Page 10, 23rd October 1981

23rd October 1981
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Page 10, 23rd October 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: St Wilfrids Church, Council of Priests, Ampleforth College, Theological Commission, Lourdes committee, Parish mission, St Thomas More Church, Bishops' Commission, Civic Centre, Catholic Scouts Advisory Council, Diocesan Liturgical Commission, AGM National Board of Catholic Women, Bishops Working party, Law commission, Area Clergy Senate, Catholic Mothers National Council, Holy Trinity Church, Catholic Association, Bishop's Charity, CDA Archbishop's House, Sautadayt Attends Service for the Sick, Maryvale Pastoral Centre, Catholic Association of Young Adults, South West Area Ecumenical Commission, Senate, Episcopacy Char Centre, Belford Court Special School, Congress, Diocesan Clergy Council, Primary School, Council of Christians and Jews, Education, English Martyrs School, St George's Church, Ecumenical Service, Senate of Priests, Marten Country Club, Saints School, Union of Catholic Mothers, St Bernard's Primary School, Catenian Association, St Ursula's High School, Portland Training College, Department of Catecheecs


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume Archbishop of Westminster: Friday Monday: Meeting of Law commission in Porn, Monday: Mass and meets parishioners. Attar, 7 enWednesday: CDA Meeting. Arch. fMshQ05 House, 10 am. Thursday: Addresses Cathedral Organists Conference.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Mass. Knights of St Colombo 5/orations Eerie:1,00n, Tolwonti. 12 noon. Sunday: 40 Martyrs pighrnaga and Mass. Aylesford. 5 pm. Tuesday: Confirmations. Westgate. 7.30 Pm,

Bishop Alexander of Clifton:

Attends Catholic Association of Young Adults cernterence at St Ursula's High School. Westbury on Trym, Dm. Sautadayt Attends Service for the Sick at St George's Church, Taunton, 11 are. Attends 'Parolees in Mission.' Service, Bristol Cathedral. 3 MT. Visitation St Vincent de Paul Parish. Southmead, 5 pm Sunday: Visitation St Vincem de Paul. Maas at 9.00 am. 10.30 am and 6.30 pm. Mass for Catholic Association of yeung adults at St Ursula's " oh School Westbury on Tryrn. 2.30 pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Meeting of Runcorn Ecumenical Church Leaders. Visits St Bernard's Primary School, Ellesmere Post Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. SI Bernard!, Ellesmere Port. Tuesday: Mass, St Augustine's. Latchford. Wednesday: Council of Priests. Melees.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Visitation. Farnworth. Saturday: Catholic Scouts Advisory Council, Si Augustine-s. Manchester 2.15 ore Sunday: Visitation. 11 are Confirmation_ 3 pm, Our Lady of Lourdes. Famworth Thursday: Schools Commission. 10.30 am.

EiNhop Clarke of East Anglia: Friday: Meeting of Taeology Commission Harborne Hall, Bitm an,.e.Sunday Monday: Visitation. St George's Paesh. Sprowston. Norwich Wednesday Thursday: Meetings Symposium on Episcopacy Wednesday: Civic Centre Newcastle. Thursday: Town Hall. Middlesbrough

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Saturday:

