Page 11, 23rd September 1938

23rd September 1938
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From Our Scottish Correspondent 800,000 Catholic seamen are represented at the Apostolate of the Sea International Congress, which opened yesterday in Glasgow. The Sea Apostolate is now 18 years old.

The purpose of the international congress of the Apostleship of the Sea is to " improve •organising methods and equipment for effectuating Catholic Action in the Maritime World."

Among those attending the Congress are Mgr. Mackintosh, Archbishop of Glasgow; Mgr. McDonald, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh; Mgr. Myers, Bishop of Lamus; Mgr. Dey, D.S.O., Ecclesiastical Superior to His Majesty's Forces; Fr. C. C. Martindale, S.J.; Captain T. T. Scott, Chief of the Maritime Section, International Labour Office, Geneva; Captain Coombs, general manager; the Officers (Merchant Navy) Federation; Vice-Admiral Joubert, Dunkirk, and the Congress's chairman; Vice-Admiral R. A. Hornell, D.S.O.

Full Programme On Thursday night the delegates were welcomed to the Glasgow Archdiocese by Mgr. Mackintosh. Today they will be accorded a civic reception by the Lord Provost and magistrates of the City of Glasgow. Between conference periods the delegates will be the guests at a luncheon on the S.S, California of the Anchor Line, will be shown over the Catholic Pavilion at the Exhibition, visit places of historic importance at Edinburgh, and at the conclusion of the Congress will attend a special meeting in their honour at the Playhouse, Glasgow, at which Compton Mackenzie will be the " star turn."

A symposium broadcast by Vice

Admirals Hornell and Joubert, Dr. Guala (Italy) and Rev. Dr. Brown will be given from the Glasgow studio from 11.40 till 12 noon on Sunday, October

Bishop Myers, auxiliary to Cardinal Hinsley, will pontificate at High Mass in St. Andrew's Cathedral that same morning.

Benediction will be given in the Catholic Pavilion at the Exhibition with a sermon by Canon Mullin, of St. Augustine's. Coatbridge. This service will be broadcast.

It was a happy thought on the part of those responsible to have chosen this weekend for the Apostolatus Maris International Congress, and to have selected Glasgow as its meeting place. For the eyes and ears of all the world, at least the maritime world, will be turned to the Clyde on September 27 when the Queen launches the giant new liner Queen Elizabeth. But an even greater " ship" was launched on the Clyde eighteen years ago.

Sceptical Folk Smiled She was a small and frail little barque, this Apostleship of the Sea. Sceptical folk smiled in rather a superior manner when informed that she had been built with the object of promoting the spiritual, social and moral welfare of Catholic seafarers throughout the world, and may have even doubted if she would get further than the Tail of the Bank, or given a calm passage, maybe to Ailsa Craig.

There had been no fuss or spectacular demonstrations at her launch and nobody knew about the event except a few Glasgow clergy and layfolk.

But the Apostolatus Maris has voyaged far since that evening of October 4, 1920, and has grown into a vast international organisation, Speaking Figures The following statistics are sufficient to show how amazing has been the growth of the society.

1920 1938.

Catholic Seamen's Institutes 11 58 Wholetime Port Chaplains . — 22 Honorary Port Chaplains .. 10 270 Honorary lay workers in ports .. 100 1,550 Ports " adopted " for prayers by Religious Corn munities — 390 What They Do In Eccleston Square The headquarters of the Apostolatus, now transferred from Glasgow to 23, Eccleston Square, London, S.W.I, deals with such manifold problems as establishing new service centres; continuous correspondence with existing centres, including the national secretariates; international News Service; editing and circulating the quarterly magazine; new editions of A.M. publications; organising A.M. groups in convents, schools, and seminaries; reenailing; dealing with sea-travelling priests and honorary promoters; sailor membership and sailor promoters; associate membership branch; exchanges with other international organisations, Catholic and non-Catholic; lectures and general_ publicity. But all this work is crippled from lack of adequate financial support, and the Apostleship only just manages to keep afloat.

The society received the blessing of Pope Pius XI on April 22, 1922, and more recently was warmly commended by Cardinal Pizzardo as a means for applying Catholic Action in the maritime world.

A fall report of the Congress proceedings will appear next week.

Twice Victimised

There are in Russia many priests who have, through the Bolshevik persecution, lost their reason. By a new decree these priests may not receive any medical help from the State because their condition is "

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