of Faith and f the Holy' Spirit; (3) and (4) by Fr. Coughlan and 'problem to ks' on the themes of the practice of a rite of water and of the whole question of infant baptism; and 15) is the recording of an actual ceremony (complege With babyparticipation!) accompanied by a practical commentary.

Interspersed among these talks arc pieces of choral music illustrating the wide N-ari ay of possible styles whioh could be used I found the music rather disappointing. The settings of the twist. from Romans nd Colo,:jams ::ounded unsatisfactory and incomplete. while the Acclama tion 'Atter :witial baptism was posi ti vely funereal.

The opening music — a modern adaptation of "Eternal Father st eons,. to s.tvefrom "Noyes Mudd-. and the musical finale -7 a song by Donald Swann illustrated the ranee of music offered for choice.

Religious, t ife Today: A three day Retreat for Religious by Sean Fagan SM (Mercier) This is not nearly so successful a set of tapes. There is no real iloint in the choice of a sound medium for these talks. apart from the possible one of convenience. In face the monotonous delivery makes concentration difficult and one has constantly to force one's mind to attention. Nor is the material particularly interestiee, at ieaet in the first few talks. where well-worn. and sometime; outmoded, ideas are presented as if they were new, The later talks are butter. and talk (5) is an illuminating and pracrical tas well as psychologioally sound) treatment of maturity in the. religious life. In the last talk Fr. Fagan reveals that his promised 'short cut to holiness' is the 'Sacrament of the Present Moment'. a topic which he develops competently.

On the whole these conferences are not compelling though there is a rod deal of solid. if uninspired end uninspirine. advice in 'thole

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