Mass for CWL and UCM. Swithum's. Southsea. Portsmouth. 12.15 pm. Sunday: Confirmation. St Mary's, East Hendred. 10.30 am Confirmation. St Patrick's, Shriyenharn, 4 pm Tumidly: Mass for the New Forest Circle of the Catenian Association. Lyndhurst, pm Wednesday: Mass and bless Organ. St Peter's, Winchester. 7.30 OM.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St Cuthbert. Wigton. 3 ern Tuesday: Visits School and Housebound. Wigton Parish. Wednesday: Attends Clergy Day of Flecolfection. Little Sisters. Preston. 11.15 am, Thomism: Finance meeting. Bishop's House. 10.45 Bishop Grant of Northampton: Saturday: Ecumenical Commission Clapham Monday: Bishops' Commission Tuesday: Mass and blessing, Tervev. 12 noon Wednesday: Senate meeting. Thursday: Visitation, Great Missenden Bishop Grey of Shrewsbury: Fritter Attends meeting of Interdenorninatrona1 Committee Town Centre Telford. Sunday: Mass-St Peter and Paul's. Newport Tuesday: Attends Reception at Westminster lo mark Third anniversary of Pope John Paul II. Wednesday: Attends meeting of Plenary Session of Diocesan Clergy Council at Melees. Attends agm of Catholic Doctors. Guild. Boyd House.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Saturday: Attends meeting with National Pastoral Congress delegates,,. Poor Glares Convent, York Sunday: Mass with Archbishop Danneels in St Wilfrids Church, York 8 are Ecumenical Service in vat Minster, 10 15 am. Tuesday: Confirmation, Ampleforth College. Mass 3 pm. Wednesday: Attends Bishop's Charity evening, Marten Country Club. Middlesbrough. Thursday: Attends Symposium on Episcopacy. Municipal Buildings. Middlesbrough. 10 are 4 30 pm.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Sunday: Confirmation, St Bernard s South Harrow. 11 am. Confirmation St Teresa of the Child Jesus. Headstone Lane. 6.30 pm. Tuesday: Area Clergy Senate. 10.30 am Hanngev Deanery Mass for handicapped people. 7.30 pm Wednesday: CDA 10 ern Confirmation. St George's Sudbury, 7.30 pm Thursday: Confirmation, Mary Immaculele and St Peter New Barnet, 7.30 pm

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark:

Friday: Visitation. Nunheed, 12.30 pm to 9 pm Saturday: Mass and prayers with the Prayer Groups of the South East Area for Social Harmony. Sidcup, 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Waterford London Association Dinner. 7.30 prn. Monday Wednesday: Attends Ecumenical Conference. St George's House. Windsor. Thursday: South West Area Ecumenical Commission. Marie Repara trice Convent, Wimbledon. 7.30 pm.

Eishop Holland of Salford: Sunday: Visitation. 1, ate Confirmation. 3 pm. St Gregory Foreword+. Tuesday: Visits St Teresa Little Lever, 2.30 pm. Thursday: Schools. commission, $0.30 Bishop Jukes, Autrifinry of Southwark: Friday: Attends Theological Commission at Hatt., Hall, Birmingham Visitation, Rainharn Monday: Attends Bishops Meeting. So ithwark.

Bishop Konstent Bishop in Central London:

Friday: Department of Catecheecs, Marie Assumota 11 am Saturday Sunday: Vis,,atite, Stritiheeal,le Road Parish Monday Tuesday' Education working party. Southwark Tuesday: Talk, Watford. 7 pm Wednesday: CDA Meeting. Archbishop's House. 10 ant, Deans.' Meeting. 3.30 pm, Confirmation. St Mary's, Chelsea. 7 pm.

B ishop Lindsay of Hedum and Newcastle:

Tuesday: Attends Northern Brethrena Fund Lunch. County Hotel. Newcastle, 1 pm, Meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commission_ Fenham. Newcastle upon Tyne 6 pm Wednesday: Attends ARCIC Symposium on Episcopacy. Civic Centre. Newcastle upon Tyne.

B ishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham:

Monday: Meets staff of Belford Court Special School. 2 pet. Saturday: AGM National Board of Catholic Women, London. 11 am. Intercultural Mess, 51 Catherine's, Birmingham, 6 pm. Tuesday: Conference of Union of Catholic Mothers. Hoddestun. Wednesday: Induction of parish priest of St Aloysius. Oxford, 7 30 pm B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: Meeting of Church Leaders, Derby. Nottingham, 10.30 am. Saturday: Diocesan Relly, Justice and Peace Sherwood Rooms. Nottingham, 11 am to 4.30 pm Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Gainsborough. Tuesday: Visitation and con. tirmation. New Mills. Derbyshire, 7 pm. Wednesday: Senate of Priests. Lourdes committee. Cathedral Hall. Nottingham 7.30 pm Thursday: Visit to Portland Training College. Mansfield, 11 em Mass. Parish mission, Newark, 7_30 pm.

Bishop McMahoon of Brentwood: Sund•y: Mass. Esse. University. 3 pm Tuesday' Attends Reception, Archbishop s House. Westminster, 6 pm_ Wednesday: Visitation and confirmation. St Teresa Bishop Mahon, Bishop In West LondonSunday: Confirmation Ashfr o Monday Entitle.

Attends French Bishops Confe.ei t.

B ishop Movarlay of Hallam: Saturday: Day with the relMues of the diocese at Notre Damn Sheffield. Sunday: Confirmation, Ok1eoIes, 10.30 Monday: School Mass and parish visitation at Sheffield. Tuesday Thursday: Diocesan Can.. suttation with the clergy of the diocese. All Saints School. Sheffield Thursday: Mess with the clergy of the diocese. Cathedral. 5.30 pm.

Bishop O'Connor, AurtiFutry of Liverpool: Friday: Mass for English Martyrs School, St Stephan 5, Oxford. Warrington, 2 pm CoMirmation. St James s. Bootle. 7 pm.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Maryvale Pastoral Centre Saturday: Mass. Vocations exhibition Our Lady Immaculate School Tinware.. 7 pm. Sunday: Visits Rustington parish arta Presides at Mass for St Philip Howard Pilgrimage. Arundel Cathedral, 3 not. Monday: Attends Bishops Working party on Higher Education London Tuesday: Attends Meeting al church Leaders. Hove.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Confirmatioe. Holy Trinity Church. Elairlock Sunday: Visitation and confirmation_ Our lady Queen of all Creation. Hemel eferripsteed. Monday: Vnion of Catholic Mothers National Council electing at High Leigh. Hoddesdon. 3 pm. Tuesday: Consecration of Bishop David Farnborough, St Albans Abbey. 11 ern. Council of Christians and Jews. St Albans pm Wednesday: CDA Archbishop's House, 10 am Thursday: Deans meeting at Farm Cortege.

Bishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria: Sunday: Visitation end confirmation. Pernith 10.30 .r,-I 4,1,1 Tuesday: Priests' Day of recollection, Wednesday: Dar of Recollection, Wigton Thursday: Finance meeting. Lancaster. Confirmation. Anton. 7.15 pm Bishop Restiaaux 01 Plymouth: Sunday: Mass and visitation, St Thomas More Church. Southway Plymouth. 10.30 are. Confirmation, 3 o, Bishop Swindlehurst, Auxin/airy of Meehan, and Newcastle: Friday: Attends meeting c' Theological Commission. Birmingham Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St Marva. Harne000 Tuesday: Attends Northern Brethren s Fund Lune^ County Hotel, Newcastle, 1 pm. Wednesday: Attends ARCIC symposium on Episcopacy Char Centre. Newcastle upon Tyne. Thursday: Attends Diocesan marriage Tribunal Evidence taking training course, Burn Hell, Durham.

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Attends Vocations '61 exhibition. Tolworth Cord,rreation. Carshatton Beeches, 7.30 pm Saturday Sunday: Visitation to Pollards Hill, Sunday: Mass at Vocations 81. 4 pin Tuesday: Attends reception at Archbishop s House B ishop Ward of Menevis: Sunday. Preach at Westminster Cathedral. 10 am. Tuesday: Reception for the Prince and Princess of Wales, Peas Newvwd Anglesey Wednesday: Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the parish. Fishguard. 7 pm.

B ishop Wheolar of Leeds: Friday: Visitation-. and confirmation. Slalthwaite. Saturday: Visit of Archbishop of Malines. Sunday: Visitation and con turnation. St Mary's. Halifax. Monday: Visitation' and confirmabbn, Stalthwaite, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Visitation end cantrmailun, St Alban's. Halifax. Wednesday: Presides at Silver Jubilee Mass Cathedral 7 3Oom Thursday: Visitation and confirmation St Columbus. Halifax

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